Winter 2011 Bullets

Changed information you need to know

You all got the newsletter this morning, but here’s a bulleted breakdown of all the changes for the upcoming Winter 2011 season. All of this information is included in the Winter 2011 sign-up page but I thought i’d make it as simple as possible here. Please note, these are CHANGES only (compared to Fall 2010) head to to get complete information!


  • Leagues start January 24th
  • Deadline is January 10th
  • League Fees are going up across the board
  • You can offset the increase in price by taking advantage of the “Early Payment Discount”
  • Pay your entire league fee between January 3rd and January 10th and recieve $100 off your fee

League specific

  • B Draft League is moving to Thursday nights @ CAC
  • B1 4v4 will be one 12 team division played on Wednesday nights only
  • Saturday AM 4v4 league will be happening this season
  • Women’s 4v4 is back and it’s on Thursday nights
  • 4v4 Lunch Draft League is back on Wednesday afternoons
  • Co-Ed 5v5 is opening a second division on Monday nights
  • Co-Ed 5v5 divisions will be capped at 8 teams
  • Co-Ed 5v5 will require 2 women on the floor at all times

I am fully aware that the only thing people are going to take away from this is that league fees are going up.

To that I say two things. First, 4v4 fees haven’t gone up since 2007 and I delayed them as long as possible.  Second, if you pay before January 10th, your 4v4 league fees will be exactly the same as they were this season and the 9 prior to it.

Check the sign-up page to find out exactly what your league price is now set at.

As always, all questions, complaints, comments and concerns can be directed to me at

Actual humor and maybe some league insight to come in my next couple blogs!