Spring 2017: Over-30 Legends Draft Champs: Country of Old Men

    WallBall Champs
    Country of Old Men 59 Leaving on a Jet plane 56

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    Another exciting season has come to an end and we now have a champion for the over 30 legends league in Country of old Men.Congratulations fellas but lets chat a little about this game.

    I was on time, Kap the ref was on time and things looked smooth going into the game. Before tip off while both teams warmed up a CAC member decided he wanted to put some shots up and walked onto the court doing just that. Ruff allowed it and all was good. The mystery guy wore a Kyrie Irving Jersey shirt and was launching it from downtown with some not so pretty releases but possibly better looking then what I throw up,anyway you could tell hes a fan of the game and a newbie to stepping on the court so new that when Kap blew his whistle for tip off he thought it was possible to play in a championship game.. Wow lucky for us Ruff let him know " Umm no you cant play this in a championship game but you can watch from the balcony." The young fella looked up to an empty balcony and was hesitant to walk off the court. Kap with a disgusted/impatient face wanted him to pick up the pace and get off the damn court.

    We finally got the game going with COOM winning the tip. LOAJP struggle to score while COOM came out the gates hot. LOAJP got its first bucket at 15:45 from an assist to Cheese from Ghost. The way Coom came out and seeing the defensive game plan they had i was a little nervous for LOAJP.
    Eventually COOM started to let off the gas and that's something you cant do versus a team with championship experience that will not give up until the final buzzer.
    On a side note back to the story line of the mystery baller funny thing about him he finally made it to the balcony maybe with 6 minutes into the 1st with.... I kid you not a band new CAC jersey on. HAHA this kid really wanted to ball I laughed but was kind of pissed that the person up front really sold him that jersey but I'm pretty sure he will faithfully wear that jersey plenty of times and hey that's more advertisement for the leagues so shout out to him.

    Ruff had an interesting game plan on defense which had Aidan the offensive player of the season on Fraher. Ghost has some inches on Aidan but was played well for the rest of the game after Kap Warned Aidan of his two hands on the back defense. Aidan plays strong on both ends and limiting Ghost to 5 first half points is a rare site for a guard to accomplish.

    LOAJP settled down and finally got things going. Cheese and Ryan got that movement from all season and that opened up slightly easier lanes and shots.The Jet at first wasn't able to get by the body of Ruff with left and right dribbles but it finally clicked that hes fast as hell and Ruff is really old so he started slithering and driving to the lane and doing Jet things.
    COOM was up 26-19 with 1:25 in the 1st. Aidan was killing and getting any shot he wanted, Aidan floats like a feather and when those shots fall they surely sting. 18 points at the half.
    Ruff worked hard for his 4 points by posting and never got a chance to put up much 3's. The defense was tight once he got in the paint so game plan adjustments were made.
    Lee killed it on the glass all game but had 14 in the 1st alone. Rebounding and Aidan helped COOM into the half leading 30-21.

    LOAJP went to the locker room to discuss things and came out with a different approach. They started chipping away at the score fighting back with physicality down 26-30 with 4 minutes off the clock.
    10:42 on the clock LOAJP finally go up 41-39 with flashes from Ghost and the Jet taking off.
    Although Krishna had a rough game offensively he had a few blocks and a key steal and rebound in this game to make up for it.
    Dave grabbed 5rebounds and played the enforcer roll while getting physical with Tams who was not a happy camper and let things get to him this game but after the dust cleared Tams was back to supporting his team and focused on the goal at hand.
    This game was tight with the lead going back and forth. Before the starters got back i wanted to point out that Dmitry had a nice block which stopped a possible easy one. Rich missed his only 3 that rolled out but grabbed a rebound in the 2nd with every possession being important. Everyone on both teams played the perfect roll and this was a really good title game.

