Fall 2017: Franchise A Draft League Champs: Average Joes

    Yeaks Goes HAM Leads RKE To Easy Win
    The Real Kaplan Experience 95 MANZ NOT HOT 72



    - MVP: Yeakley - Not a bad game from Yeaks who went completely nuts from deep (10/15). Yeaks had it going tonight.

    - LVP: Kerr - 1/10 from deep. Yuck.

    - RKE looked to avenge their loss to MNH last time they played and they did just that. RKE looked crisp early and often and they were able to build a 15 point halftime lead.

    - Cox was a no show for this one and I thought he was the one guy that really gave MNH an edge in this matchup. He is a tough matchup for RKE which he proved last time these two teams played.

    - The Lyon MVP train kept on chugging. 24 rebounds and 7 blocks. My god.

    - Ray had a nice game in what ended up being a lost season for MNH. 23 points, 19 rebounds. Not bad for an old man!

    - Somehow, RKE managed to remain unbeaten this season when Fischer OR Hof are missing. Maybe one of them should volunteer and sit out in the playoffs? 




    The Real Kaplan Experience

    Kap (B-): Ho-hum game for me, nothing too crazy. Had a nice block on Ray and some steals but deferred to Yeaks and Hof for the most part.

    Marc (C-): Not a great game for Marc but he did enough. 1/9 from deep is very uncharacteristic for him.

    Hof (D+): Hof had a number of nice plays but overall he wasn’t good. 16 points on A LOT of shots and 2/5 from the line. GARBAGE BIN!

    Lyon (A-): Lyon gets knocked a little for going 1/6 from the free throw line (gross!) but he was a beast everywhere else. He killed it on the glass and protected the rim like it was a new born child.

    Yeaks (A+): Yeaks gets the rare A+ as he really took advantage of MNH’s Phoenix Suns like defense. He nailed 10 treys on 15 attempts and managed to come up with 2 nice blocks as well.


    Manz Not Hot

    Eliot (B+): Eliot had one of his patented flurry of points in the second half but it was too little too late. He still was able to score 21 which is pretty good against a solid RKE defense.

    Ray (A-): Ray ended the season on a positive note with a strong showing but it still goes down as another rough season for him in Franchise A. 19 boards though. Hot damn.

    Kerr (D): Not Kerr’s best game but he played hard and still managed to convert some nice hoops under the rim. I would have liked to see more steals/blocks though!

    Xavier (C): Lyon shut down Xavier after he had a strong game against RKE last time. Xavier didn’t score much but he contributed in other areas so his night wasn’t a complete waste.

    Scores, Box Scores & Write-Ups

    Regular Season: Week 6

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    Franchise A Draft F17 Basketball League

    Commentary by Mr. Delusional & #KapVP...

    Flint Tropics 61  Jerk Store Resurrection 73

    Champagne All Around as the Last Unbeaten Goes Down!


    - MVP: Brett - After a quiet first half Brett went HAM in the second half. He was on fire from deep and provided Jerk Store with an offensive spark they lacked in the first half.

    - LVP: Sovis - One of the worst games I have seen from Sovis. 8 points on 2/7 from deep and not much else. MVP to TRASH all in one week’s time!

    - FT led 45-34 at the break and seemed to be in control. That was until JS ripped off a 30-3 run over a 12 minute stretch to start the second half. This is not a typo folks. 30-3! GAME. OVER!

    - FT really missed Billy’s offense in this one. If you’re going to be the starting PG and play a lot you need to score more than 2 points. Period.

    - JS really did a nice job of overcoming an incredible start by Ryan Ouellette. Ryan was on fire and when I say on fire I mean 3/3 to start form deep and 4/5 in the first half. He would be shut down the rest of the game though and this was the difference.

    - Brett’s run of offense really sealed the deal for JS. He turned it up a notch and proved to be a real matchup problem for FT.

    - Shout out to Joe and Kodra as well. They didn’t shoot a great percentage from deep (30%) but I felt like all of their 3-point makes were big time shots at the time they went in.

    - Crazy stat: The two teams were almost identical from deep. 9/26 for FT and 9/25 from JS.



    Jerk Store Resurrection

    Vladi (B+): Solid, efficient game for Vladi who did a nice job running the offense while not forcing the issue. He hit 2/4 from and deep and was a perfect 4/4 from the free throw line. Pretty good.

