View From the Balcony: DSquared

It’s Drew DeBari’s turn to answer my inane questions

This is going to be fun people! This week I’ve got a man who’s known as much for his propensity to yap on the message boards as for his play on the court, Drew DeBari is coming at you live and uncensored!

Ok that’s a lie, this is neither live nor uncensored. Anyway, from this point on Drew will be in bold, and I sadly will not. Drew! Let’s start you off with the basics: who are you, where’d you come from, how’d you get here and what the hell do you do when you’re not on the message boards

Drew: Drew DeBari, originally from Farmington, CT.  Lived in Waltham since 2003.  Came up here for college at Bentley, got a sales gig before I graduated and never left.  I found the CAC while I was working with the legendary JoeZ (BDraft MVP W11, my first CAC season).  I’ve been in software/technology sales for the past 5 years.

Tibbs: My old roommate went there, aren’t there like 95 people at that school? You must have known him (I hate it when people assume dumb shit like that).

Drew: HA! I think Bentley is pushing the 4-5k mark.  The Dean of Students there (Dean Shepardson) is an enormous douche (just wanted to get that in there in case he google’s himself one day).  They did used to allow you to play on tons of intramural bball teams, I was on 6 my junior year.

Tibbs: I google myself every couple months to see if I’ve knocked “prison inmate” Jason Tibbetts or “acoustic guitar playing nut” Jason Tibbetts off the first page of google results (unfortunately I have not).

Those intramural leagues explain your willingness to jump on as many Draft teams as possible.  To make it cheaper, you’ve even joined the staff.  You’re new this season, have you done your required reading? I’m not talking about my web tutorial, I mean Wolverine’s Staff CACmandments (

Wow, thats the first I have seen of that.  My goal is to get the BDraft stats up ASAP so people can talk shit during work on Friday’s…if I followed that guide Id be lucky to get a writeup posted within a week.  Especially if you work with someone in the league, Friday’s go by a lot faster with stats and a writeup to reference.

Also, I plan on increasing league IQ this season by throwing some words in writeups that you plebeians may need to look up on the google machine for a definition.  (plebeian…look it up).

Please, with JTho, Matty, and myself in the league, we’re just going to skip over the big words. At least we’re better than Kap who just searches (Ctl +F) for his name and doesn’t read anything else. What A TROLL.

Speaking of Trolls, I’ve noticed over the past couple of seasons that we’re in danger of being invaded by the Trolls from the north. Do you have a plan of defense against them? I know we’ll never be able to completely kill them off, they’re like cockroaches like that, but what can we do to prevent them from taking over?

Oh man, between the trolls and the No-ah Shows you cant even get 2 words in without being interrupted.  The only real defense is to completely ignore them, like we all do anyways…

We do it on the court too! Good call

Can I create a thread for BDraft that blocks some people from using it?

We’re trying to be all inclusive here at CAC Basketball Drew!

That would be sweet, or at least a filter button so all of those dumbass posts are hidden.  Just ideas…By the way, how did one of those said trolls get his own column on the CAC website?

You might not know this, but I consistently delete posts by Kap (and Turin, back when he bothered to post). He used to be brimming with blog ideas and sent page long emails to me. I thought that would get him to bother other people with his rambling, but no, he’s just stopped producing blog worthy ideas

Be critical for a minute, what do you want to see improve in your time on staff?

Can I only be critical for a minute?  The main reason I joined staff was so I could be critical all the time and people have to semi listen to me.  Let see, the consistency of the quality of the basketball needs to be improved.  (Last season there were a solid 3 weeks in BDraft where we used a worn down indoor/outdoor basketball, and lets not talk about week 1 of the 5v5 draft…)

For a second there I was ready to break into a rant about the quality of the basketball being on the players playing the game, but then I realised you meant the actual basketballs.  We’ve bought all new balls each of the last couple seasons and staffers and pick-up players now have to sign them out. Really has helped cut down on the theft of new balls (which are freaking expensive!). Also, according to almost everyone, I don’t listen to anyone. No idea how that rumor was propagated, damn you Gerrity!

I am very excited we are getting a new scoreboard this season, and a new court in the next few months, it hurts my feelings as a long time baller to see CAC Drill Instructors treat the basketball court like a “practice girl” (think meg griffin).  Also I think the addition of pictures to player profiles is a huge step to help people like me, who are terrible with names, to not pass on Brandon Reeves thinking he was Paul.

Scoreboard isn’t actually new, Serge just ‘fixed’ it. We’ll see how long that lasts, it’s the most useful thing he’s done in the leagues in like 4 years!  I’m really, really excited about the player profiles as well. Some of them are updated, some aren’t, everyone can look at mine All you’ve got to do is fill out the profile and avatar on the message boards, really easy.  We’re also going to have a little site search query so captains can look up players to see if they’re played at CAC before. I know you want to see it in beta, so here you go: You’re never make that Reaves/Reeves mistake again.

