View From the Balcony: Sam Hughes

She’s Got Next?!

When it rains, it poors, and the floodgates are officially open for Loose Balls With Tibbs.  A slew of interviews upcoming in the next couple weeks, a new weekly feature (hey I’m 1 for 1 so far!) and you’d think I’m getting paid for this!!  This week’s interview landed in the Women’s League as it’s about damn time they got some exposure.  Sure it’s a 4 team league, but the Ladies can play too.  Usually they’re the ones mocking YOU on Tuesday night as they watch from the balcony.  But enough about that.  This week’s guest is Sam Hughes, who started over a year ago in the Women’s 5v5 League and has since made her way to Wall Ball Arena, where it’s always hard to leave.

Sam welcome!  I’m going to try not to make you too uncomfortable (I’m not O’Cal after all) so relax, sit back, and try not to enjoy this too much.  Let’s get right too it, you’ve been a staple of the women’s 4v4 league for the past few seasons. But I remember you in your first season, way back when, like last year, in the Women’s 5v5 league.

So tell us all, where are you from, and how did you come to C.A.C.?

A staple, Tibbs? I don’t even have a nickname yet!!

Anyone who has been around for a year is a staple. Hell, classics like the Bill Engvall show don’t make it 3 seasons, so yea, you’re a staple! And you know what, the best nickname I could come up with for you is the Mad Bomber, cuz you just don’t give a sh!t, and usually wear hoodies.

My basketball career ended in 2003 with this .. and since then I’ve been pretty washed up. But was asked to join a CAC team in 2008 with a bunch of soccer players and we didn’t do too bad so I stuck around! So it was quite the comeback for a while.. not an MJ comeback because I was never good.. and not a Favre comeback because I was never that annoying.. but it was pretty amazing in itself after not hitting the court for 5 years.

I don’t know what’s more impressive, the 3 point play in OT (in the FINALS no less, not semis) or the fact that you still have the link 6 years later, I thought you said not as annoying as Favre?!? Let’s just move on…

I’m not afraid to admit it, once you agreed to this interview I did a little facebook stalking. Thank you ’25 things’! Wait, what’s that, you were born in ’85?! Holy Crap! I remember when I was the youngest active player at CAC!! Wow I’m getting old! You want a question, okay, where did it all go wrong?!

I’m pretty sure stalking is now the current purpose of facebook, so I’m not too shocked. ’85 was THE year to be born – the Titanic was found in 1985.. now if that doesn’t make it an awesome year I don’t know what else could.

I also want to add one more thing in defense of 1985

Top10 Songs of 1985

1)      ‘I want to know what love is’ � Foreigner

2)      ‘Careless Whisper’ � Wham! Featuring George Michael

3)      ‘Can’t fight this feeling’ � REO Speedwagon

4)      ‘One More Night’ � Phil Collins

5)      ‘We are the World’ � USA for Africa

6)      ‘Crazy for you’ � Madonna

7)      ‘Don’t you (forget about me)’ � Simple Minds

8)      ‘Everything she Wants’ � Wham!

9)      ‘Everybody wants to Rule the World’ � Tears for Fears

10)  ‘Heaven’ � Bryan Adams


Let’s just move on, that’s an epic list, and I don’t think we’re topping that, but let’s give it a shot, I’ve done a little more ‘digging’. Seriously, Ed Cullen AND Harry Potter?! You’re a bigger fantasy nerd than I am. Don’t even get me started on Dune, or System of the World (pushes glasses up nose). I may have overstepped my bounds there.  What’s the nerdiest thing about you?

The nerdiest thing about me or the nerdiest thing I’ve done? Because I’m going to go ahead and say that buying my ‘New Moon’ movie tickets 2 months in advance.. am a 13 year old girl at heart.. its fine.

Yikes, wow, just wow, I don’t even think there’s anything more I can add to that, we’ll let that just soak in for everyone.

Over the shock? Ok, more about YOU – I hear through the grapevine, via you, that you’re not too interesting, that can’t be true. An Accountant turned Lawyer? Maybe it is true, I was a business major with an accountant focus.  How did that happen for you ? Again, where did it all go wrong?!

I tried to pick the two most boring professions possible and see where they got me. So far I have $200,000 in student loans and Im sitting at my computer on a Friday night. I think I need a life coach.