    Jesus (C+): Jesus had his moments but I don’t think he had a great game. His shot selection was questionable at times and his defense was suspect. That said, he had a couple of really nice offensive rebound put backs and overall had 12 rebounds. His passing out of the post looked better too.

    Joe (A-): Excellent game for Joe. He was extremely active on both ends and stuffed the stat sheet. He even made 2 threes and you know this is painful for the opponent. Joe will probably never win an MVP award but you could argue he is the most valuable player for any team he is ever on.

    Brett (A-): Brett’s grade gets knocked down just a tad for his disappearing act in the first half but his second half showing was just incredible. He was a monster on both ends of the floor and he and Joe looked like a scary tandem no team wants to see in the playoffs.

    Evan (B): Evan played well in his role and looked confident shooting the rock. He had a beautiful block on I think Rosiello and collected 6 rebounds. The former Kap Award winner just keeps on finding ways to contribute in his bench role.

    Kuz (C+): Kuz played a short stretch in the second half and converted two awesome drives to the rim to go with a blocked shot. In his limited minutes Kuz was great but he gets a low grade because he didn’t play enough!


    Flint Tropics

    Ryan (C+): Ryan got FT going with a scorching 3/3 start from deep but he was somewhat quiet after that scoring only 11 and only 8 in the second half. Ryan played pretty solid D on Jesus though so he gets some credit there.

    Billy (C): Poor game from Billy. If not for the 7 dimes Billy would have been a complete non-factor. His coaching was TRASH in the second half as he watched JS rip off a 30-3 run with no adjustments. Two points too against Vladi’s defense is an embarrassment to him and his family.

    Khaled (B): I would have liked to see Khaled look for offense more but overall Khaled was fine in this game. He scored 17 and did his usual thing on the glass. I thought he left a lot of points on the floor though. He passed up on a number of open threes that his team really needed him to take.

    Sovis (D): Sovis was completely shut down, as he scored only 8 points and didn’t do much else. Sovis will see better days going forward and I am just going to chalk this up as an off night for him.

    Rosiello (B-): Rosiello put forth a solid game. Nothing too much to see here. He chipped in 10 off the bench and played his role fine. Nothing spectacular but not trash. Other than one deep questionable three I don’t have much bad to say here.

    Frank (A-): Frank! Frank had a pretty good game I have to say. He had a beautiful finish on the break under the rim and he was solid on the glass given his minutes (4 rebounds). Frank continues to be a fine piece for FT despite being pure and utter TRASH in the general scope of life.

    Flint Tropics
    Billy Jackson230710000NA 100%
    Eric Rosiello103211004250% 200%
    Frank Malsbenden440000000NA 200%
    Jeff Sovis840100000NA 7229%
    Khaled Abukhidejeh178321107571% 5240%
    Ryan Ouellette201011002150% 9556%

    Jerk Store Resurrection
    Brett Armstrong2543112000NA 10440%
    Evan Kodra560101000NA 3133%
    Jesus Trejo128440004250% 00NA
    Joe Hoerner18644300200% 7229%
    Mike Kuzdeba401001000NA 100%
    Vladi Nechev1260500044100% 4250%

    Average Joes 80  The Real Kaplan Experience 88

    RKE Avenges Week 1 Loss


    - MVP: Yeakley - Yup, Yeakley gets the nod this week. He gave RKE a huge jolt on both ends of the floor and was clutch down the stretch at the free throw line (10/12 overall). Yeakley was the difference in this game.

    - LVP: Sammy - Sammy is my boy, but man was he useless. He gave AJ’s NOTHING, almost literally. Sammy had a chance to hit a wide open clutch 3 late in the game but back rimmed it.

    - This was a weird game that saw AJ’s comeback from a double digit deficit twice in the game. In the first half, AJ’s had to overcome a Yeakley 3 point barrage and in the second half they had to overcome a KAP 3 point barrage. They did both times.

    - RKE did a really nice job of moving the basketball, as noted by Billy to me multiple times during the game. By the end of the game RKE had accumulated 17 dimes which is pretty damn good.

    - Second half 3 point shooting by RKE was the real deciding factor that ultimately allowed RKE to win. As a team RKE shot 9/17 from deep in the second half.

    - Fermon dropped the first triple double I have seen in Franchise A since we moved to MLK. 26-10-10 despite shooting 4/20 from deep. Respect!

    - AJ’s is going to need more from Sammy, Sydorko and BRob on the offensive end. I think it is reasonable for this trio to score at least 20 per game. Tonight they only had 11.



