View From the Balcony: Sweet Lu

Where Neither of Us feel the pressure to hit a Lay-up

In today’s View from the Balcony we’ve got one of the Ladies who has become a staple of both the 4v4 and 5v5 Women’s Leagues, Luana Botelho.  How’d she get the honor of answering my inane questions you ask? Well you shouldn’t, you should leave the questions to me.  Ok fine, it’s because she actually posts on the message boards, unlike most of the rest of the women’s league.  What’s wrong with you people?! Get with it!! Oh right, we’re focusing on Sweet Lu!! How you doing Lu!?Easy one, we always open with it – Who was Luana Botelho before she came to C.A.C. and became Sweet Lu? What was the journey like and how did you get here? You know, tell us a little bit about yourself.

First off I refuse to approve this interview for posting until you get my last name right. Itís B-O-T-E-L-H-O not Bothelo.  I expect to see an immediate update to your records moving forward.  You spelled it right for my cousin, why not me?  Whatís the deal here?
Come on, I spelled it right the first time, but had to change it the second – let’s see if I can get the Webmaster to fix it – what’s your player ID #??Now that weíve gotten admin issues out of the wayÖ.who is Sweet Lu you ask?  Well Iíve spent most of my life in the Northeast bouncing around MA, Jersey, & PA with short stints in FL and Colombia.  I was introduced to bball in the ninth grade when my fam moved back to MA after a few years in Jersey.  Coach didnít care that I hadnít played a day of bball in my life before thenÖall she saw was a 5í10î kid who she prayed had a smidgen of athleticism.  Lucky for her I thought it seemed easy enough to get rebounds and it sure was hellaí fun to block shots and loí and behold a legend was bornÖ.well not really but we can all dare to dream, right?

I can emphasis – I was 6’0″ and a scant 125 as a 14 year old freshman.  Despite having played ball all my life, I was uncoordinated as hell.  I couldn’t lift myself with a push-up, yet somehow was falling over the court on JV.  Yea, I induced many a head shake back in the day…Anyways, along with bball, I decided that it might be fun to run around in circles and throw some heavy stuff around so I joined the track & field team as well.  As it turned out I was a decent thrower and after graduating high school I continued throwing for Penn down in Philly.  And that was the end of my bball career until I found you fine folks of the CAC when I moved back to Boston about two years agoÖnow I get to dust off the trainers a couple times a week and try not to let the youngíuns make a complete fool of me out thereÖI also get the pleasure of gracing the same courts with legends such as The ROCK, JBerr (for MVP!!), Callie, Little Big Hurt, Tidal Wave, Brown SugarÖcanít get any better than thatÖ

Ok, so I have this theory, you ready for it?
The Ladies don’t care as much about their stats as the guys do.  They’re all about winning games first, having fun second, and looking at their stats third.  As a result, they don’t talk as much smack on the message boards because, well, they let the write-ups and standings do the talking for them.  Am I way off base here?
Nah, I think youíre rightÖThe Ladies have no need for all that preening or stroking of our own egosÖ
But why? If your significant others don’t do it for you, you get mad!! CAC could be that ego boost!!Hmmm…you do have a point…I may have to get back to you on that one…

How do I get more of the Women’s League to read my ramblings on the boards? I’m not going to bribe them or anything (you’re supposed to bribe me) but what can I do??
Arenít you getting paid the big bucks to figure that out??
At least I’m getting paid!  I’m giving you an open forum here, what can C.A.C. do to improve the Women’s Leagues? Let me have it, don’t hold back, I’m prepared for bulleted lists, a 10 page paper, whatever you’ve got, I can handle it!!
Well for one thing when you have a draft league actually having us pick our own teams would probably be keyÖ
You got it!  I know you’ve tossed your name into the captain’s ring.  Now to get just a few more to go with 100 Proof Juice and the Goddess…
And how about fixing the scoreboard so I donít have to waste any more precious breath yelling up for a score?You’re now number 801 to complain about that.  Josh says we’re not doing anything about it until 1000 people officially put in complaints about it.  We’re getting there faster than either of us thought…

Enough about that, more about Lu! This season, I’ve heard rumors that you’re going to call off your love affair with the Layup.  He’s treated you poorly, rebuffed your many advances and basically left you high and dry everytime you come knocking.  Where did it all go wrong for you two?? Does he have a drinking problem we need to know about?
The Layup and I have had a tumultuous affair from the startÖback in high school I regularly averaged more offensive than defensive reboundsÖno lieÖit has been the quintessential love-hate relationshipÖbut that wonít make me stopÖwho the hell does he think he is anyways???
An unfaithful, heartless, hurtful lover, that’s who.  I remember when we first met, it was all starry eyes and long embraces.  Now, it’s just the cold clang of rejection that I hear…
Or perhaps Iím just padding the stats that I donít look atÖ
I knew you were secretly looking!! 

