Top 200 All Time Co-Ed Scorers (No. 40-21)

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Reaching the 500 point club…

Eight teams remain in the second ever Co-ed Madness tournament bracket.  Four of them are unbeaten, and two of those unbeatens (We’re Here For The Gangbang and Snowdance) look for Final Four berths tonight.  Remember, the list below does not include this tournament, last tournament, or the two previous unification championship games.  The list including all of those will come out on Thursday, April 26.  On we go…

40 – Jakeen Cobb (Genzyme, DL Green – 21 gms) – 382 points – Instant offense.  I couldn’t tell if he always really wanted to be there or not…particularly in the few games he played with the Llamas before bailing on the end of the season…but when he was into the game and feeling good, good luck stopping him.

39 – Andrew “Rev Rip” Rohman (Monstars, PUK – 34 gms) – 383 points – He’s anything but conventional, but he’s very long, he’s very athletic, and his ugly Shawn Marion-looking jumpshot seems to find the bottom of the net more often than not!  He’s a huge reason that the Monstars on the verge of the Final Four.

38 – Xavier “Stat” Holland (Pumped Up Kicks – 18 gms) – 403 points – Speaking of freakishly athletic players, Stat might stand above all the rest, easily getting WAY above the rim to swat away shots.  He’s like a praying mantis…sitting back, offering the lane, begging you to try and make a layup on him before springing into action.  I couldn’t get that high even if you spotted me a step ladder.

37 – Steph “Jane Stockton” Baran (Blouses, HYKHYW, JLAI, DLP, WHFTGB, TWSS – 66 gms) – 405 points – Josh Zukerman made some great contributions to the co-ed league before moving back to North Carolina, but I think his best was coining the nickname “Jane Stockton” for Steph!  I’ve made a lot of great friends in this league, but Steph is easily one of the best.  An assassin from downtown, but a sweetheart off the court with the best Gatorade’s you’ll find anywhere.  Steph and me went 3-1 in the last 2v2 co-ed tournament, and we were the only ones in the tournament to beat the eventual champs, Becky and Reddick.  I could write an essay about all the great things I think of this girl.  There are not a lot of people that I will miss as much as her when I’m not playing next session.  A great player, a great teammate and a great friend.  

36 – Phil Putis (DL Franchise, White Chocolate – 50 gms) – 409 points – Phil is a pain in the ass to play against.  I’ve had to guard him a number of times, and it brings to mind the scene from Superbad where Michael Cera runs away from the cops, and Seth Rogan tries to chase him down, fails and then pukes in between gasps for air while panting, “he’s the fastest kid alive”.  Phil isn’t the fastest kid alive, but he never seems to stop running…not exactly a match up made in heaven for my lazy ass.  It was nice to be on the same side this season.  Also surprisingly capable of defending in the post against guys with a lot of pounds on him.

35 – Nick Hogan (DL Franchise, White Chocolate – 48 gms) – 414 points – If you could apply the term “dirt dog” to a basketball player, it would be “Hoagie”.  Like a bull in a china shop at times, the kid is just relentless.  He’s been relied on as the number one option on some bad Llama teams, which is a tough task for anybody but he never backs down.

34 – Caitlin “Gripp” Tibbetts (J-Shore Franchise, PUK – 51 gms) – 419 points – The First Lady of the CAC of the sixth lady on the scoring list!  When she’s playing well, the franchise formerly associated with the Jersey Shore goes from a tough matchup to a BRUTAL matchup.  When you think of the ladies on that team, you often first think of Loren for her three point gunning abilities, but “Gripp” is a really solid all around player.

33 – Lauren “L-Mac” McNamara (WUD, WHFTGB – 33 gms) – 430 points – This girl can flat out play.  The title for third best girl after Sabra and Wolff probably comes down to Kelsey and L-Mac…very different players, so tough to compare, but I’d be very happy to play with either one of the,.  L-Mac made more than 60% of her threes for WHFTGB this season, and she’s also got the ability to drive to the bucket and finish strong.  I’m glad she’s on my team!

T-31 – Chris Harvey (WOMS – 60 gms), Rob Vigneau (J-Shore Franchise – 43 gms) – 457 points – A pair of co-ed vets who have kind of similar games!  Vigneau has elevated his game this season in particular to really keep “Team Tibbs” from falling off too hard.  Harvey is one of the personalities that makes the co-ed leagues as great as they are.  It’s hard to find somebody who competes with his ferocity while doing so with a smile on his face more often than not.  Quick to make a joke, slow to take credit, never makes excuses and win or lose ALWAYS has good things to say to the opponent…not to mention he has a KILLER fadeaway!!  And he’s nasty at Rockband!  And rooting against him is like beating the crap out of the Easter Bunny!  I dunno, I heard that somewhere.  Just don’t bring up Sid Bream around him.  He’s likely to open up a can of whoop-ass on you.

