View From the Balcony: EarthQuake

JTHO Answers the tough questions!

This week we’ve got John Thompson, aka JTho on the message boards, aka EARTHQUAKE in my write-ups.  The man’s been at C.A.C. for over a year and always brings the smack talk, and is backing it up on the court this season in the B2 and B1 4v4 leagues.

Good to have you man, tell us where you came from, how you got here in life, and how C.A.C. INVANDED your very being.

It all started in the “hood”, East Boston, haha. But I got here because I love playing ball. CAC gave me something to look forward to after work on Wednesday night.

As you well know, I usually mock guys that put things in all CAPS and BOLD, but I feel like you’re a big enough personality now where I have to RESPECT that. How’s that make you feel?!

It is ACTUALLY kind of ANNOYING but thanks for thinking I’m a BIG enough PERSONALITY.

Everyone knows I’m not really as funny as O’Cal (ok, I admit, there are a SHOCKING number of C.A.C.ers that don’t even know who the f*(% O’Cal is)

Yeah I never heard of O’Cal until a couple weeks ago then I saw some crazy numbers he put up… it was like 24 points 14 rebounds and 12 assists.

It’s a sad day when he’s known more for his basketball ‘skill’ than for his ‘yo mama’ and d!ck jokes.  All the more reason he needs to come back and score at C.A.C. (and give me a night off! But anyway I ask the hard hitting questions. So, who would you rather play for, Wario or Matty Bells? That’s right, we’re jumping right into this thing!!

But Matty or Wario? That’s a tough question. While Mario openly tells me I suck in front of everyone, Matty calls to tell me I suck or the little things I did wrong in the game. I think I would have to go with Mr. Bells and Super JaMario, just the simple fact I played with the guys my whole life except bobby and chas.

HA!  Good think Super J and Fuego already played isn’t it?! I love it when guys play on a team, then a couple seasons later break away to form there own. How does it feel playing on two teams and being 0-2 vs TIBBS!?!

I think being 0-2 to you Tibbz is my worse memory so far of CAC. Every night I think to myself

“How the hell did I lose to someone that got there A$$ whipped by FHF?”

I just don’t understand that at all.

(sigh) I suppose, since I’m a glutton for punishment, that I’m supposed to link this here, right?! That bank shot at 2:36 is devastating.  I hate you all, but you see what I’m doing with all the CAPS LOCKS!? Right?

This is a lot of fun so far, at least for me. Tell us all, what are you favorite aspects of CAC Ball, and what do you want to see changed or improved. Everyone has their THING that they think should be at the top of my TO DO LIST, especially JOSH. That short little dude needs to butt out, I’M running ish now.

My favorite aspect of CAC ball is definitely the competition.

Here I was thinking it was the league scribes.

Everyone comes to play, not a lot of fighting, you have the message board trash talk, the write-ups. I just want to see a working score board!!! I know that is not going to happen though.

Filed under complaint #1432, noted.  Let’s not beat around the bush (heh, bush) you’re not exactly a small dude. What’s the pre/post game meal look like for JTho? Got anything you MUST HAVE in there?! You know I love the Taco Bell…

I actually don’t eat anything before a game seeing how I come down straight from work. But after the game, Kelly’s Roast Beef. (No offense to Tommy Doyles) Can’t go wrong with some cheesy fries.

Mmmm, cheese fries, I love me some Kelly’s, you can tell, I’m about 6 months pregnant.

You got any dirt on any of your teammates (past or present) that would completely EMBARRASS them? Come on man, I know you do, give us SOMETHING!

Other then Kevin being extremely sensitive about being called “Juice”, I have no dirt on my teammates. Sad but true.

Disappointing! But I’ve got to say, I didn’t think JUICE would catch on, that is, until I heard how devastating it was for him.  The next week, SNOW was shouting it from the balcony, and I knew I had a keeper!

Let’s say you take over WALL BALL for a night. You get to do all the write-up on Wednesday night. Who do you RIP on, who do you PRAISE!?

Oh man, this is the best one yet! At first I was going to say I would rip on Wario or maybe Frail but after seeing 3OfUs the other night with Fuego I would have to rip on Kap and his stat-whorish self.

Yes!! I love it!

I would have to praise Keenan And Chiky (aka Luis) just the simple fact that Keenan is a Maniac waiting to explode and Chiky is the smallest player in the league sort of “killing it.” The man is to the rack!

What the HELL was Delonte West THINKING carrying around a rifle in a guitar case and a couple handguns on his waist. Did he want to be PLAX 2.0?!

I think it’s funny as hell. No matter how rich you get you still do stupid ish to get in trouble I guess he was trying to protect himself from the insurgents.

And he was on a motorcycle! How can he at least not have any of his posse around to take the fall for him? Terrible planning on his part.  And insurgents?! In Cleveland? I know being LeBron’s boy has brought trouble, but I didn’t think it was that bad now

Last question man, take us home. Open Forum, say whatever the F you want….go CRAZY!

Open Forum for me? I know Matty is shaking his head right now

(Matt, while editing John’s responses: “Yes…yes I am.” )

thinking I’m going to say something stupid ha!

(Matt: “Yes, yes I do.)

I am now very excited to hear what you have to say

I’ve got this, I CAN’T STAND FRAIL AND HIS TEAM! I think that ends my interview.

Oh well, yea, obviously, I mean who doesn’t? It’s been a pleasure man, glad you finally got around to this, it’s been a long time coming!

Nice talking to you Tibbz, oh, and one more thing “MATT KAP IS A STAT WHORE…”

That’s more like it!!