View From the Balcony: Jumpman

Thend is gonna make ya…Jump! Jump!

So I’m going to continue try my hand at this whole interview process as well.  I know, I usually reserve it for the teams (ok, I only did that three times) but seeing as Iíve now got some competition from the increased size of the blogosphere, I need to step my game up.  I have no idea if anyone even read my last one with TSpin, anyone?  I know you’re out there, heck I bet Tommy K did just to see if we mentioned him (we didn’t)

The Warden, I mean Gripp, wouldnít let me have any friends over after the tantrum I threw last Monday night, then again after losing to Genzyme in the playoffs.  Donít ask, but just know that it involved a lot of spilt milk and cookie crumbs thrown across the room.  Hence, Iíll be conducting all my interviews via email.  Sad I know, but no one wants to sit in my pale presence for too long.

This weekís guest is going to be one of the new members to the C.A.C. Staff next season.  He’s only been around for a short time, but has already made a huge impact on the court (regular season only) and on the message boards.  You love to hate him, heís T-Hend23, Terry Henderson, aka Jumpman

Henderson, Seeing as how you’re joining the staff next season I thought you’d be the next interview(ee?) that I knocked off my extensive list for the bloggers to do. Seriously, I have a list of a ton of names of the guys that need to get out there.  I might actually do a few of them myself too.  How ’bout it, can the Jumpman go a few rounds?

Well its about time someone wants to publicize my talents

Bah! I figured you’d agree. I think you do enough self-publicizing on the boards to more than make up for your lack of interviews so far.

So tell me, why are you joining the CAC staff? I mean, no one has been roped-in in such short time (2 seasons) since I joined the gym over 3 years ago. Usually it’s after someone is sick of paying their league fees and thinks they can do the write-ups better. So again, why join the Staff?

Well Tibbs, I can do the write-ups better for one, but seriously I just have an undying love for sports.  Some say it is an unhealthy addiction but I say nah. The reasons are I get to mock anyone and everyone I choose from here on out and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Second all my stuff is paid for leaving more money for my ever increasing bar tabs. Lastly I feel I will bring more chatter and niceties to the world of the CAC with my many talents

Everyone thinks they can do the write-ups better, itís a never ending vicious cycle. But we need more people who canít get enough of the CAC, and youíre clearly one of them.  And as long as your bar tabs include some of my bills, weíre going to have a great working relationship.

But tell us, how did you get here? You know the whole born and bred thing. How does a soccer hooligan end up get wrapped up in the world of basketball?

Go figure someone has to pay for you. I believe you are the one who owes me for covering for you so much this past season, but I digress…

It all started when I was a young boy growing up on a small farm in the great state of New Hampshire (live free or die is the way to be!!!). My dad was a huge sports nut thus the reason why I am. We played catch together, bball, and knocked the soccer ball around almost everyday. There are pictures of me before I was even able to walk with a soccer ball and basketball. In high school I made the varsity soccer and basketball teams as a freshman. I started in soccer and was the 6th man on the bball team. Most people say that I am better in soccer than I am in bball. I was an all-state player in both sports from junior year to senior year. I dropped 65 points in a bball game. The greatest moment in high school was senior year last game of the season when we played our cross town rival and we were up 1 with 10 secs to go, the other team tried to bomb it down court and I stole the ball at mid-court, threw it to my PG (yeah i passed back then) And he laid it off the backboard and I dunked it with .2 seconds left and our crowd stormed the court it was absolutely nuts!!

I don’t believe you ever passed…or dunked…

There is video although it may never surface due to my actions i.e. might have lost my shirt in the process of one dunk.

In college I played bball and soccer at a small D3 school in NH before transferring to Hofstra University where I got to be the loud mouth, trash talking Man that I am today. Hofstra completely changed my life. I went from being a small town humble guy to a bar hopping Frat boy. That was about all I remember from Hofstra, lots of drinking and partying.

Obviously we can blame Hofstra and booze for turning you into a stat obsessed maniac.

I moved to Boston in September of last year and needed a place to play ball so I signed up to the CAC after a few random e-mails between this guy named Tibbetts and that is what has brought me to the wonderful world of the CAC to this day.

Awesome, if youíre write-ups are anywhere near as long as your answers, your leagues will love you next season.  And honestly, I had completely forgotten I emailed with you, I go back and forth with so many people before each new season.  Now donít you just feel special?