    LOAJP started pulling away from Ryan hitting some 3's and layups and the Jet heating up from downtown but Aidan had a answer for that with a 3 and a drive taking the lead back 51-49 with 3:40 left.
    Cheese had a nice finish on Lee but Lee would answer his style with some put back points on his end. Ryan and Jet hit clutch shots down the stretch while fighting to stay alive in this game.
    20 seconds left in the game Coom was up 55-54. Every shot put up was suspenseful for both teams knowing 1 mistake could end it all. LOAJP got a bucket to go up 1 but Coom got what they needed from Aidan a full head of steam to the rim for an and1 play putting them back up 1. Aidan was so pumped he looked like a dragon ball z character charging up, hopefully we have some footage of that.
    COOM up 57-56 had total control of this game with 7 seconds left and only 2 team fouls and plenty to give. COOM at this point playing the foul game with that knowledge but LOAJP still had a chance with 1.8 left but failed during the inbound pass to Ghost which slipped right out his hand.
    Both team out of timeouts and the ball ended up in the hands of Lee who's been good all season at the line now stepping up for 2 big shots and only 0.7 left. Lee knocked them both down and LOAJP would need a miracle full court shot to happen. Cheese got a good look but the shot was off left and money on the pad.

    COOM pulled this out and gave captain Ruff his 12th title and probably the last wall ball title of the year.
    Aidan was the MVP with his clutch answers and solid D on Ghost. 36 points 5 rebounds
    Honorable mention of Lee Eudy with a monster game of 15 points 22 rebounds and 4 blocks .

    Great season all! looking forward to the new excitement to come next season


    Scores, Box Scores & Write-Ups

    Regular Season: Week 1

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    OVER30 S17 Basketball League

    Commentary by MENDES & RUFF...

    Leaving on a Jet plane 82  Port Huron Statement 64

    Up and away no delays

    Mike Fraher aka Ghost pretty much drafted his former championship team and that core alone of Jeff the jet and Ryan S.niper put on a clinic Versus Port Huron Statement.

    Rudy named his team Port Huron Statement and let me take a guess on how he came up with this... 1. Rudy had 4 beers and found his self watching the history channel 2. after 6 beers preparing for some Netflix and chill he selected the movie The Big Lebowski (Ive never seen this) and after reentering his body the first thing he heard was one of the characters mention that. Just a wild guess but who knows.

    Jeff Arinella and Jeff Moccia being the first picks will have to carry the load this season anyway possible but luckily for them both rosters have some fire power to help out.

    Jeff the jet came out hot cooking and serving plates to anyone if they got in his way. 18 first half points and 5 assist to Mr. Automatic Fraher and Ryan S.niper. I can't lie those 3 look amazing together. Ghost put together i nice squad and minus 1 missing legend in Cheese.

    Tams looks good to start the season and had a great 1st half of yelling up every single assist. The way his team moves around Tams will probably have a career high in assist. Dmitry missed a few wide open 3's but made up for it grabbing rebounds.

    Here's some takes from Port Huron Statement (PHS)
    12 defensive rebounds in the 1st and 14 in the 2nd
    Jeff Moccia had a slow start and only snagged 3 total in the 1st half. Jeff will have a big season im sure of that.

    Rudy had one of his off nights and will look to bounce back his next game.
    Seyi showed up late but took advantage of his mismatches instantly.
    I did not see much ball movement going on and from my view of things i would feed Jeff in the post all game and let him kick it out to maximize the teams talents.
    Hustle guys Dustin, Big Ro and Cheever will make life easier once the team fully figures a system out. Dustin boxes out and finds himself in the right spots and makes great choices with the ball. Big Ro will space the floor and give you those big 3's you need as he showed week 1 when PHS attempted to chip away at the score. Cheever will slash and always give you some great defense. Week 1 Cheever found out how hard it is to cover former MVP Jeff the Jet Arinella.

    LOAJP with 22 team assist to the 9 from PHS was the biggest difference in  this game. Fraher's team had 9 in the 1st.
    Leaving on a jet in total control leading 49-32 at the half while having a pretty even 2nd with Port Huron Statement in scoring but that 1st half was key in all statistical categories.

    Both will give teams a fit this season but 1 team needs to gel and find a style that works. The 3 headed monster of Ghost and his mid range, Ryan with his 3's and drives and the all around speedy Jeff doing it all they look like the favorites right now.

    Leaving on a Jet plane
    Christian Tams231512000NA 00NA
    Dmitry Baranovsky15010002150% 200%
    Jeff Arinella32531120066100% 3267%
    Mike Fraher1971200000NA 11100%
    Ryan Shaffer289021003133% 9556%

    Port Huron Statement
    Andrew Cheever430101000NA 00NA
    Dustin Armstrong031100000NA 100%
    Jeff Moccia1710320104125% 100%
    RoShawn Green830110000NA 3267%
    Rudy Hersh923221000NA 7114%
    Seyi Tayo26542200300% 00NA

    Country of Old Men 59  Priorities People 68

    Im ready for the rematch

    My oh my Country of old Men a Ruff creation vs team MCCAULEY.