30 – Lauren Kelly (DL Franchise, Swingers, TWSS – 44 gms) – 460 points – The Mariano Rivera of the CAC.  He doesn’t need to disguise what he’s throwing.  He can have a big neon sign with him on the mound that says “Here comes the cutter” in 14 different languages and you’re not going to hit it.  Lauren is going to back you down and float it up and in with the left…good luck stopping it.  I can’t be 100% certain of this, but I believe she holds the single game female scoring record from a game where she scored somewhere from 37 to 39 points against Genzyme.

29 – Gwen Browne (Genzyme – 38 gms) – 463 points – Speaking of Genzyme…“I GOT THE FEMALE!!!!”  Gwen was one of the co-ed stars back when you only had to have one girl on the court at all times, and I remember when people were calling out matchups, that line was her trademark.   That, and draining jump shots from all over the place.  She liked to talk a lot, but she was actually a really nice player.  Hated to lose, yet still gracious in defeat.  Co-ed misses Gwen.

28 – Nick Altschuller (Wheels – 45 gms) – 477 points – One of the funniest people I’ve met at the CAC hands down.  A very dry not so obvious funny, but hilarious nonetheless.  Not to mention, the guy can ball.  One of the more sneaky athletic guys around, he can jump out of the building, which brings me to wonder why he hasn’t dunked yet!  Truly one of the good guys in this league and one of the more generous people I’ve met.  He never seems to lose his composure and makes big shots when your team needs them the most.  It took playing with him for me to realize what an awesome teammate he is, but we wouldn’t have won the W11 B2 championship without him.  And oh by the way, he’s the managing editor at The Improper Bostonian.  Check out some of his stuff.  Talk about a true Renaissance Man…so dreamy too!!

27 – Matt Hayes (Toonsquad, PUK, Rim Jobbers – 46 gms) – 483 points – It’s taken doing this countdown to realize how many really friendly people we have in the league!  The ones who have stuck around at least are by and large good people, and Matt Hayes is another great example of that.  He’s a good shooter and a fundamentally sound ball player who can hurt you in a number of ways.

26 – Erin “EJ” Johnson (WOMS – 56 gms) – 498 points – EJ was the female MVP of the very first CAC co-ed season I played.  One of the few “true” point guards you will find out there she is a straight up competitor.  She’s got a career of her own going on, so I don’t know if she’d ever be able to make time for this, but she’d be a great coach if she ever wanted to get into it on some level.  We can still call you EJ when your last name becomes Harvey, right?  Sorry big guy, but EH doesn’t have the same ring to it!

25 – Paulie Mitrano (WOMS – 55 gms) – 502 points – Another WOMS!!  When you think of the WOMS, I think the first players that most people think of are the girls.  Part of the reason we had success was because the guys were all perfectly fine with that…but I thought and still think that Paulie is one of the most underappreciated players in the league.  A very good shooter who can also attack the basket, Paulie doesn’t get talked about nearly enough.  He’s also an elite caliber softball shortstop an a 2010 Arlington men’s league champ!

24 – “Nate Dogg” Brigham (Blouses, HYKHYW, JLAI, DLP, TWSS – 81 gms) – 507 points – My ties with Nate Dogg go back further than any other player in the league.  My mom showed me a picture of us on a play date from way back in the day.  I flipped the picture around and it said February 1985!  He doesn’t score a ton of points, but he is universally respected in the co-ed ranks as one of the best players in the league for his ability to defend, distribute and rebound his ass off.  A lot of people don’t realize it, but his fadeaway is nasty when he chooses to use it.  I’ve played with him, I’ve hung out with him I’ve lived with him and it doesn’t get much better than the Nate D-O-Double G!!!

23 – Jerry “The Apache Warrior” Antone (DL Franchise, W.U. Dolphins, Tornado – 92 gms) – 523 points – Not a lot of people enjoy playing defense as much as Jerry.  He’d be happy to averaged 0.4 points and 6 blocks a game.  I’ve never seen him lose his cool or get angry.  He’s just a pleasant person to be around as long as you’re not the one that has to keep him off the glass

22 – “Slim Jim” Henderer (BP – Tigers – 24 gms) – 525 points – I love Slim Jim.  I love taking shots at Slim Jim, because it’s all in fun.  His team made one uni final and had a chance to make a run last season, but a pair of playoff absences derailed their title runs, but when he’s there he’s tough to stop.  He’s got a great sense of humor and an even better game.  Solid shooter from outside, but can get to the hoop and generate a ton of second and third chances.

21 – Tommy “RoY” Kahana (J-Shore Franchise – 28 gms) – 552 points – Congrats to Tommy on being a dad!  His wife gave birth to Benjamin and Lea this past weekend.  Hopefully his kids get their mom’s playoff clutch genes.  I don’t know if she’s good under the post season pressure, but she can’t be as bad as Tommy!!  The J-Shore Franchise rolled to a 26-1 regular season record with him on the team and in three seasons they won a total of two playoff games.  This season they went 4-5, but they find themselves one win from the Final Four after upsetting BOOM.

TWENTY players left!!  18 guys, 2 girls.  Stay tuned…