Enough chit-chat what everyone really wants to know is, can Henderson thrive with another scorer?? Itís all about the stats here at CAC, but do you see yourself having to change your game to win a championship? Iím sure I donít have to remind you of your 1-3 record in the playoffs thus farÖ

For the record I would like to have my playoff record be stated at 1-2 as I played with you for one of those seasons and I am blaming you!!

1-3 is the official record, the historians have noted. Your request was overturned.

Erroneous!!! The only historian is you!! I am filing a formal appeal. PLAYOFFS !! WE’RE TALKING ABOUT PLAYOFFS!!

You know where that formal complaint can be place? In my circular file.  Let’s see the Commish ever catching wind of that appeal…

Great, but I have learned it’s the CAC thing to do, blaming you, especially in the playoffs.

MJD feels your pain…

I can certainly thrive with another scorer and as a matter of fact I will be more dangerous with another scorer because I will get the assists stats. So I will be passing to said players more often – TripDubs will be plentiful next season. I won’t have to bring the ball up anymore and can just camp out in the paint on offense and it will make me more active on the defensive end. Royce I will get a DPOY award wait and see my friend.
And as for the long responses people will love it or hate it but I will be compensated either way.

Iíll believe it when I see it. Seriously, Iím looking forward to the B1 West team next season. You guys came within a point of the semis and youíre getting better. I was shocked; SHOCKED you gave up the last shot. Is this a sign of good things to come for your teammates, or just a hint pointing towards future playoff futility?

Seriously I passed because Cake&Sprinkles was 5 feet from the hoop as opposed to my 20 foot jumper. I saw him with my astounding court vision and gave him a chance to be a hero!! and he totally let me down. However he did keep us in the game with 6 straight points. There will be no playoff futility besides your own.

I like how you’re working Cake&Sprinkles into pretty much every discussion we have. A sure fire way for the name to stick, and there is no way I’m ever going to let it drop.

Since you brought up Royce a while ago, Iím going to go forward with this question. Some of my ësourcesí have stated that the two of you can come off a bit, letís say, brash on the message boards. Eh, why am I being nice, you guys can come off as cocky pricks (that may be edited out) from time to time. I think itís amusing because it keeps the convo going and gets people more active.

What do you have to say to the haters, anything

As far as the boards are concerned you can’t really convey tone of voice and its all about keeping the people active. People love to publicize their hate thus keeping the people sucked in. If the perception of me has to construed to do so, then so be it. Anybody who has had a face to face convo with me knows that I am not at all that way. Iím just a simple guy who like to drink the beer.
People hate greatness that’s just the way it is. Hate on suckers!!!!

Good work with the boards – no publicity is the only bad publicity, right? I say keep it up – gets more people active and riled up, then it’s good for the leagues. Unless of course, when they’re being d!ckheads. We can’t have that.

So tell us, you bringing anything new to the leagues? I brought lines, JBerr brought hotdog eating to light, and BFab brought ridiculously long write-ups (and lines) – what can you possibly contribute?

Well you mean besides my pazzzaaasss, my witty movie humor, shouting lay-ups from the balcony nonstop, mocking everyone. People can expect things to get done on time. My main goal is to one day bring soccer hooligans to the CAC. That’s right yours truly will one day be the Player Prez to the CAC soccer league. I have already put the bug in Joshís ear so one day people, soccer hooligans will united and have their own forum. All in due time wait and seeÖ

Excellent, a little ingenuity can go a long way – and maybe one day, you’ll get paid to sit around and blog about soccer like I am supposed to do with basketball. This thing has dragged on long enough. So any parting thoughts you want to leave with the masses (you know, the 12 people who read my blog because O’Cal’s is much funnier)?

One can only dream Tibbs. Kinda going with a field of dreams; if you blog about it, they might come. So hopefully this can get a jumpstart to the hooligan program.

Hey, if it brings in more $$, Josh wonít be opposed to itÖ

O’Cal’s is funnier, simply put the man is good with innuendo’s.

Parting words…

CAC shall take my life but never take my FFRRREEEEDDDOOOOMMMMM!!!

Ha! That’s what you think, we’re going to suck you dry and then wring you out; and we won’t assign JBerr to that, she only likes the refs…

That’s what she said…