Fall 2009: A1 League Champs: New Evil Empire

    New Evil Empire Begins its Reign
    New Evil Empire 51 6 For the Wall 48

    Brian Fabry can now add his name to the exclusive list of A1 captains that won the BRICK in thier first season at the helm.


    Ken Schneid - Fall '00

    O'Cal - Summer '01

    Tibbs - Summer '06

    Dorey - Fall '08

    TSpin - Winter '09


    That's the entire list, it's my story and I'm sticking to it.  The New Evil Empire can have exclusive rights to the ugliest A1 Championship game ever played as well.  Iím just praying that the Hitman has enough footage to make a 3 minute long video.


    But howíd they pull this one out? Although the game was ugly, it was hard fought, intense and not decided until the final 30 seconds of the game.  To start out, we had a 4-4 game with 13 minutes to go in the first half.  Yea, 4 total buckets scored in 7 minutes. To say everyone had a case of the hiccups is an understatement.  Donít get me wrong, both teams were playing good defense, but at some point, itís also bad offense!


    Without Phil Lord (and Mike D!), 6 For the Wall knew theyíd have to establish Mike Krug as an outside threat early and often. So whatíd they do, but set a sh!t ton of screens for him of course.  As a result, he led all scorers at the half with 10 points in a 26-24 barn burner. 


    The only reason that New Evil Empire was anywhere close to the lead was because Mike Fraher, aka The Ghost, stepped his game up in a big way.  MacGregor calls him the Ghost because teams just donít see him, he slides in and out of the paint without drawing any attention.  His 8 points in the first half sure got the attention of the Wall defense though and were huge in keeping NEE close. 


    Also helpful was SMul taking out KO halfway through the first frame.  Dude doesnít care if heís right next to the wall, heís going to draw a charge if the opportunity presents itself.  Well it did and KO came down awkwardly on his knee.  As you can see by the final stat line, the D and knee prevented him from having his normal game.


    It also forced the Wolverine to switch onto the Playboy very early in the game.  Now Iíve got to say, I watched Billy eat up the rapidly aging Filosa in pickup this weekend, but Matty really stepped up his game for the Finals.  Everything the Playboy threw up was short. Maybe it was because Billy was sleep walking, maybe it was because of the sneaky, ìIím a veteran, I can get away with theseî shoves that Matty likes to give on turnarounds, but whatever it was, it was effective.


    In the second half, well the offenses got worse.  I didnít think that would be possible, but it was.  Krug and Wilson couldnít quite find the range, and every time they drove to the hoop a gaggle of defenders were waiting for them.  But if you had told me that at the 13 minute mark, KO and Filosa would have combined for 3 field goals and the team would be up 5, I wouldnít have bought it.  Every time it looked like 6 was going to close it out, MacGregor stepped up.  Ok, so he had 8 total points in the second half, but that led ALL scorers.  It worked.  They found themselves up 1 with a minute to go.  Look it was already 9 pm, I didnít want OT, but I didnít expect the game to end the way it did.  KO dumped the ball to Filosa for the go-ahead layup with 28 seconds left, then Filosa picks up his fifth foul on SMul driving to the hoop.  Who would have thought it would be Scott getting the ball at that point??  Anyway, he nails both free throws, cool as the other side of the pillow, and weíve got NEE back up 1. 


    Of course 6 For the Wall answers quickly. I canít believe how much scoring is going on in this last minute, where was that all game?!  Now, when you donít have subs, you donít foul out on your fifth foul, but you KNOW not to give up the 6th, itís a T.  But in the heat of battle, you donít want to let a guy score an uncontested lay-up with 10 second left.  The Wolverine gave the quick foul, but it meant 4 shots AND the ball for NEE in a one point game.  After being oh-so clutch, Scott misses the first 2 free throws.  BFab makes the tough coaches call to put BMul on the line for the T and it pays off.  On the inbound, Brad gets fouled again and hits his next 2.  3 point game, 7 seconds left, and Wilsonís desperation, game tying 3 is off the mark. 


    BMul and BFab have won titles together before, but this was a first for everyone else on the roster.  After dropping the first game of the season, the New Evil Empire ripped off 12 wins a row and for the second straight A1 season, the best team won the title!


    Scores, Box Scores & Write-Ups

    Playoff: week 12

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    A1 Fall 2009 Basketball League

    Commentary by Tibbs...

    6 For the Wall 86  Harvey's WallBangers 57

    Wall Bangers get Stomped

    Even shorthanded (missing Lord of the Manor and Mike D!!!) I had confidence that 6 For the Wall would win the game and finally deliver on the expectations as the pre-season #1 team in the league.  I didnít expect the curbstomping they administered to the Wallbangers last night, though.  From the opening tip, 6 dominated the boards, got tons of second chance opps and delivered on most of them. 

    But I knew it would be ëthat kind of nightí for them when KO calls for the ball at the 3 point line and proceeds to bank home a 3.  Yipes, the shot put them up 14 at the time and they never looked back.  Despite Harveyís 10 points in the first half leading the team and keeping them in it, the Wallbangers never had a flow on offense.

    Krug, on the other hand, never had a problem with his flow.  A game high 33, spread evenly between both halves more then made up for any missing offense from Lord and Mike D.  With Pistol Pete stroking it from downtown and the Wolverine with his normal 14/18 line this team was just too much for the Wallbangers to overcome, especially with their outside shots not falling. 


    THIS is the 6 For the Wall team that I think can take down the New Evil Empire in next weekís championship.  Theyíve got great inside play with KO and the Wolverince, and with Krug, Wilson, and Lord bombing away, theyíll make sure the D canít just collapse on the inside.  Krug, particularly, has gotten a lot more comfortable at Wall Ball Arena since these teams met way back in week 2 of the regular season and will provide another dimension to the offense that 6 will need for the upset win. 

