What Your Sneakers Say About You on the Basketball Court

So after I finished up my blog last week, I stumbled on a ridiculous post on Yahoo’s Screen page and I saw a Mansome video blog named “What Your Shoes Say About You as a Man”. I immediately began to laugh as this panel of women critiqued a male model who came out in different types of shoes/sneakers. From $35 Converse All-Stars to $225 oxford shoes these chicks went from, “He looks like he doesn’t care about his style or his hygeine”, to “I need a man that looks like he can fix things, not dress better than me.” Well besides all that nonsense, it got me thinking, I’ve seen so many “eccentric” sneakers on a CAC basketball floor that I had to make a blog about it. In this post, I’ll break down each category of what your sneakers say about you.


I had my top secret photographer snap a few photos of some players of my leagues (B2 4v4 North, B2 5v5 Central, Co-Ed East) to help further explain my thoughts and views. With the common CACer, there’s 4 categories of basketball sneakers. You have your Classic, Casual Hooper, Baller, and the New School sneakers.


Classic Baller

These are the ballers that show up with your all black or white sneakers with nothing standing out to catch the eye. These guys are usually the role players that just love the sport and will be down to play a pick-up game in a heart beat. You can’t fail with classic sneakers and you can’t usually count out these ballers.

Hoops Skill Level: Beginner to Experienced

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The Casual Hooper

This is my favorite category because these are the guys that show up in the most outrageous sneakers on a basketball court from running shoes to indoor soccer sneakers. These guys are usually flying up and down the floor like they don’t have a care for their ankles. They are the biggest risk takers but are equally entertaining.

Hoops Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

2013-03-19 19.04.312013-03-19 21.04.052013-03-19 18.46.45



These are the guys that eat, sleep and shit hoops. These are the guys that show up early to watch other teams in their league’s games and will stay late to do the same. They’re shooting in between time-outs and halftime to stay in rhythm and stay on the game 24/7. These are usually the leading scorers of their team or the go-to guy in crunch time.

Hoops Skill Level: Intermediate to Experienced

2013-03-19 19.13.412013-03-19 19.13.492013-03-19 21.05.21


New School

Back in my days, jeez I thought I’d never say that but, back in my days the most outrageous sneaker when I was young were the Reebok Shaqnosis, the weirdest sneaker next to the Shaq phone busted out at the 2005 All-Star Game.

Nowadays the modern sneaker has taken on colors that looked like a 5-year old took a highlighter and went to town. Don’t get me wrong the sneakers look great, but no way I’d be able to pull ’em off. The skill level of these sneakers vary through gender and talent, as I’ve seen females wearing these Lite Brite sneakers as well. Great sneaker but boy do they standout.

Hoops Skill Level: Varies

2013-03-20 18.08.312013-03-19 18.54.072013-03-20 18.26.14




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