Spring 2011: B Draft League Champs: Team Fun Time!!

    Gray Seals The Chip For Team Fun Time
    Team Fun Time!! 52 Earthquakes & Cupcakes 51

    The highly coveted B Draft league concluded this evening with Team Fun Time and Earthquakes and Cupcakes battling for the lucrative banner. All sorts of hype and pregame storylines surrounded this one as the MattyBells – Jtho rivalry was in full throttle. No punches were thrown this time around as we had a hard fought clean game throughout. 

    We got underway and it was clear only one team had showed up to play. To the crowd’s surprise it was E+C. E+C ripped off an 8-0 run to open the game as McCauley got things going crossing up Matty, sending him flying to the floor (he claims he “fell” on his own…yeah, ok). Caughney hit a 3 and it looked like E+C had no jitters to start this one.

    On the other end, TFT couldn’t buy a bucket. Literally. They didn’t score their first point until the 14-minute mark (yes, 6 minutes without a point) as Strange buried a 3 to get TFT going offensively. Offense was very difficult to come by for TFT as Strange struggled early with his shot. E+C maintained the lead for the opening segment of the first half but as we moved along Strange started to heat up.

    Strange went on a personal 9-point binge getting TFT within 3 all while making this game watchable. About time. Shit was ugly for most of the first half until the Strange show began. JTho’s defense was admirable, but it was only a matter of time before Strange played like an MVP. With 5 minutes to go Strange had brought TFT all the way back as he and his bys trailed by just 1.

    One minute later TFT was able to take their first lead of the game. Gray really played well in the waning minutes of the first half (in the whole game really) collecting offensive rebounds in bunches and doing all the little things it takes to win titles (7 ORebs). E+C went cold from 3 after their initial spurt as TFT went into the break with a 19-18 lead. 

    With a half of championship play under their belts both teams shook off the jitters and really picked it up on offense. JTho opened the 2nd half with a triple as I could tell he had that look in his eye (LET’S GOOOOOO!). Caughney hit a couple threes of his own as well giving E+C some much-needed life.

    The beginning of the 2nd half was really ALL E+C. Saltzman was a machine from the perimeter draining mid range shot after mid range shot. Talk about stepping up to the plate as this guy was easily the unsung hero for E+C really bailing them out on offense on numerous plays. McCauley did a nice job as well finding Saltzman on several drive and kicks for open looks so he should be credited with his playmaking.

    Strange and Gray kept TFT in it though with great hustle and timely shot making. Bells and Glumac picked up the pieces playing solid team ball, hustle defense and making the extra pass to put Strange in good positions to score. Despite their efforts though, the 3 ball had come alive for Caughney and JTho as E+C led 40-32 with about 10 minutes to go.

    If I ever saw an MVP put a team on his back when the going got tough it was right at this point. Strange decided he was done clowning around and led TFT on a huge 9-0 run. It was the Strange show once again as he hit some ungodly floaters in the paint and a huge 3 to give TFT a one-point lead. We were headed towards the final stretch and we hard ourselves a barnburner.

    With 3 minutes to go the game was tied at 45. Both teams hit 1 FT each and that was all the scoring for the rest of regulation. E+C had a chance to take this one in regulation but McCauley was unable to convert a difficult shot. TFT got the ball with 3 seconds left but Gray was unable to get a shot off as time expired. In fitting fashion, on to OT we went!

    In OT the drama was not lacking. McCauley hit one of his 2 threes in the opening minute giving E+C the early lead. Strange was there though to answer with a three of his own. We had a scintillating battle on our hands as every shot at this point had the crowd holding their breath.

    We moved along in OT and neither team wanted to give the other any sort of edge. The defense was active and intense and you could cut the tension on the balcony with a knife. Both teams traded buckets as Strange converted a layup only to be followed by 2 CLUTHC FTs by McCauley. We had a tie game with under a minute to play as TFT had the ball with a chance to take the game. They came up short giving E+C a chance to come away with the win After a sloppy possession a wild scrum ensued which resulted in TFT coming up with the ball. They called timeout and had once last chance in OT to take this one. With .8 on the clock, Gray got the inbounds pass and got fouled as he went up for the mid range buzzer beater. A silly foul indeed sent Gray to the line for 2. He missed the first…and had one more for all the marbles. Gray was true as he wins it for TFT in dramatic fashion sending Bells and company into a celebratory frenzy.

    A tough way to end for E+C but they should be proud of a great season. Congrats to Team Fun Time and MattyBells on a great season. They were the best team all season and capped it off with a title in a thrilling game. Strange was the MVP of the game as he led all scorers with 37 putting forth a heroic effort. An all around entertaining and hotly contested game goes to TFT as this season’s B Draft champs!