    6 For the Wall
    Kevin Ostrander2083712011100% 11100%
    Matt Filosa1411701104250% 00NA
    Mike Krug3322710010770% 8450%
    Pete Wilson199431002150% 5240%

    Harvey's WallBangers
    Billy Fratelli54151204125% 200%
    Christopher Harvey1451101000NA 7229%
    Jonah Mytro259341009778% 100%
    Vladi Nechev1310300000NA 9333%

    New Evil Empire 65  Three Wolf Moon 59

    Offensive Offense just how NEE wants to Play

    In a game that was even uglier than the final score would suggest, the New Evil Empire hung tough despite missed free throws, Frail shutting down Brad (4 points) and BFab not being in attendance to hoot and holler for the sloppy offensive play. 


    In holding the Hitman to without a field goal in the first half, the defense let it be known that theyíre not just going to be scored on willy-nilly in the post season.  Sure, Frail stepped up with 7 big points and they only trailed by 5 at the break, but the tone was set. 


    The Playboy, for once, was wide awake from the opening tip. No sleep walking until the second half in this one.  He constantly went directly at th 3 Wolf ìDî.  Sure he still goes behind the back on every other drive to the hoop and that gets predictable, but when the man just puts the ball down and goes at you, itís impossible to stop. 


    Thankfully in the second half, MacGregor and SMul stepped up to provide some help for him.  As BDubs was catching his breath, Dan hit back to back 3s, Scott was crashing the O glass and getting some easy looks inside. 


    But donít think that 3 Wolf Moon just folded their tents and went home early.  Oh no, KLid wouldnít let that happen.  In a game that featured some terrible shooting from all over the floor, Khalid was the lone bright spot.  6 for 10 from the land of 3 kept his team within striking distance.  With the Hitman finally breaking through and hitting a shot or 4 from the field, there were a number of possessions where 3 Wolf Moon could have tied this thing up or taken the lead late. Unfortunately, the big shot was never there, and although BDubs missed 6 fts on the night, he hit JUST enough to keep 3 Wolf Moon at bay.


    The silver lining here (because the dark clouds are indicating BFab will win an A1 title in his first season as captain and have yet ANOTHER thing to lord over all us 1 time champs at Wall Ball Arena) is that this game sets up a showdown between my preseason #1 and #2 teams.  Yea, thatís right, who says I donít know what Iím doing?!? 


    New Evil Empire
    Billy Durbrow3063201014857% 00NA
    Brad Mulholland44111005240% 500%
    Dan Macgregor1810210022100% 22100%
    Mike Fraher2510100200% 00NA
    Scott Mulholland1113620306350% 00NA

    Three Wolf Moon
    Chris Hall440200000NA 900%
    Jared Perrine1710521209889% 4125%
    John Smith421110000NA 00NA
    Khalid Lakanwal2420420022100% 10660%
    Marc Frail7500110300% 6117%

Standings A1 Fall 2009 Thru Week 13
1New Evil Empire9-10.900W9073.5459.15
36 For the Wall6-40.600W2370.9269.92
4The Banner Boys6-40.600L1377.0077.64
5Three Wolf Moon6-40.600W1376.8375.25
6Uncle Leo5-50.500W1472.7371.82
7Goon Platoon4-60.400L3567.9170.55
8Harvey's WallBangers4-60.400L2568.2573.67
9Weapon X4-60.400W1570.5071.80
10Chris Kaman His Pants3-70.300L1672.9082.20
11Raft Riders3-70.300L1675.1080.00
12Sydney Dean's House3-70.300W1676.3078.00
Points Per Game
1Terry Henderson
Chris Kaman His Pants
2Luis Eagan
3Adam Biehler
Raft Riders
4Chris Maciejczak
Sydney Dean's House
5Brandon Dorey
Weapon X
6Billy Durbrow
New Evil Empire
7Sean O'Callaghan
The Banner Boys
7Tom Kahana
Chris Kaman His Pants

Player Rater
1Adam Biehler
Raft Riders
2Luis Eagan
3Terry Henderson
Chris Kaman His Pants
4Sean O'Callaghan
The Banner Boys
5Chris Maciejczak
Sydney Dean's House
6Billy Durbrow
New Evil Empire
7Jared Perrine
Three Wolf Moon
8Jonah Mytro
Harvey's WallBangers
9Brandon Dorey
Weapon X
10Chris Kerr
Goon Platoon

Rebounds Per Game
1Matt Filosa
6 For the Wall
2Adam Biehler
Raft Riders
3Scott Mulholland
New Evil Empire
4Chris Maciejczak
Sydney Dean's House
5Chris Kerr
Goon Platoon
6Tim Davenport
Uncle Leo
7Billy Durbrow
New Evil Empire

3s Per Game
1Vladi Nechev
Harvey's WallBangers
2Khalid Lakanwal
Three Wolf Moon
3Tom Kahana
Chris Kaman His Pants
4Dan Salazar
Uncle Leo
5Chris Maciejczak
Sydney Dean's House
6Damian Ruff
The Banner Boys
7Matt Kaplan
Raft Riders

Assists Per Game
1Sean O'Callaghan
The Banner Boys
2Khalid Lakanwal
Three Wolf Moon
3Tim Spinney
Sydney Dean's House
4Brian Wadman
Sydney Dean's House
5Tom Kahana
Chris Kaman His Pants
6Mike Krug
6 For the Wall
7Kevin Ostrander
6 For the Wall