    On Mike's team Chris Hanks would be the pure rookie while Ruffs 1st pick in the draft would be unknown to 4on4 draft leagues. More to come on those debuts.

    Mike Drafted Brett Royer with his 1st in the draft which is a great start to building a team in this league because he can do it all. McCauley (the player) is already a top guard in this league and he got a great 3rd option to handle the ball in Brian Geary. Claude is another guy who will space the floor and be able to drive. I actually forgot who Andrew Sadoway was during the draft and i must say Mike that was a really good pick. Andrew can get hot from the mid-range area.

    I like Ruff's team because he drafted Aidan O'Kennedy a guard who should be in the MVP race this season. I keep saying this but Krishna Aragam will have an amazing season with this team. Country of old men have Dave Murdoch and Lee Eudy protecting the paint and add in some Rich Carey daggers.

    Lets talk about this a game a little.
    Rookie Chris Hanks did not have the debut as anticipated and most of his production came in the 1st half 4 points and 5 rebounds. After that Chris slowly began to fade out of this game. Chris needs more time at wall ball and i can see those numbers going up in about 2 weeks.

    The 1st half had a battle of the top picks putting on a show. Royer was all over with 13 at the half. The lane was wide open for him the finish with ease.
    Aidan from Ruff's Old Men put up 16 at the half. This guy can score in many ways. From the balcony he looks like a bigger guard and that's huge moving on in the season. About his scoring ways- sprinkle in some crazy layups a lock and load type of 3 and has some mid-range also a splash of spin moves to make your knees buckle.

    Ruff actually showed up a few minutes late and couldn't get things going im sure he will hit 5-6 threes next week. Besides the 'Ruff' night Aidan and Krishna held it down keeping the game close only down 2 at the half 28-30.

    I can tell Mike did not appreciate the score being close and came out in the 2nd with that fire in his eye which boosted the rest of the teams level of play. Mike put up 17 in the 2nd and found his players for easy looks because of the focus that turned to him.

    Old men won the rebounding battle in the 1st but sure lost it in the 2nd. Aidan continued to keep his team alive but when MC1 (Mike) goes 4for4 from 3 and you miss a few shots those guys will finish you in transition.

    I truly cant get a read on these teams just yet but i know its not going to be a cake walk especially as the season moves on. I believe these two face each other again and i look forward to seeing the new dynamics from both sides

    Country of Old Men
    Aidan O’Kennedy346543006467% 10440%
    Damian Ruff590100033100% 600%
    Dave Murdoch445100022100% 00NA
    Krishna Aragam1593010011100% 3267%
    Rich Carey10200002150% 200%

    Priorities People
    Andrew Sadoway470000000NA 00NA
    Brett Royer249411103267% 100%
    Brian Geary881401000NA 3267%
    Chris Hanks452000000NA 100%
    Claude Joseph431100022100% 100%
    Mike McCauley246041003267% 6467%

    Mystery Men Unite 104  The Young Guns 80

    Mystery no more…


    Coming into this game I was anxious to see what type of team Nate Mendes put together in the Mystery Men Unite (MMU).  He received a lot of flack for his drafting so much so that Tibbs ranked his team last.  I wasn’t really sure what would happen to be honest but one prediction I was right on about was his rookie second round pick Anthony Frangie being a risky pick because of his job.  Come to find out Nate let it be known he already said he’s out WOW.  On the opposite side Kevin Smith basically drafted the same team Nate did last session, give or take a few players.  Unfortunately for Kevin his team named Young Guns (YG) only had 4 guys on the night but Nate’s guys started with 4 but eventually got a sub to show.

    First Half:

    The game started off close, 5 minutes into it and MMU had a small lead 14-12.  As the half continued though Nate’s team looked like they been playing together for awhile.  Excellent ball move, making shots, good defense etc…  I seriously can’t really point to anything they did wrong which is the reason why they held a 59-34 halftime lead.

    Player of the Half:

    Brett Cooley 21 pts, 5-7 from three, 2 orebs, 5 drebs, 1 ast

    Second Half:

    I mean YG did their best to try and make this a game.  Unfortunately the closest they’d get is maybe 12 points.  Easy win for MMU as they win 104-80.

