Winter 07 B2 Awards

Here are my awards for the season as voted upon by, well, me and me alone with no help from anyone, ever.  Therefore, please send all thank you cards and gifts to me and me alone. And if you have a serious problem with any of these awards and feel really angry about it, well, Adam helped me pick them and is probably responsible for whatever you are angry about, so please see them the next time you are at CRFC. Also, here is a short list of what we consider when making the awards in no particular order: talent, sportsmanship, games attended, team record, and general hygiene. Enjoy and let the controversy begin.



East: Mike Kmiec, Genzyme and Boris Paskalev, Mullets.

To be honest, I have given this award way too much thought over the past few weeks and havenít come to any solid distinction between these two players. Both are critical to their teamís success and both play at half speed most of the game until they feel like taking over the game. How can you decide between the leagues two best players on the leagues two top teams? I just canít do it, so I am getting both the roast beef and the clam plate at Kellyís (it is unfair to expect someone like me to pick just one) and naming them co-MVPís. So there.


West: Micah Sherman, More Cowbell

25 points and 18 rebounds a game? Seriously, we havenít seen a more dominant center in this league since the likes of Kevin Walsh. Micah has that rare combination of strength and finesse that made life miserable for opposing teams and lead his squad to the #1 playoff seed and 9-1 record.

Runner-Up: Ben Heywood, ALS




East: Ethan Chang, Mullets

JaySar who? That is what the league is wondering right now as Chang recruited Mr. Paskalev after last seasonís debacle. Or, as Mike D so eloquently put it, last seasonís tank to make JaySar feel good. The result was a 9-1 record and the eastís top seed heading into the playoffs. And if Warriorís Code doesnít win the A1 title, I will not be in a very good mood and I will be forced to take it out on the Mullets while I ref their game.

Runner up: Adam Kneeland, Serenity Now


West: The Franchise Stevie Horton, B Squad

Stevie Franchise managed to keep some of the old and add just enough new to make the B Squad team a far better team than last season. And the key ingredients are light hearted guys who seem to enjoy the game and donít do too much squawking. Thatís not to say that some of these guys still donít squawk, but now it is much more balanced and has the team playing much better. A masterful lesson in chemistry I think and it is well deserved.

Runner up: Wil Luera, More Cowbell




East: Eric Korpalski, Liberty Mutual

Korpalski quickly emerged as the leader on this LM squad to average 17 points a game in their inaugural CRFC season. He has a deadly outside shot and can drive the lane as well. He was a victim of a late season defensive lockdown on him, but that doesnít stop him form getting the ROY.

Runner up: Travis Bish, Bad News Bears


West: Tyler Tessier, Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

The quiet leader on this squad averaged 22 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists in his inaugural season at CRFC. This included a huge 35 point performance during his teamís final game to secure a playoff birth. Outside, inside, rives ñ he can do it all without making a peep.

Runner-up: Romaine Hunt, More Cowbell




East: Everybodyís Favorite Point Guard Matty O, BALCO

I donít care what the stats say, Matty O is the best defensive player in this league. Period. He is quick, aggressive and tenacious ñ all the traits you need to be a great defender. And he does it all without hardrly ever fouling. I just hope he doesnít guard me if we meet up in the A1 Finals.

Runner Up: Jared Gustafson, Serenity Now


West: John ìHamma Donítî Herter, Industrial Economics

My scouts at Morse tell me Herter has had an unreal year on both ends of the floor. While I donít think I saw him play any games this season, I remember him from previous seasonís to be gritty and down right nmean at times on the defensive end. His play has IE in the hunt for the title.

Runner-Up: Ben Heywood, ALS




East: Sean McNabb, Drago

Despite receiving his 1st career technical, McNabbís game has greatly improved this season. While he was always dependable, he is now Dragoís go to guy on the block. And I have yet to see anyone stop that spin move of his. Throw in a steady jumper, and you have the leagues most improved player.  

Runner Up: Van Tran, Biogen


West: Ken Cleary, Expos

All those lunch runs have apparently paid off as Ken has transformed from an aggressive rebounder to a solid scorer who can do it from the inside and the outside. He was in my mind the key to the Expos solid season as he gave Louca that 2nd scoring option all season long.

Runner-up: Eddie Rodriguez, Tribe Called Monkey




East:  Brian Fleming, Drago

Last yearís runner up is this yearís clear winner. This guy never stops hustling and rebounding for the Drago squad and never exhibits any cheap form of aggressivity (word borrowed from Shaq). Always a good sportsman and always, always raises his hand when I call a foul on him, even when I know he disagrees. McNabb, please take note!!!! He could win this award every year really.

Runners Up: Kevin Reilly, BALCO


West: Darrin Sloan, Tribe Called Monkey

Sloan is a quiet guy on the court, but is efforts do not go unnoticed. Despite being on a team with plenty of firepower, Sloan still manages 6 points and 8 rebounds a game and often comes up with big baskets for his squad. You can say the same for ERod as well. Great to have him in the league.

Runner-up: Jeff Kushmerek, Expos





ìEveryoneís Favorite Point Guardî Matty OíBrien, BALCO

Ian Tosti of the Town, Ripcord

Boris Paskalev, The Mullets

Mike Kmiec, Genzyme

Brian Greenburg, Cha-Ching



Usock Chang, Mullets

Josh Bruno, Biogen

Eric Korpalski, Liberty Mutual

 ìThe Big Fishî Matt Gill, BALCO

Jared Gustafson, Serenity Now



Jon Hanson, Solid Gold

Mark Kuetcher, Serenity Now

Travis Bish, Bad News Bears

Mark Martineau, Solid Gold

Danny Ryan, Beacon Town Beavers

*Adam Kneeland, Serenity Now ñ split vote, special employee exemption



ìEveryoneís Favorite Point Guardî Matty OíBrien, BALCO

Mike Kuzdeva, Cha-Ching

Boris Paskalev, The Mullets

Mike Kmiec, Genzyme

Van Tran, Biogen



Erin Johnson, Ladies First

John ìHamma Donítî Herter, Industrial Economics

Micah Sherman, More Cowbell

Ben ìShaqî Heywood, ALS-TDF

Ken Abrahmson, Fred Roberts



Laura Weslander, Ladies First

Tyler Tessier, Dr. Ken

Brian Gowdy, A Tribe Called Monkey

Ken Cleary, Expos

Justin Amand, B Squad



Romaine Hunt, More Cowbell

Broadway Joe Andrade, Tribe Called Monkey

Matt Bell. ALS

Patrick Bugbee, XJV

Mike Donlan, Industrial Economics

*Serge Gottshcalk ñ split vote, special employee exemption



John ìHamma Donítî Herter, Industrial Economics

Chris Von Seggern, Fred Roberts

Ben ìShaqî Heywood, ALS

Justin Amand, B Squad

Micah Sherman, More Cowbell