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    Playoff: week 11

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    B Draft S11 Basketball League

    Commentary by MATTY BALLS & JTHO...

    Team Fun Time!! 66  E Pluribus Unum 54

    TFT to the finals!!!!

    A couple of notes:

    1: Entries for next season are now open. Sign-up options: Sign up yourself http://cacbasketball.com/signup.php by filling out a questionnaire online or contact commissioner Jason Tibbetts by August 29th.

    2: In hopes of avoiding captains drafting "no-shows", payment is now required before the draft. Price: C.A.C. members will be charged $75, non-members charged $150 - All league fees are due by 9/05/11 to save your spot in any Draft League

    3: Wanna be a captain? Hit up either me (Mattbbelliveau@gmail.com) or Tibbs (cacbasketball@gmail.com) and let us know. Tibbs figures that the BDraft is likely going to expand to 12 (!) teams next season.


    So coming in to this game there were a couple of things going through my head if each team wanted to win. If TFT wanted to be successful they were going to have try and contain Arren/Nate and also keep Woodley off the glass and try and get him in early foul trouble to keep him off the court. As good as Nate and Arren are they still need a big man. And for ENUM they had to move the ball and get quality shots because TFT does play the best team defense. Everyone on TFT is just active.  They would have to control Woodley incase of foul trouble because they need him in the game.


    At the beginning of the tip Arren and Strange made there presence felt with 2 quick buckets for the both of them. I thought this was going to be a high scoring affair but after the first 6  minutes the paced slowed down a little bit with a score of 9 to 9. Strange was doing the smart thing and attacking the rim every chance he got ijn attempt to get fouls on Woodley and it was working.  12 minutes in to the game he picked up his 3rd foul, but did not feel the need to sub out. The first half Arren and Nate were putting in work to keep this game close not letting TFT pull away. As for TFT who plays the best team basketball in the Bdraft  they were spreading the wealth with some pretty even scoring from Strange, Dodd, and Gelow to give the a nice 4 point lead going in to the second half.


    So with Woodley having 4 fouls to start the second half and Matty with a 2 minute window to gather a game plan for the second half I feel this was going to get ugly soon. In rhw second half Strange came out looking to out this team away and he did just that scoring 18 of his 29 points in this half. As TFT came out they went on a 18 to 7 run in the first couple minutes of this one and just like that it was a 46-31 lead. The next few mintues would be back and fourth with Nate or Arren scoring followed by a strange jumper or a dodd lay-up . Frustration started to grow on ENUM said as GLU went up for a wide open lay-up only to get hammered by Woodley for his 5th foul. So with 8 and a half minutes left ENUM would play the rest of the game missing him with a 14 point whole to come back from. ENUM would push and Nate got a little stupid from 3 point land at the end like always but it was just not enough as TFT controlled the game even more so after Woodley left. TFT cruised through and will be playing E+Q next week in the Bdraft finals.

    Team Fun Time!!
    Brian Gelow115120008675% 00NA
    Dodd Gray116112102150% 00NA
    Jon Glumac75222003267% 11100%
    Matty Bells243320000NA 00NA
    Mike Strange2962413011655% 5120%

    E Pluribus Unum
    Arren Perkins222212107343% 6117%
    Nate Mendes303001005360% 14750%
    Tejas Kalastavadi211001000NA 00NA
    Woodley Brunely065111000NA 300%

    Earthquakes & Cupcakes 93  Fat Old Gamblers 89

    Stuff of Legends: McCauley leads E&C to Finals

    Just got halfway through my writeup when my cpu crashed. Fu*king awesome.

    Here's what I made note of:

    - John forgot his jersey, shocker. Hall knocked down two FTs before we had even tipped-off. FOG used that momentum to open up a 11-2 lead (hooks from Fraher & an Alley-oop from Hall to Mike W.)

    - E&C stormed back behind two threes from the Sarro ("COME ON BABY!!")...worth noting that he did this while wearing a bathing suit.

    - Fraher was incredible through this whole game, especially the first half. Fraher even knocked down a three...

    - FOG had opened up a six-point lead late in the first half behind some nasty, quick-hooks from Matt Williams, but as they'd do throughout this game, E&C fought back by hitting some threes. Back-to-back hits from McCauley tied the game up (14 first-half points, he was just getting started.)

    - John knocked down three threes of his own in the first half, his third one gave E&C a four-point lead at the half.

    There...now where was I?

    The story of the second half? Mike McCauley...soooooo much Mike McCauley.

    FOG wasn't struggling to score, but giving up all those three-point buckets eventually catches up to a team. FOG led by five early in the second half, but consecutive threes from Brendan and McCauley returned the lead to E&C.