    Player of the Game:

    Ron Kindle I mean a number of people played well for MMU but I really really really liked the debut by Ron.  Completely stuffed the stat sheet and provided a lot of energy for his team in their victory,


    Brett Cooley A probably gets a + if he gets at least 1 steal or block but really played well.  Makes no sense why he was drafted 4th.

    Chao Quan A I mean his numbers don’t jump off the page but as the 5th man he took advantage of all his opportunities and played a good game.

    Nate Mendes A- had to dock him some for his three point shooting but still played a hell of a game.

    Ron Kindle A gets a + if he shoots the three ball better.  An excellent game and I’m sure he has more to come.

    Shawn Thornton A he was seriously finding his teammates on so many occasions.  Another nice debut for a rookie.

    Alec Peralta A had a nice game scored decent and rebounded well especially considered he was a 4th round pick.

    Frank Malsbenden A besides getting cooked by Ron a couple times and not shooting great Frank had a good game.  His team just didn’t win.

    Jon Mazzone A- I guess I am docking him for his free throw shooting but really I’m just being picky.  He did what he normally does which is make a lot of threes.

    Kevin Smith A- Solid stats across the board but had to dock his grade by going 0fer from three.  This was one of the better games though I had seen from Kevin in awhile.


    YG just got blitzed.  I still think they’ll be a solid team overall but not much you can do when the other team scores a hundo.

    MMU looked really good.  I mean to score 100+ points in week one is just nuts.  I’m interested to see if they can keep up this type of scoring all season but as for right now they look like the best team in the league.

    Here is the full game for anyone interested https://youtu.be/TF84FtASc7o

    Mystery Men Unite
    Brett Cooley3793400000NA 16956%
    Chao Quan411000000NA 00NA
    Nate Mendes26741010100% 8225%
    Ron Kindle2311422207457% 5120%
    Shawn Thornton1430810000NA 200%

    The Young Guns
    Alec Peralta134401002150% 00NA
    Frank Malsbenden159340302150% 4250%
    Jon Mazzone364320104250% 17847%
    Kevin Smith1694600000NA 500%

Standings OVER30 S17 Thru Week
Port Huron Statement7-20.778W3073.0059.78
Leaving on a Jet plane6-30.667W2171.8966.44
Priorities People6-40.600W21.552.0048.90
Country of Old Men5-40.556L1273.6765.67
The Young Guns4-50.444L1366.3374.67
Mystery Men Unite4-60.400L23.563.3066.60
Uncle Drew1-90.100L96.541.7058.00
Points Per Game
1Aidan O’Kennedy
Country of Old Men
2Jon Mazzone
The Young Guns
3Brett Cooley
Mystery Men Unite
4Jeff Arinella
Leaving on a Jet plane
5Jeff Moccia
Port Huron Statement
6Seyi Tayo
Port Huron Statement
7Ryan Shaffer
Leaving on a Jet plane

Player Rater
1Aidan O’Kennedy
Country of Old Men
2Jeff Moccia
Port Huron Statement
3Jon Mazzone
The Young Guns
4Jeff Arinella
Leaving on a Jet plane
5Lee Eudy
Country of Old Men
6Seyi Tayo
Port Huron Statement
7Brett Cooley
Mystery Men Unite
8Frank Malsbenden
The Young Guns
9Ryan Shaffer
Leaving on a Jet plane
10Mike McCauley
Priorities People

Rebounds Per Game
1Jeff Moccia
Port Huron Statement
2Lee Eudy
Country of Old Men
3Jon Mazzone
The Young Guns
4Frank Malsbenden
The Young Guns
5Chris Hanks
Priorities People
6Mike Fraher
Leaving on a Jet plane
7Brett Royer
Priorities People

3s Per Game
1Brett Cooley
Mystery Men Unite
2Jon Mazzone
The Young Guns
3Nate Mendes
Mystery Men Unite
4Aidan O’Kennedy
Country of Old Men
5Mike McCauley
Priorities People
6Ryan Shaffer
Leaving on a Jet plane
7Lee Eudy
Country of Old Men

Assists Per Game
1Jeff Arinella
Leaving on a Jet plane
Leaving on a Jet plane
3Frank Malsbenden
The Young Guns
4Ryan Shaffer
Leaving on a Jet plane
5Mike McCauley
Priorities People
6Aidan O’Kennedy
Country of Old Men
7Jon Mazzone
The Young Guns