View From the Balcony: Jeff Rubin

Alright CACers, it’s been way too long since I was slapping together interviews of all of you, and that changes now! To kick off the Winter 2013 season I’m exchanging emails with the one, the only Jeff Rubin. Rubin joined the staff in 2012 and this is his third season running the 4v4 B Draft East. We sit down to chat about life, love and the pursuit of championships.

Tibbs; Jeff, softball question to start – who are you, what do you do, where’d you come from, how’d you get to CAC?  

Rubin: Tough one Tibbs.  I’m Jeff Rubin, as most people do in their group of friends, most people just go by my last name, Rubin.  I’m a consultant with business development focus for a technology company in Southborough, and I love my job.  I grew up in Framingham, born in Miami, and came to the CAC after living in LA for a few years.  I heard it was a great league, little did I know how great it was!

Tibbs: Your first season in the league was Fall 2011, why did it take so long to get an interview? Do I really need to do more of these?  

Rubin: Yes you do.  Let’s not discuss my 1st season in the CAC, that was a baddddd season and not much fun.  I’d say it’s picked up nicely since then.

I’d promise to do more, but we all know how that goes (#tibbslies). I can say I’ll *try* to make more of a concerted effort this season at regularly posting blogs.

I think there are a few characters in Bdraft who would be great interview candidates.

Rubin, you are single handedly responsible for getting the B Draft East on Wednesday nights off the ground. Not only  How do you have so many friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends that ball?

Haha, that’s funny, but it is somewhat true.  I think it was a mix of getting some CAC vets, some rookies, and telling friends to tell their friends, etc etc.  The East is going strong once again, do I need to talk about the East’s success, including the CHAMPS of KFP? Over/Under for how many times I talk about KFP in this interview?  Maybe 12, then I’d take the over…

God I hope it’s the under. Listen, no one has done that much leg work to get a league off the ground since Tommy “RoY” Kahana started the Sunday Morning League way back in the Fall 2009 season. He could very well be a 3rd ballot Hall of Famer. What do you bring to the league that no one else can?

Other than my game, haha, I think some great basketball insight into what’s happening in the league, looking at each game match-up, and looking down the road to who might win the title.  Some leagues in the CAC don’t come close to matching the coverage of Bdraft, and that’s why everyone loves it.  At first (last season) I thought it was too much with what I was putting out for people to read, but than I realized after some feedback that people wanted MORE.  Look, we all have our day jobs and we’re busy as hell, so those of us who are in front of a computer all day can definitely find a few minutes to catch up on the latest and greatest happening in Bdraft, and all the trash talk going on around it.

Some might say that 2012 was the Year of Rubin. As stated above you started the B Draft East and you’ve now won back to back B Draft titles…

[giddily interrupting]

Yes, it was a great year in Bdraft for me!  KFP won a title and Noah’s East Invasion won a title, and I have high hopes for Honey Nut Cheerios!

That’s a franchise I want to die a horrible death, but at least they’re out of B Draft

KFP has moved on to the team 5×5 leagues.  We are all friends and have known each other for a few years, so again like I said, having teams that mesh is everything to win a title.

Why add Keith? All I do is mock that kid and he’s GARB (as Kap would say)

When I looked at the squad, I thought about that one piece we were missing.  This team has ridiculous defensive skills and strength, but we needed someone with length to help on some taller guys.  Offensively, we have a great PG, elite PF (Joachin) and a few Bdraft all stars who are pretty damn good at hoop. Keith was the final piece to win a title.  From what I heard about week 1 (i missed it b/c of work, we lost…next time that will not happen), we can win this league with our entire squad.  Keith can be a great scorer, or elite scorer when he has any type of mismatch.  I feel bad for teams trying to guard him and Joachin at the same time.

The only downside to 2012 was being responsible for the Spring 2012 demise of Miley Cyrus’ Side Boobs in the Finals. How did you bounce back from that?

Ah, tough topic to talk about Tibbs.  We had the best team in the league, no question; me, you, Jesse, Drew, The Champion Dave Fine, Terrance, RUFFFFFF; man that team was fun to play on, and we had the best looking socks.  Why is Terrance not in bdraft?

Everyone’s favorite sock designer is still struggling to get over his hammy or knee injury or whatever it was. We had him play the full 44 twice during the season when he shouldn’t have been playing 4.

Terrance played harder than people twice as athletic or talented at basketball, he is the MAN; I would have him on my team in Bdraft any season.  Some injuries prevented us from being as dominant as we should have been on Miley Side Boobs, but Cousins and Co. played really well in the finals, and we have to hand it to them, they deserved to win.  I bounced back with another Bdraft title, I think I’m ok.

