Winter 07 A2 Awards

Here we go with the A2 Awards!  As always, the rest of my ballot is listed in order after the winners blurb.  Congrats to everyone on another great season, and make sure to sign up for the Summer Session!


MVP – Craig Griffin, FDH IV – Absolutely sick numbers, besting the next player rater by over 12 ëpointsí.  Heís an unstoppable beast on the smaller court, where he can post up by the wall or jack 3s from half court.  Also, heís nearly impossible to box out unless you get down low, as those McGwire-esque forearms will toss you aside.  We could go on like this all day.  Simply put, heís was the best player in the League this season, and will be tough to unseat next season when FDH comes back.  Runners Up:  Jared Perrine, Ed Finn, Jon Mazzone


Defensive PoY – Tim Deihl, Think Nasty – This one was tough, as Griffin probably could have taken it home as well as the MVP, but we’re spreading the wealth.  Deihl is tall enough to play guys on the block, but is even better with the guys on the perimeter.  His reach throws off even the most persistant guys that take it to the whole, and he gets to a ton of loose balls.  Runners Up: Craig Griffin, Ed Finn, O’Cal


RoY – Tommy K, Little Nasty – He gets it because heíll bitch if I donít give it to him.   Had a good season all around, although the rebounds dipped with the bigger players in the league.  What leagues are left for Tom to try and win the RoY award?  Well 5 on 5 and B1, of course, heíll be entering a team in both next season.  Runners Up: Jared Perrine, Craig Griffin, Billy Fratelli


GM of the Year – Ed Finn, Big Nice – Put together a stellar, All-Star laden squad that didnít panic when Press went down.  Just added CPW. Itís an excellent, well balanced squad in response to the Nasty teams that have revamped over the past couple seasons. The ultimate test will come in the Championship game.  Runners Up: Tibbs


All Defensive Team

Tim Deihl – Long and athletic, gave everyone problems

Craig Griffin – Too big, too strong.  Everyone better hit the weights in the offseason

Ed Finn – Takes more charges than anyone else, and attempts to take as many as the rest of the league combined.

OíCal – Itís all about the fundamentals.  Just donít let him guard shooters!


All Star Squads

1st Team

Craig Griffin – MVP running with the best stats, best game

Jared Perrine – Carried Little Nasty everytime it was needed

Jon Mazzone – Sure I can admit, heís pretty decent

Tim Deihl – Creates his own shot any time


2nd Team

Ed Finn – Will this only add fuel to the fire and illicit more complaints?  I hope not, the Local Hero did it all this season

Billy Fratelli – Reminded me of a right-handed Jrod, and thatís a good thing.

Matt Schoener – Dropped bombs for FDH IV

Tom Kahana – Another guy that shot, and shot, and shot