I’m sure we’ve got plenty of C.A.C.ers who think they know what they’re doing that would lend a hand. And I guess we should say you’re still in law school? I KNEW you had to have a good reason for being on gchat on a Friday night to agree to this interview.  Please, no one ask why I was.  Why are you going back to school. Surely it isn’t to actually HELP people, is it?

Ah see I called myself out before you could. Helping people or taking their money – either or works for me.

Didn’t you go to, like, Sweden, or something this past summer? If that’s true, how can you possibly say you’re a ‘void in the world’ when you’ve been overseas in the last 6 months!  Plus you have 1000 facebook friends!! 1000!!!

1000 friends may seem like a lot.. but when you don’t know or talk to about 900 of them.. it’s a little worrisome. I was definitely a void in Sweden- it’s the whole blond hair thing.. when you’re a brunette it’s a little difficult to fit in in that country I wish I had been standing next to you the whole time I was there.. the red hair would have thrown EVERYBODY off from me.

I remember my one, and only, trip Europe.  It was the summer between senior year of high school and freshman year of college. I thought I was hot sh!t, playing soccer in Denmark and Sweden.  You don’t know this, but we lost in the Gothia Cup Semi-Finals way back in ’01 – it was awesome, but unlike you, I still don’t have a link to an article written about it.  The thing I remember most about Gothenburg, to this day, was the GIRLS.  As a 17 year old male, son of a preacher, no less, that may not surprise you. The Flashbacks just keep on rolling through my mental viewfinder. Our ‘off time’ we just sat in the park and people watched. Well me and the other nerdy kids. You didn’t expect me to actually TALK to any of them did you?!

You might not have had that same experience, but what did you like most about your trip?

The girls, Tibbs, definitely the girls.. Ha no actually, I have two friends from Sweden coming to visit next month.  BUT- the best thing about my trip was the food (you know.. being a restaurant connoisseur and all) and realizing how lucky we are in Boston and don’t have every shot of alcohol measured out in our drinks. $11 for 1 Shot of vodka – devastating, really.

That’s got to be more of a rip off than actually paying any former C.A.C. Basketball player for legal advice.  OK, can we finally get to the basketball questions now?! We touched on it earlier, but you’ve become a Wall Ball regular.  What are your favorite aspects and players, and conversely, least favorite of both.

Hey hey.. I have no favorites. What I love about the CAC – the wall ball court it makes me feel like my life is flashing before my eyes every time I don’t stop quite fast enough and hit the wall.  BUT I hate the fact that my Fall ’08 championship banner isn’t up yet.. step up your game.

If I had a nickle for every time a coach, teammate or CACer said that, I wouldn’t be doing this interview.

You and Loren obviously missed each other since your championship run a few seasons ago. There was plenty of on court needling and jacking of 3s.  I thought it was great theater.  What about your counterpart brings out the best in you, and vise versa?

I just want to revisit question 2 for a second and say that for the record Loren is 8 months younger than I am.. so enough with the youngin comments. 

Since we’re almost done, sure I’ll quit.  But if I’m the one feeling old, I can’t even imagine how old the Wolverine feels. I’m only (almost) 26!!

But I miss her and I miss my team averaging about 40 from behind the arc a game. She was a good person to have on the court next to me especially nights when I would go 0-18 I mean someone needed to cut me off... and I couldn’t be more glad that it was her.

I hate it when bartender cut me off, you know how much entertainment value i bring to the table when I’m blackout drunk?! I even DANCE!  Yea, you’re all missing out when I get cut off. Like at Halloween this year, Saturday October 31st at Tommy Doyle’s.  You should all be there, just you wait, it will be legen-dary!

You know what, I’m gonna let you off the hook easily. You don’t have to name your top 5 hot C.A.C. guys, or reveal the secret contents of the bag you make me keep an eye on in the corner every Tuesday night. Nope, all you’ve got to do is suggest some new and exciting restaurants for the rest of us to try and you’re done with my own little bit of torture…

Being called a nerd and young were nothing compared to being put on the spot like this! Ah.. so many to choose from.. but I�d have to say that my favorite will always be Stella in the South End.. (I hope they give me a free dinner for this plug).

Well I’m going to have to check Stella out and will make sure to mention that you sent me! Thanks for taking the time to give everyone a little dirt to needle you with on the court as you’re jacking 3s Hughes, we’ll see you at Wall Ball!