View From the Balcony: Jamil Ball

The Sandbagger Speaks!!

And the hits  just keep on coming.  Today, stepping up to the Balcony is none other than one of C.A.C.’s most energetic personalities.  Jamil Ball.  J, how you doing today?

Todayís Friday, So Iím absolutely amp about my Prospects for tonight!! Def going to hit the town with some of guys and hopefully cause some ruckus and get into some trouble, But itís probably going to be an early night considering Serge is going to wake me up at 8am for pick up tomorrow!! Its all in fun though.

I honestly have no idea why Serge gets up for those 8:30 AM pickup runs.  What the hell are you people thinking? I can’t even rouse myself out of bed for the 11AM runs anymore, and that used to be MY run!!
“I’m suppose to be the franchise player, and we sitting here talking about practice, not the game, not the game I go out there and die for , and play every game like its my last, not the game, we talking about practice how silly is that? We talking about practice !!”

LMAO.. Trust me Tibbís I need that Practice

Give us a little backstory on yourself man. Tell us all, Where did you come from, where you going, how you got here, and how you’ll never leave.

Well as you know Iím 24 currently reside in East Somerville.

What you donít know is Iím originally from Harlem, NY Moved to MA when I was 12.

Been M.I.A. in NY ever since.  I got a 19 month daughter that Iím crazy about and I pray every night she never meets a guy like me when sheís old enough to date

Where am I going? hmmm.. No where! So you better get use to me.
That’s what I like to hear, we’ve got another guy hooked on our drug.  We’ve also got lots to clear the air about in this interview.  But let’s start with the most glaring and the most serious.  Many people, myself included, have accused you of being the King of the Sandbaggers prized pupil.  How do you respond to this??

This Sandbaggers title you speak of was inherited during the Summer 2008 season when my team destroyed the Evil empire (GENZYME) in the B2 Championship game. I recall the score being XXL 73 (B2 West) Genzyme 59 (B2 East) oh yeah baby we laid the Smack down.  Can you guys really label me a Sandbagger when you have Mike Kmiec a former D2 (Stand out)  in the B2 Division. Come on!! Iíve did my research and thereís no way in hell my mid season addition of the infamous Shubert Austin was illegal. 5 games and he must be on the Roster. I donít make the rules! Thatís what you do.  I just stretch them to make them benefit me!!
Haha, spoken like a true Sandbagger, but the more I think about it, the more obvious it is you’re just trying to get as many people involved with C.A.C. basketball as possible so you don’t have to pay your league fees. 
Can I plead the fifth? Itís more about the chance to network and meet new people!  Iíve met some of my closes friends to date in this league and if by maximizing my roster minimizes my feeís well I must say it works out pretty well.
I’m just happy you beat Genzyme, because Genzyme is the Duke of C.A.C.!! Ah that was a great League Night Out…What else have I got in my notes about JB?  Ah yes, the ever present question as to whether or not you coast through games.  Now that there have been All-Star festivities announced, some statkeepers have seen a noticable uptick in your intensity and effort.  How do you respond?
I must say that this is absolutely correct!! My original mentality was all about the Banners, but the All Star game announcement through a complete cog into my master plan.  I attest to the fact that I do tend to coast, but thereís about beer before the gameís and ADD that just doesnít mix very well and I blame John X for that, but I figure Iím in all 3 B2 divisions thatís got to help my oddís of making the team right?
I would think that it would help.  But did you see the boards today, the Purple Pretendo, aka Five Hard Fouls, aka Mike Gerrity ripped you to shreads.  He’s not impressed with you in the B2 West, I guess you’ll just have to prove him wrong.  How did you like him heckling you from the Balcony last night? That’s got to get in your head.  Hell I know people are pointing and laughing at me when I play, it’s not easy to block out.

Iíve become accustom to heckling fans in the C.A.C. arena as we know they say mockery is the highest form of flattery and I can understand how a guy like Mike would be envious, but heís still my guy.  Does anyone take this guy serious though? He has the Nerve to call Lawson and Mulholland Soft, but Iím a little over 5î9 and he barely averages more boards per game then me?  You put me on that Genzyme team I could play Center and put up better numbers then him with a broken cheek bone.  The heckling was nothing I felt like Arod on the Texas Rangers, hell we lost by twenty so what!! Iíll just do what the purple prentdo does and take a step back look around and blame it on my teammates.

Wow I’m sure he’ll have something to say about all that!  He venihmently denies the ‘soft’ rumor, but I have it on good authority it’s true.  Ah rumors, they can make or break you.  I hear a lot every day, like this one.  Rumor also has it that you’re on the short list to join a very elite group next season.  No I’m not talking about the Seals, I’m talking C.A.C. Basketball Staff.  Is this true??
This is very true!! Iíd like to say Iíve paid my dues, shook the right hands, befriended the wrong people and itís about time Iíve been inducted into the CAC fraternity.  From my understanding I meet all the qualification my beer consumption per minute is absolutely insane, Iím a very functional drunk and and I come cheap. In any other league that would sound like a recipe for destructions, but in this one I feel right at home

Ha! You’re right there.  Give us the low down on what kind of scorekeeper you’re going to be and what you’ll bring to the table as an official writer-uper (scribe)

As an Official CAC Scribe

I will guarantee write ups are done and available online the next day before you CAC Junkies leave work.

