What’s Wrong With You People?

What’s Wrong with You People?

I know what you are thinking:  You People?  What a racist bastard.  Oh, great, I just uttered one of the most forbidden sayings in the English language.  I forgot that “You People” has become one of “those” phrases you cannot say in todayís society.  I canít wait for the emails to start rolling into the Commishís desk demanding my firing.  As much as I hate the fact that the masses would take my statement out of context and think there was something racially derogatory about the statement, I do not mind being in the same category as some of my other First Amendment martyrs.


The first Martyr that You People have already nailed to the cross is the always non-racist Don Imus.

Q: “What Color is He?”

A:  “African American.”

Imus Response:  “Well there you have it.”


How in Godís greenish brown Earth can You People think this statement is racist?  You People act like Don Imus has a history making racist comments about African Americans or something.  To assume that Don Imus meant his statement in a racially derogatory way is like assuming Hitler hated Jews.  When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME.


The most comforting part of this whole situation is that just in case Don Imus is a tad racist, Pacman Jones is going ìTo pray for him.î  See wham.  Problem solved.  Even if You People think Don Imus is racist Pacman has already taken care of the problem so there is no need to fire him over such a non-racist statement.



My next martyr is none other than the NBA’s Diesel, Shaq Daddy.


“Hey Kobe Tell Me How My Ass Tastes?”


How can You People think that Shaq meant this in a negative way towards Kobe.  They both have said the beef is over and now You People just want to start the beef all over again.  Did we not learn from Big and Pac?  In a lot of cultures when you ask someone how your ass tastes you are just being nice and polite.  I can refer to about 100 DVDs under my bed and next to my hand crËme right now that have the quote ìHey [So and so], tell me how my my ass tastes?î in it and in all those movies it looks like the 2 or sometimes 8 people involved look like they are having a GREAT time.


You People want to talk about Don Imus being a racist, what about those racist pricks who took Shaqís deputy badge away?  Now there is some racism.  Youíre telling me if I asked JBerr how my ass tastes the Commish would take my blog away?  No way he would.  Why?  Because I am white and blog for free, but mostly because Iím white Iím sure.


All I ask You People is not to jump to conclusions because the liberal media is spinning such unrealistic stories into believable ones.  Don Imus a racist?  Shaq hating Kobe?  Yeah, right, and Grizzly Adams had a beard.


PS: “Iím a horse, Kobe Ratted me out, Now Iím getting Divorced”

PSS:  No way that was a free style.  You know he had that rap written down as soon as the ink was dry on his divorce and his wife took half his stash.

PSS: See all you nappy-headed hos at the Cougar Den tonight when I get out of Work.