Maybe….but a lady never looks and tells….

You usually bring your own cheering section to the game and I think that’s awesome.  Does he want to join my Support Group for all the guys that have significant others that are better than him at basketball?  It’s a growing list. Right now it’s me, TSpin, Vig, and until last week, Mazz was getting ready for induction.   We meet every Saturday afternoon and I usually bring cookies.
Awesome that you have a support group for the insignificant significant others!  After missing last seasonís championship game and costing us the game by not being there, The Baiz caught a lot of flack from The LadiesÖnow he isnít sure whether to come to the games or stay home.  Iíll let him know about the groupÖas an fyi, his favs are homemade chocolate chip cookies…
The Baiz huh? Now I know how to reference him.  And he just needs to know now, he can’t win whether he shows or not.  But anytime he wants to bring me some cookies he’s more than welcome.
What can we expect out of the Women’s League at the League Night Out on March 28th, at Tommy Doyle’s in Kendall Square?  They’ve made some great appearances, most notably this one ( last year, but how do they really put themselves on the map?
Is that a plug in the middle of my interview?
Obviously – what else did you expect?? 

But I thought this was all about ME!!  Pfffttt….(or however you spell it)….

You’ve been supporting the JBerr for MVP campaign since day 1 – what dirt does she have on you??
How can I not support the JBerr for MVP???  Whatís not to love?  That sweet little side jumper, the pump fake and drive, the tight fitting long sleeve tees,  the innate ability to get blocked by the backboard once a gameÖstart drinking the kool-aid!!  Seems a bit of a no brainer to meÖ
Tell me what you think of the Women’s 5v5 League that we have over at the King School.  See, the promotion is a 2way street up here on the Balcony…
I think it’s developing really nicely….kudos to you and the CAC…got some new quality teams/players and old teams that are stepping it up…and I understand that rumor has it  we’ll be getting an upgrade to the facilities as well….a legit 3-pt line (although I do appreciate the efforts Bdubs), new backboards, a dusting up of the floors….care to confirm/add to/invalidate any of those?
We’re doing everything we can to ensure all the 5v5 courts that we rent out are suitable for play. You know how long some things take around here…
Off Topic Questions – Tell us, what are you interests outside of basketball.  It’s been a while since I’ve randomly cruised your facebook page, so I’m not in the loop, and I don’t know if anyone else is either.
Travel, travel, travel…each year I try to visit a couple of new spots so far, for this year, hiking the Grand Canyon, wine tasting in Napa and surf school in Costa Rica are in the works
Wow you travel more often than the ROCK does on the way to the hoop.
I’m also exploring a hobby in the pastry arts…thinking of opening a funky bakery and calling it “Sweet Lu’s”…what do you think of the name?I love it! But I insist that I be the first intern/taste tester.  Talk about a dream job. Who knew you were allowed to have interests outside of C.A.C.

Imagine that….a life outside the CAC! And I’d be honored to have you be the first intern/taste tester…and as an FYI I’m not the only one with a penchant for sweet stuff…the ROCK makes a mean truffle and the Slumpbuster is a pretty nasty cake decorator….we’re talking like Ace of Cakes kind of stuff…I was mightly impressed….

Should I have to see Sex in the City 2 with Gripp when it comes out?  Where else could they possible go with the story line??
Of course you’re going to go with Gripp when it comes out…come on, can you honestly say that you were not entertained in the slightest by those girls?  And havenít you figured out by now there is a reason we all flocked to see the movie?  It’s because we can relate…if you pay attention there are some remarkable insights into the female psyche…
What’s that? Sorry I wasn’t paying attention… 


Say you’re president, are you giving the auto industry another bailout? How many more billions do they need? I’m only asking for a cool mil.  Wouldn’t giving every U.S. resident over 18 (what’s that like 300 million?) a million bucks do more to pump life back into our economy then the plans that have been floated out there??
No comment…bad karma mixing politics with hoop…
Give us your part shots Lu, don’t hold back, what else do you want to say??Thanks for having me in your corner, box, trap or whatever it is that you call it!!

Peace out…off to work on the Lay-up…

Thanks for taking the time Lu!! Gotta pump up the Women’s League, oh and everyone needs to sign up for next season!!