    The Real Kaplan Experience

    Fischer (B): Not a huge stat line but Fischer’s impact was felt. He had a nice stretch from deep in the second half and dished out a team high 6 dimes. Fischer isn’t the same player he once was, but he has shown this season that he is still a guy teams need to gameplan for.

    Kap (A): Giving myself a hard earned A! Hit my first 4 from deep in the second half and did a little bit of everything. I also blocked a Fermon 3 which is almost impossible. Arguably my best game of the season.

    Marc (B+): Marc had a very solid game, particularly on the defensive end where he was tasked with guarding bigs pretty much all game. He held his own quite well and contributed nicely on the glass as he has all season. Marc did go 2/4 from the free throw line which has to be a career low point for him.

    Lyon (A-): I am going on the record right now and saying Lyon is a legit MVP candidate. This guy stuffs the entire stat sheet every week and did just that tonight. 17 points, 15 rebounds, 3 dimes, 3 blocks, 3 steals. That is an impact player if you ask me. Lyon has also really improved around the rim on offense.

    Yeakley (A): If what Yeakley did last night isn’t worthy of an A I don’t know what is. Yeakley scored a team high 24 on efficient 3 point shooting and terrific free throw shooting. He also collected a few monster rebounds in traffic while getting butt raped. I tip my Kap to you Jeffrey!


    Average Joe’s

    Fermon (B): Mixed bag here. Fermon had a triple double but he didn’t shoot well from the floor at all (4/20 from deep). He did a nice job at the free throw line though and had a number of beautiful dimes throughout the game.

    Sammy (F): Stay home next time scrub!

    Swecker (A-): Really nice game for Swecker despite not coming up with a single dime. I guess this shouldn’t be surprising since passing is not something he enjoys doing. Swecker dropped a game high 30 to go with 15 rebounds though which is a huge line even in a loss.

    Sydorko (B): Sydorko was a beast on the offensive glass, giving AJ’s a number of second chance opportunities. Sydorko also played solid defense and played his role well overall. I would have liked to see a few more buckets from him though.

    BRob (C): Eh, not much to see here. BRob scored a couple buckets and got some rebounds but overall was pretty much a non-factor. TRASH BAG!

    Bray (A): Rookie of the year? He has my vote. Bray had an excellent game once again. This guy has taken the league by storm as a true “do it all” guy. In this game Bray scored 15 to go with 11 rebounds and 4 steals. Not too shabby.

    Average Joes
    Aaron Bray157424002150% 200%
    Brian Robinson422100000NA 200%
    Kevin Swecker3010502006350% 4375%
    Matt Fermon261001010066100% 20420%
    Mike Sydorko72610004375% 00NA
    Sammy Abdellas031010000NA 400%

    The Real Kaplan Experience
    Jeff Yeakley24620100121083% 9444%
    Lyon Van Voorhis1713233302150% 100%
    Marc LeBlanc155130004250% 3133%
    Matt Kaplan205161104375% 9556%
    Ryan Fischer1240610000NA 12433%

    Ewing Theory 85  MANZ NOT HOT 83

    Coast to Coast!


    - MVP: John Martin - Martin! What an electric game from the 2nd year guard. Martin led his team in scoring AND had a scintillating coast to coast game winning drive as time expired.

    - LVP: No one! Pretty solid all around effort from everyone in this game. No one feels my wrath from either team this week.

    - This was a pretty wild game. Ewing Theory controlled the first half as GHOST went absolutely ham. That’s right folks. GHOST is back in the league and he made his presence felt instantly. GHOST hit his first SEVEN shots in the first half which allowed ET to jump out to an early lead.

    - In the second half though, MNH decided they had seen enough of GHOST lighting them up. Stat took matters into his own hands and really clamped down on GHOST. This allowed MNH to get back in the game as the offense for ET went somewhat dry.

    - Insert John Martin. We had a tight game in the waning minutes and seconds and Martin took matters into his own hands. Martin tied the game with 20 seconds left and then with under 10 seconds left MNH had a chance to win it. MNH missed the game winning attempt but with 4 second left Martin scooped the rebound up and went coast to coast untouched and converted a game winning layup as time expired. It was truly a wild play which left everyone at the gym completely shocked.

    - The long ball was not kind to anyone in this game. The two teams combined to go 8/29 from deep which is not good.

    - Eliot had a ridiculous second half run. He was terrible for about 32 minutes but midway through the second half he went nuts. He was absolutely COOKIN’ hitting ridiculous shots all over the place. It was an impressive showing.