    McCauley's sixth three (he was 6-8 at this point) bumped the lead to four. His seventh (!!!) three pushed it to seven. Hall answered with a bucket, but Sarro responded with ANOTHER three!

    McCauley's eighth three seemed to be the knockout blow (they led by 13 with four minutes left), but of course, FOG wasn't gonna just give up.

    A 6-0 run grew into an 8-0 run which quickly became a 10-0 run (!!!) and JUST LIKE THAT, we had a three-point game with 90 seconds left and FOG had the ball! Even the fans on the balcony were panicked.

    Brendan stole a post-entry pass aimed for Hall and prevented FOG from possibly tying the game up, FOG had to foul and sent McCauley to the line for 1&1, trailing by three.

    (I'm just gonna list the next few possession.)

    1:00 - McCauley nets both free-throws, E&C leads 85-80.

    :50 - 3pt from Hall, FOG cuts lead to two. McCauley goes to the line for the 1&1.

    :40 - McCauley drains both, E&C back up four.

    :30 - Tough layin from Hall on the baseline, two-point game. McCauley to the line again for the 1&1.

    :27 - McCauley drains two more!

    :13.4 - Fraher drains a hookshot! McCauley sent to the line for two shots.

    :05 - You think he hit them? Of course he did, he also hit two more after that. 10-10 in the game's last 90 seconds, with the season on the line. Holy, holy sh!t.

    So, E&C heads to the finals to take on TFT!!. FOG comes thisclose but simply couldn't withstand Mike's 29-point second half.

    Earthquakes & Cupcakes
    Brendan Caughey530120000NA 6117%
    John Thompson1790210022100% 6350%
    Justin Sarro1721110000NA 9556%
    Mike McCauley467073201212100% 12867%
    Mike Saltzman655100000NA 00NA

    Fat Old Gamblers
    Chris Hall306350206467% 8450%
    Matt Williams141343000200% 00NA
    Michael Weinstein1251201044100% 100%
    Mike Fraher2754300000NA 11100%

Standings B Draft S11 Thru Week 12
1Team Fun Time!!8-10.889W2064.0850.58
2Get'em Ballers7-20.778W5158.7054.70
3Ghost of Nutso6-30.667W4270.8064.20
4E Pluribus Unum5-40.556L1372.3668.18
5Fat Old Gamblers5-40.556W1366.5564.73
6Rippers Reprise5-40.556L1362.6061.30
7Earthquakes & Cupcakes4-50.444L2464.4263.00
8The Giant Shillelagh's2-70.222L3652.2262.56
9You Got Tibbs'D2-70.222W1645.4055.80
10Tombstone Carvers1-80.111L6750.8969.44
Points Per Game
1Xavier Holland
Ghost of Nutso
2Nate Mendes
E Pluribus Unum
3Mike Strange
Team Fun Time!!
4Arren Perkins
E Pluribus Unum
5Chris Hall
Fat Old Gamblers
6Mike McCauley
Earthquakes & Cupcakes
7Eric Nordstrom
Tombstone Carvers

Player Rater
1Xavier Holland
Ghost of Nutso
2Mike Strange
Team Fun Time!!
3Arren Perkins
E Pluribus Unum
4Jason Burridge
You Got Tibbs'D
5Mike McCauley
Earthquakes & Cupcakes
6Eric Nordstrom
Tombstone Carvers
7Matt Kaplan
Rippers Reprise
8Bryan Gamroth
Get'em Ballers
9John Thompson
Earthquakes & Cupcakes
10Brandon Reaves
Ghost of Nutso

Rebounds Per Game
1Jason Burridge
You Got Tibbs'D
2Xavier Holland
Ghost of Nutso
3Eric Nordstrom
Tombstone Carvers
4Woodley Brunely
E Pluribus Unum
5Mike Strange
Team Fun Time!!
6Greg Barr
The Giant Shillelagh's
7John Thompson
Earthquakes & Cupcakes

3s Per Game
1Nate Mendes
E Pluribus Unum
2Chris Hall
Fat Old Gamblers
3Joe Zelinskas
Rippers Reprise
4Mike McCauley
Earthquakes & Cupcakes
5Drew DeBari
The Giant Shillelagh's
6Matt Kaplan
Rippers Reprise
7Bryan Gamroth
Get'em Ballers

Assists Per Game
1Mike McCauley
Earthquakes & Cupcakes
2Matt Kaplan
Rippers Reprise
3Jamil Ball
Get'em Ballers
4Mike Strange
Team Fun Time!!
5Brandon Reaves
Ghost of Nutso
6Matty Bells
Team Fun Time!!
6Arren Perkins
E Pluribus Unum