Winter 07 B1 East Awards

Here they are!

Now that the B1 East season has officially wrapped up, even the playoffs, I figured the awards were long past due.  So here you are, this season’s B1 East awards.  Any complaints can be filed to the Commissioners office, as I will be ignoring all your emails.  Don’t ask what’s wrong with the fonts either, I have no clue, Hinks?

MVP – Paul Krezanoski, Vance ñ The best player on the best team takes the MVP award home this season.  The PK Broiler had a phenomenal season leading his team to an undefeated record.  Heís not just a scorer, as he finished in the top 5 in assists, getting his teammates open looks when drawing the double team. A season after owning the B2, whatís left for PK?  Maybe the A2, or the A1 draft?  There is still work to be done, as the Unification Stick awaits.  Runners Up: Jim Meldrim, Joel Cuadrado, Pete Wilson

RoY – Carmino DeMercuio, BR&A – The most hotly contested of all awards this season.  A huge influx of quality players really made this a tough award to hand out, as a number of players will feel snubbed.  But Carmino takes it home.  When playing aggressive on the offensive end, he canít be stopped.  With a wide array of post moves, drive (despite no baseline) and jumpers, Carmino ate up defenses by himself.  Runners Up: Collin Vataha, David Krauss, Yavor Nechev, Bryan/Chris Sweeney, Caleb Hurse-Hiller


Defensive PoY – Erik Brown, NU Slackers ñ Phi Slamma Jamma finds a way to alter shots, even if he doesnít get a block every time.  It seems like he does when opposing him though.  Erikís D played a huge part in NUís defensive success.  The block title, once again, was once again his to lose, and he didnít.  Runners Up: Orin Gutleror, Carmino, Pete Wilson, Matt Scabilia


GM of the Year – Adam Kneeland, Vance – The Rattling AK took the main components of his B2 squad, Biggins, PK, Collin, and added newcomer Devon Burroughs to the mix to create an undefeated team.  Great work by the Good King coach his guys up, making sure everyone got touches, and unleashing the Broiler on the B1 East.  The real test comes against the North squads in the Ultimate Unification.  Runners Up: Mark Melnik, Mike Sweeney


Most Improved – Mike Sorrentio, Irate Ambassadors ñ Tino, as Snoop would say, stepped his game up.  His increased aggressiveness on the offensive end, paired with the development of his jumper, really opened this up for him and his team.  Tino hadnít played organized ball before coming to CRFC, but his athleticism and hustle have really sped up his learning curve.  Expect more good things to come from Tino in the seasons to come.  Runners Up: Mark Allyn, Joe Christo


Defensive Team

Erik Brown, NU – Defensive PoY headlines a group comprised of mostly bigs.

Orin Gutleror, A Team – Always guarded the oppositionís best player, and did a consistently great job of locking them down.  His hustle proved invaluable against bigs and guards alike.

Pete Wilson, CTC – Intense, heated, prickly, no matter what adjectives you use to describe Pistol, he uses his attitude to his advantage on the defensive end, never giving up on plays

Matt Scabilia, North Shore – Still refining his game on the offensive end, but on defense, heís an intimidating force with the hops to block any shot, even a few 3s this season.


All Star Squads

1st Team

Paul Krezanoski – MVP headlines a sick 12 man roster

Mark Allyn – Stepped his game up to keep Genzyme afloat for yet another season

Carmino DeMercuio – Unstoppable when aggressive

Jim Meldrim – Continues to work wonders. Before the season his ìknees felt greatî and it showed


2nd Team

Joel Cuadrado – The AI complex works wonders for him

Pete Wilson – The engine that drove CTC to another incredible late season run

Collin Vataha – Impact rookie who played his best when on the break

Erik Brown – Capable of altering an entire teamís game plan from the low block


3rd Team

Orin Gutleror – Stepped his game up whenever the team needed it, even if they werenít looking for it

Mark Katz – Up and down season (for him), but averaged a double double, not bad for a wing player

Kyle, North Shore – Still donít know his last name, but he ended the regular season as the best player on the 2ndbest squad

The Sweeney Brothers – Sure itís a cop out, but you try picking which 1 (or 2) of the 3 was most important to the team.  You canít