    - This was a huge win for ET. Not only does this keep MNH on the bottom of the standings it keep ET in the hunt for that 4th playoff spot.



    Ewing Theory

    Pat (B+): Pat didn’t shoot well but he did a nice job of running the offense and collecting dimes. Pat flirted with a triple double as well and despite missing a thousand layups I would say this was a strong game for him.

    Kofi (A): Kofi was terrific in this game, especially on defense. He protected the rim like he was protecting his first born child, swatting anything that came near him. He would end up with 5 blocks and it’s possible he had 6 or 7.

    Martin (A): Not only did Martin score the final 4 points to give his team the win he also scored a team high 26 to go with 6 dimes. This may have been the best game I have seen from Martin and it’s no surprise he did it with Pollock out of action.

    Ghost (A-): Great debut for Ghost who proved to be an excellent fit on this team. He was lights out in the first half and did a nice job on the glass. Ghost was quiet in the second half but he did enough in the first half to warrant a strong grade.


    Manz Not Hot

    Cox (A): Another huge game for Cox who dropped 24 to go with 17 rebounds. His athleticism was on full display as he had a number of tough finishes around the rim and rebounds in traffic. Cox also chipped in 4 steals in what was a great game for the captain.

    Ray (A): Strong game for Ray who was a beast on the offensive glass (7 ORebs) to go with his 20 points. Ray hit a number of big shots in this one and showed that despite having 40 year old legs he still got it!

    Stat (B+): Nice game for Stat. He had what has to be a career high 5 dimes and he continued his strong season at the free throw line. He also hit 1 of 2 from deep!

    Eliot (A-): Eliot was abysmal in the first half but made up for it in the second. He was a one man wrecking crew and he kept MNH in the game was his prolific shooting. When Eliot gets hot he is really tough to guard and he proved that tonight.

    Cheese (C): Cheese played his role off the bench but didn’t really do much. He played his role just fine though which is all you can ask for.

    Ewing Theory
    John Martin264061106350% 5120%
    Kofi Williams1774335022100% 5120%
    Pat Kelley2090901022100% 8225%

    Andrew Ray2077200000NA 00NA
    David Cox24116241000NA 00NA
    Eliot Green2710200000NA 9333%
    Xavier Holland148150004375% 2150%

Standings Franchise A Draft F17 Thru Week
Flint Tropics8-10.889W3076.7870.00
The Real Kaplan Experience 6-30.667W4282.2276.11
Jerk Store Resurrection5-40.556W1375.1172.00
Average Joes5-40.556L1378.1177.33
Ewing Theory2-70.222L3673.3380.56
MANZ NOT HOT1-80.111L5775.6785.22
Points Per Game
1Matt Fermon
Average Joes
2Andrew Ray
3Brett Armstrong
Jerk Store Resurrection
4Kevin Swecker
Average Joes
5Eliot Green
6Kofi Williams
Ewing Theory
7Sam Pollock
Ewing Theory

Player Rater
1Lyon Van Voorhis
The Real Kaplan Experience
2Matt Fermon
Average Joes
3Kofi Williams
Ewing Theory
4Andrew Ray
5Pat Kelley
Ewing Theory
6Khaled Abukhidejeh
Flint Tropics
7David Cox
8Sam Pollock
Ewing Theory
9Kevin Swecker
Average Joes
10Matt Kaplan
The Real Kaplan Experience

Rebounds Per Game
1Lyon Van Voorhis
The Real Kaplan Experience
2David Cox
3Sam Pollock
Ewing Theory
4Andrew Ray
5Kofi Williams
Ewing Theory
6Khaled Abukhidejeh
Flint Tropics
7Kevin Swecker
Average Joes

3s Per Game
1Matt Fermon
Average Joes
2Ryan Fischer
The Real Kaplan Experience
3Eliot Green
4Chris Kerr
5Jeff Yeakley
The Real Kaplan Experience
6Brett Armstrong
Jerk Store Resurrection
7Ryan Hof
The Real Kaplan Experience

Assists Per Game
1Pat Kelley
Ewing Theory
2Matt Kaplan
The Real Kaplan Experience
3Billy Jackson
Flint Tropics
4Matt Fermon
Average Joes
5Ryan Fischer
The Real Kaplan Experience
6Vladi Nechev
Jerk Store Resurrection
7Khaled Abukhidejeh
Flint Tropics