I still blame you for the loss! Luigi, if you’re reading this, you’re garbage! You’re nothing without Cousins!  

Why is Luigi not in Cdraft?  Joking…Luigi if you’re reading this, join Bdraft!!!  Trust us, you will love it!

How does 2013 get better for you?

Another title!  No really, when you think about it, those are past seasons, and anything less than a threepeat is unacceptable.  In 2013 I need at least 2 titles; I need more trash talk ammunition when Sam makes stupid points and/or comments!

Always hungry for more championships, that’s admirable Rubin. I’m usually just hungry for more reubens. See what I did there?

Nice job Tibbs, better than your basketball directing skills!  Ha!

You always know how to cut deep. Mostly, you’re a better motivator than an insulter and you always have supreme confidence in your teams. Anyone that plays with you is the best at something in each league. How do you account for that? Are you such a good captain that you pick the best guys? Are you such a good point guard that you bring out the best in your teammates? Or are you such a good bullshitter everyone just believes you?

A solid mix of all that.

I’ve told Sam this many, many times, but how can you expect to win the game if you think you can’t win?  Seriously, too many people in the league have a chance to win, and they go up against a top team and they think they don’t have a shot.  I always think my teams will win, you won’t find anyone more confident than me (maybe Alex Said).  When it comes to being a captain (one championship, one 2nd place finish and semi-finals loss), I try and not pick on talent, because so many guys are great players, my philosophy in bdraft is to pick players who complement each other, know each other, and have that camaraderie to play as a team; these are the teams that win the championship, just look at the last 4 champs.   I also trust my PG skills to take a team to the finals and win, unless Brian McCauley is on my team, that kid can ball!

Speaking of Sam Boyer, everyone’s favorite 19 year old has many nicknames around the CAC, including, but not limited to, Pinto, Chode, and Baby Dick. Which of these three is your favorite as most insulting?

Great question!  I would go with Baby Dick, only because my boy Jesse Corwin trademarked that one, I think.

Yea that was all Jesse Corwin, I mean, Prickley Pete Fever. He and Baby Dick had a great first episode of HWBD last week, I can’t wait until the next one after week 3. Is there anything you would suggest to Pete to make his radio show better? I dont know if its possible.

Can Jesse do it for B2 5×5 Mid on Sunday nights?  Now that team is nasty, we just beat the defending champ from 2 seasons ago after being down 20-6.  Jesse hit a HUGE shot, Prickley Pete would have been proud..

Do we have to give Sam any credit at all for starting to shape the Franchise League?

I guess so, though we can say someone else started it!  Seriously though, I love this idea (do we do this for East and West?), and we need to get on it.  Either way I want to be a captain, East or West!  Please don’t let Sam pick me!

I’m thinking we put it on a completely different night. It won’t be a ‘B Draft’ league, it will be it’s own thing, with its own champ every season. Tuesday nights at CAC seem like the best place for it (bumping B2 4v4 to WSNS full time). That way, you can play A, either B, or Franchise Draft League. It should pull enough players from all the different leagues not to damage what’s already established.

Interesting, I think we all want to know more about this!

What’s your favorite/least aspect of CAC.  


Finally I’m someone’s favorite something!

Joking, I would say my favorite so far has been the message boards when they are in full force, but the trash talk has died down considerably over the last season.  We need more of this!

Least aspect I like would be listening to Sam Boyer on a daily basis, no, I would say stats not going up right away, and yes I am part of that and I apologize to the Bdraft East this week!

Seriously, you staffers are lacking!

No, no, now I’m joking. Yes there are a few bumps in the road each season, but the work the C.A.C. Basketball staff puts in both on and off the court is incredible. The leagues wouldn’t be nearly so popular without guys like you Rubin!

If you got to choose any superpower, what would it be?

Hmm, I’m going with Superman.  Basically the best superhero, plus with those powers, I could throw a mean dunk in STAT’s face, or Sam’s!

I said a superpower, not the whole damn hero.  

My interview!  Ok fine, then super strength would work.


How pissed are you that Don’t Trust the B was cancelled?

I have no idea what this is…

That’s too bad it wasn’t terribly good, but had its moments, I obviously watch too much TV.

The BEEK will be back! 

Rubin leave us with some parting advice, what makes a CAC winner like yourself so successful?

“Be better at basketball if you want to win a title!”

Honestly, the last 4 B Draft (West or unification winners) have all been lucky in one way or another, so you need luck, you really do.  To win in B Draft you MUST have a scoring big man, a great PG, or someone who can shoot and score on the wing, plus you need your captain not to f*&k up your team!  

There he goes ladies and gentleman, one of the winningest CAC players in 2012, looking to continue to make his mark on the leagues in 2013.  

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