I will credit you with every Reb, Ast, Blk and point possible!!

I will make it a priority to have previews done in advance of your games.

I will bring Swagger like none other, because not only am a Scribe, But Iím a player to.

Iíve realized that a lot of guys and galís in the league take these stats and write upís very seriously and Iíll will make the commitment to you the player as scribe to take your games as seriously as you do!!  Jball for President haha

Woah now Buddy, I’m just letting you into the Fraternity (Frarority??), I didn’t say you were eligible for Office.  Especially not mine! Man now I know how blindsided the Wolverine was when I was ‘promoted’ over him. But I like where your mind is in terms of doing it for the players, that’s the whole point!
Man Jamil, there is a whole lot of dirt and gossip about you out there.  How had you managed to stay under the radar for so long, but in the last two seasons, come bursting out on the scene?
Well Tibbs, Iím going to start off by saying gossip is just that gossip!! If I went on everything I heard Oícal has 6 kids that heís aware of!! Serge is not really jewish heís actual South African and your girlfriend’s actually a better basketball player then you, but who am I to confirm on deny any of these vicious accusations? 
See that, I specifically avoided any mention of Gripp, and yet everyone always comes back to that point.  So what, she’s much, much better than I am.  Combined, heading into this season, we had thehighest player rater of any couple that is roaming the C.A.C. Courts!! Come on man! Stay on topic!!
I found that its pretty dam easy to fly under the radar when your in the C league and your idea of a good ref is 6 ft 6 Giant that gives out techs like old ladies give out candy on Halloween.  After being royally trashed by Josh for my one season in the C league I finally made it off the waiting list and got a B2 Squad and the rest was history in the making. 
I think the Scribes are starting to do a good job of making sure all our league are being put on blast.  Not just the “A” guys anymore.  The B2 and C have seen an explosion in popularity, and as a result, have more of a voice on the message boards.  I love it, but tell me the truth, it had to do with your first C.A.C. Championship, didn’t it? Those always go to people’s heads. 
I will admit every time I walk into the CAC and view my banner I get this warm fuzy feeling inside and I start to understand this freakish obsession that Bfab has, But I must say it has more to do with the Politics!  I realized that CAC has more in common with the NBA then just stats. It takes time to earn respect from the Refís, the Scribeís and the president!  So you new guys I suggest you keep that in mind.
A dude like you could really rock out a League Night Out.  You know it’s coming up on March 28th at Tommy Doyle’s in Kendall Square right?  You going to bring it harder than you do on the court?Oh absolutely, with out a question I wouldnít miss it for the world!!

Iíve heard stories about some legendary League nights out!!

I heard it can pretty frisky at times!! But in all seriousness Iíll be there with my B2 entourage gotta represent for the Westside.
You’ve been around CAC for a while now, right? Tell us your favorite aspects and what you’d change up.

Favorite Aspect about CAC is the characters!! Not only the staff, but also the guys that play in the league!  Iíve seen this league come along way since 07 not only in growth and price, because unlike most things when I pay my feeís I donít feel like Iím being ripped off, by guy with a ski mask and a cap gun.  The thing that separates this league from BSC or Basketball City is not only are you going to play one night a week, but your going to make friends and it just as social as it is basketball so being new to the area you can really appreciate that. As far as what Iíd change up? Iíd put some dam heat Charlestown High school and I love to see a draft for the B1 division.  Oh yeah and bring the Keg back to the 3 on 3 Tourney!!

Off Topic-I always do this let’s get away from the CAC themed inquiries, shall we…
Economic bailouts, good, or should be still live by survival of the fittest economic models? 

Iíd have to side with the Economic bailout cause survival of the fittest sounds like pick up basketball in prison and given my size I donít think Iíd survive to long out there!! Unless I created a shank from my tooth brush, but thatís a totally different movie lol!!
You could have any one super power (except the power to have all powers) what are you choosing?

No Jberr, Iím not going to say X ray vision!! Iíd have to say Super strength, because unless Iím playing Genzymes and my man Vanís on the court I never get to show off my post game. Which is absolutely sick if I can say so myself.  Plus chicks dig guys with muscles or money and right now I donít have either!! Dam you Bush!!


Ha! He claims he weighs in at 125.  But that’s got to be with some stolen C.A.C. dumbbells in his drawers.  He’ll get his chance to say his peace too though…


Who do you want to be the sideline reporter for you C.A.C. games I’ve started a very unscientific poll of the males at C.A.C…Erin Andrews or Charissa Thompson ?
I think both are way off.  So Iím going to cast a write in vote for a Ms Vita Guerrero.

Please do NOT Google her at work if you enjoy your employment status.


J, this has been fun, thanks for visiting me up here on the Balcony.  Give us the last word man, don’t hold back, what else do you want to say to the C.A.C. public??
A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory! It is not MY fault I never learned to accept responsibility! I expect to see you all at League Night Out!! And definitely feel free to offer up some free drinks.  Thanks for having me Tibbs, it’s been fun.