Welcome Back to the CAC

A lot can happen over a break…

Its 2011 and the CAC is back in full swing.  Of course some of you are still waiting on popping your Winter CAC cherry, but the majority of you have gotten back into your CAC groove.  So far, I couldn’t help but notice how much things have changed since the Fall season concluded.  Just some random things on my mind…

Tibbs Winning Championships –

You cannot deny that hell is freezing over.  Tibbs wins multiple championships and all of a sudden we are getting hit with a foot of snow each week. At the start of last season, if you had told me that THend would carry Tibbs to multiple championships (something that many of us have failed at, yours truly included), I would have tried to buy drugs off you because you must be on that good ish telling me that Tibbs would win multiple chips.  Tip o the hat to THend and Wag of the Finger to me and anyone else who has played on a Tibbs team.

Another Blogger Defaced

Last season at CAC, there was only one blogger on Mount CaCmore that was defaced.  First, it was the Trap that was “tagged” as the Wolverine looks like he stuck his dick in an electrical socket.  Now, it appears that Gerrity has been rubbed out like Marty McFly’s Disneyland Family picture in Back to the Future.  What’s next, a picture of Jesus hanging from the Cross to replace the facial picture of our favorite Jew not named Matt Kaplan, JZuk?  I better step my game up or I could be next on the chopping block.

What Happened in the NFL?!?

When last season at CAC concluded, the Pats were the odds on favorite to win the Super Bowl.  Now, Benny Naughty Naughty Roethlisberger is gunning for Tom Brady’s pedestal.  There is no justice in the world.  Hope Mark Sanchez was taking notes this season.  Don’t spend time in the weight or film room, grow a creepy beard and hit up the college bars…with force.  I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Ben and Jesse James.  You can’t tell me these two cats aint brothers from another mother.


(Just an FYI, if you are a Pats fan, PLEASE do not give me the “well…no one expected us to finish the REGULAR season at 14-2, so it was a still a good season.”  If that isn’t the biggest load of weaksauce I have ever heard.  It’s almost about as weaksauce as the Pats “16-0” regular season banner that they have hanging at Gillette.  If you think success is being the best in the regular season and to make leave the playoffs without a chip, please continue worshipping Lebron James, the Dallas Mavericks, and handjobs because they all disgust me)

Jesus Shuttlesworth is climbing the ugly ladder

Over the break (well, more accurately over the last 14 years), Ray Allen has put himself in position to pass Reggie Miller on the all time 3pt made list.  To me, this sounded like such a great feat, so I began to inspect the list myself and was shocked to say the least.  Just take a look at this list.  I know the 3pt line is only about 30 years old, but I was taken back by some of the names on this list who do not really strike me as “3point shooters””

All Time Leaders: Three Point Field Goals Made
  Player 3FGA 3FG% 3FGM
  1. Reggie Miller 6,486 .395 2,560
  2. Ray Allen 6,405 .398 2,548
  3. Jason Kidd 4,988 .348 1,738
  4. Dale Ellis 4,266 .403 1,719
  5. Peja Stojakovic 4,287 .401 1,718
  6. Chauncey Billups 4,294 .390 1,675
  7. Rashard Lewis 4,268 .390 1,665
  8. Jason Terry 4,188 .379 1,589
  9. Glen Rice 3,896 .400 1,559
  10. Eddie Jones 4,147 .373 1,546
  11. Tim Hardaway 4,345 .355 1,542
  12. Paul Pierce 4,144 .371 1,538
  13. Steve Nash 3,561 .431 1,534
  14. Nick Van Exel 4,278 .357 1,528
  15. Michael Finley 3,880 .375 1,454
  16. Mike Bibby 3,779 .379 1,434
  17. Brent Barry 3,442 .405 1,395
  18. Antoine Walker 4,264 .325 1,386
  19. Vince Carter 3,663 .376 1,376
  20. Kobe Bryant 4,030 .339 1,366
  21. Dan Majerle 3,798 .358 1,360
  22. Jason Richardson 3,611 .372 1,342
  23. Mitch Richmond 3,417 .388 1,326
  24. Allan Houston 3,247 .402 1,305
  25. Terry Porter 3,360 .386 1,297
  26. Mookie Blaylock 3,816 .336 1,283
  27. Mike Miller 3,135 .404 1,267
  28. Vernon Maxwell 3,931 .320 1,256
  29. Baron Davis 3,945 .318 1,255
  30. Jamal Crawford 3,568 .351 1,254

No offense to Ray Ray, who is one of my favorite players, but if Antoine Walker is in the top 20 of any record you have, it makes it less prestigious.  I’d rather see Tom Kahana or Matt Kaplan on this list before I see Toine.  THis is definately like having sex with the hottest chick you’ve ever seen and then once you start patting yourself on your back, you find out that this hot chick banged Andy Dick right before you.

Welcome back to CAC…