Wow the live search feature is SICK!

You’ve actually expanded your horizons with your move to the 5v5 Draft League this season, how was the transition back to the big court treating you in week 1? What’d you miss most about not playing at Wall Ball Arena?

Well I don’t miss Wall Ball at all, since now I spend my entire Thursday nights there.

Touche – you and Matty have a good thing going.

5v5 is going to be great in helping me reduce my player rating, which in turn gives me a better shot at drafting Strange next season (and not trade away every other pick), and should actually allow me to keep being a captain in B Draft.  5v5 is a lot different, the court allows for many more long rebounds, fast breaks, and openness in the lane.  In the BDraft, if you are my size, you don’t get many inside looks unless you get out on a fast break.

Thinking like a true Vet, I like it, although I do adjust the PR (hence, APR – adjusted player rater) to account for the fact that there is an extra person on the floor in 5v5 Draft when adjusting it for the B 4v4 Draft Board. Everyone that has never played in a Draft League is now completely lost.

This is your FIRST BDraft experience, do you think you have what it takes to keep up with the emotion that is in this league?  The reason I left the A 4v4 Draft was because no one seemed to care.  There is more heart in the BDraft than all of the other leagues combined.

Wait who flipped the script? Fine I’ll indulge you. Honestly I’m terrified and I’m pretty sure my week 1 performance showed it.  There is way, way too much hustle in the #BDraft League and if you want to call that heart, I’m ok with that.  The one thing I promise to do is shoot at least two out of every 3 times I touch the ball.  Shots are bound to fall that way right? Matty is trying to convince me to play defense and rebound, but we’ll see if I have any energy left for that.

While we’re on the subject, 4v4 B Draft, great league, or GREATEST LEAGUE EVER?!?

Great league, moving quickly to the greatest league ever.  Anyone can stack a team, put it in a sub-par league, and win a championship, but the BDraft is all about learning your teammates and league members, and adapting from week to week (and season to season).  Needless to say, I still haven’t gotten a championship of my own, because Matty Bells hogs them all.  I’m hoping HIV takes over everyone this season.

Matty is a great captain to play for, and I’ve only been doing it for one week. This week’s email had the following gem,
“Losing is the worst…so let’s avoid that if possible.”
I think it also said something about KAP being fat, but I could be making that up. What inspirational words do you send out to your team?

Right now its mostly about defense and playing together.  My team is returning over 100ppg from last B Draft, and we are all going to have to learn the most efficient way to score…I also make sure to shit on whoever we are playing, for example I am playing Noah’s team this Thursday.  Noah sucks, and I made sure my team knew that.  The best part about it, is he is still the 3rd best player on his team.

Before we wrap up, I’ve got to ask you a few questions off topic, hopefully you’re ready for this.

I know we’ve gone on and on lately about Skyrim and FFXIII-2 (and you thought the titles to my mailbags were annoying), but give me your top 5 all-time greatest video games!

Top 5; FF Tactics, Zelda, Tecmo Super Bowl (I love QB Bills and QB Eagles), Echo the Dolphin, Resistance: Fall of Man, Command & Conquer.
I know, not the top 5 all-time, but probably the 5 that I have spent the most time with.  I probably should have put one of the Elder Scrolls in there, but I still am waiting for greater things as the sky should be the limit.
That is a rock solid list, and way easier to justify than my top 5. What’s that, you want to hear mine? Of course you do! In no particular order: Tecmo Super Bowl, NHL 95, Final Fantasy VII, Faxanadu and Earthbound [Mother 2]. Leaving both the original Final Fantasy and Zelda off my list were incredibly difficult, there was just something about all the parenting my NES did while I was growning up that stuck with me. For those of you that stopped reading two paragraphs ago, just be glad we didn’t devote an entire blog to video games, because we easily could have.

Because it’s Super Bowl week and the media has nothing else to talk about, I might as well get your opinion on this, wha is the better TD celebration – The Spike or The Salsa?

If its Gronk’s spike, no brainer.  I love that Tom Brady took a play from the young guys’ playbook with the power spike.

Who has the hotter wife, Eli

or Welker

Umm, I think I can see Eli’s wife’s dick in that picture. I tried looking at more pictures of Welker’s wife but my company’s filter said Access Forbidden:Pornography.  So I am going to go with Welker’s. (but they arent actually married, right?  Welker knows better than to get locked down by a Hooters girl).

They just got engaged! The lesson as always, is don’t make millions if you want to stay single, women will find a way to trick you into tying the knot. It has to be a trick right? You know where I’m going with this, who’s winning the super bowl?!

I’m going with Vegas on this one, Pats by 3.

That’s what I like to hear! I’m way too nervous about the game Sunday, but whatever, we don’t play football, we just watch. Our CAC games are the only ones that matter, I’ll see you on the court Drew!