Winter 2007 A1 Awards

Who got Snubbed?

This is what youíve all been waiting for.  Before we get to the games tonight, I thought Iíd add a little fuel to everyoneís fire.  These awards were discussed in detail with the Rattling AK47, so any complaints you have can be directed towards him.  We did something a little different with the Rookie of the Year award this season, and you better like it.  Hopefully weíll get an All-Star game this season with the 12 All-CRFCers listed below.  On then, to the awards!


MVP – Al Smooth, Pittsburgh Pisces ñ Al was out to prove a point nearly the entire seasons after falling all the way to the 5th pick of the draft.  His Smoothness is one of the few players in the gym that can win a game entirely on his own.  The highlight of the season was a shot that was banked in from beyond half court and sent a game into overtime. Did I mention he was double-teamed?  No one was all that surprised when it went in, and of course his team went on to win the game. 

Runners Up – Trevor McAndrew, Kareem Benjamin, Derek Gallagher


Defensive PoY – Kareem Benjamin, Evil Petting Zoo ñ Special K set the tone all season for the stingiest team defense in all the land.   Teams alter their game plans when facing off against EPZ, not the other way around.  That can be attributed to the big man in the middle.  In what may have been the highest scoring A1 League in history, Kareem was a dominant force in shutting scorers down.  Two high profile awards in just two seasons for Kareem and his CRFC career has taken off. 

Runners Up – Erik Brown, O’Cal, Tommy K


GM of the Year – Matt Filosa, Warriors Code – The best team 1-6 finished with the best record and top playoff seed.  Obviously, the Wolverine’s scouting department has an edge on the rest of the league.  Jason Gallagher at #19 certainly was a steal that apparently no one else saw coming.  However his coup de grace was easily getting Ian Tosti in the last round, solidifying his lineup with yet another 20 point scorer.  After the draft, massaging egos and playing time was the key to the teamís great chemistry. 

Runners Up – O’Cal, Tibbs, Turin


Most Improved – Tim Brady, Shroud of Turin ñ Brady threw up a double double nearly every time out this season.  He was much more aggressive in the paint, and that 15 foot jumper never seemed to hit rim.  As the only big post player on his squad, Brady often drew the toughest assignments on defense but never backed down and had a great season, equaling or setting career highs in most catergories.

Runners Up – Matt Wolfe, John Smith


Classic RoY – Roger Lau, 7AM in PTown – Of all the guys that stepped into the CRFC madness for the first time, Roger had the biggest impact for his team.   Averaging 19 points and 5 assists in your first season is nothing to sneeze at.  While OíCal was on his coaching sabbatical, Lau evolved into point guard option 1a for his team, and is poised to become a top point in the entire league.  Looking back, he may have been the best pick in the draft. 

Runners Up – Yavor Nechev, Tim Began


Charlestown RoY – Ryan Suprenant, Cousin Gilbert – Of all the guys that came over from the Charlestown League this season, Supe stood just a hair above them all.  It was a fierce battle between the likes of the Gallagher brothers, K.O., Ian Urquhart, and Paul Z, but Supe may have had the biggest impact on his team.  He was a beast in the paint, and impossible to be stopped once he made up his mind to go to the hoop.  Turin gets credit for pulling the trigger on a trade that, despite wiping out the middle of his draft, got a high caliber player that helped the team to the playoffs.  After such an outstanding rookie season it will be tough to live up to the expectations should he choose to return, but donít be surprised if he does.

Runners Up – K.O., Ian Urquhart, The Gallagher Brothers


Campaigning RoY – No Winner – This award is in honor of Tommy K, who after just 2 games last season, would tell anyone in the gym that would listen how he deserved to be the RoY.  No one stepped up to the plate this season however, so the award sits idle until someone else steps up in the Summer session. 

All Defensive Team – These guys stepped up to the plate on D and had great seasons.

Kareem Benjamin, Evil Petting Zoo – Defensive PoY headlines a group that would shut any offensive team in the league down.

Erik Brown, Drunk in the Trunk – Officially took the title from Tibbs as Swat Master and provided an intimidating inside presence for Drunk.

O’Cal, 7AM in PTown – No one else in the league has the defensive stance and ability to slide their feet like the Stallion does.  As a lock down defender on the perimeter, there are none better.

Tommy K, Pittsburgh Pisces – Sure heís a bit of a gambler, but he gets his hands on a ton of steals every night. And no, he didnít campaign for this spot.


All-CRFC – This is what youíve been waiting for.  Any guy that didnít play at least 6 games isn’t on this list, as there were so many deserving guys, attendance had to be taken into account.  Therefore, you wonít see GP, Deihl, or even the Born Gamer on this list despite their obvious qualifications.  Twelve total guys make it, which is still 20% of the league, but a number of deserving guys got left off just the same.  Congrats to all who did make it, and for those who didn’t, consider it more motivation for next season.    


1st Team

Al Smooth – The MVP does it again.  This can only help his draft stock, right?

Trevor McAndrew – Top 10 in every major category led to the highest player rater.  Reinforced Serge’s decision to take him #1.

Kareem Benjamin – Might have had an even better season than his previous MVP outing.

Ryan Suprenant – Unstoppable on both ends of the floor.


2nd Team

Matt Filosa – As Dmac would proclaim, BEAST!  The man did it all, and that scoop shot is still impossible to stop. 

Derek Gallagher – Nearly dragged the Ruffians into the playoffs while leading the league in rebounding.

Jared Perrine – The Ultimate Scorer.  Anytime he wants heís at the rim and a good defender to boot.

Kevin Ostrander – Was the leading man for the 5-headed DitT monster.  Relentlessly hit the boards all season long.


3rd Team

Jason Gallagher – Huge contributor for WC.  Stepped up when you least expected it with so many other scorers on his squad.

Tom Kahana – Held the captain-less team together with his game plans and still found the time to shoot lights out.

Paul Zermani – Ran as the only guard on a front court heavy team and suffered no ill effects, thriving in the role.

Ian Urquhart – Was the consistent presence for PTown that can score every time he lets a J fly.