Women’s 4v4 Awards Winter 08

Guest Blogger: BWad

BWad’s first season covering the Women’s 4v4 Sunday night league was a huge success.  He had some big shoes to fill (only figuratively) taking over for O’Cal, but he made the ladies laugh and always had his write-ups up on time.  Great work BWad, and now here are his awards…

MVP: Caitlin Vestal, Icebox  Nobody does more for their team.  This could have been as easy as picking the best player from the best team, and record-wise that would be Team Icebox, but with the Ladies 1st team making a surge, the MVP was open for discussion.  However, Vestal still earns the badge for her overall consistent play, ridiculous stats and her attendance 6 hours after a return from Vegas..

Runners Up: Kellie Fournier, Ladies, Lauren Kelly, Mambas


Rookie of the Year: Ashley Britton, Ladies 1st   Coming in with a 28 pts per game avg.,  more than any player in the league by 3 Ω points.  I still think she has flaws in her game: the penchant to pull up for an ill-advised 3, a little soft on D, and maybe a bit too flashy ñ but no one can deny her skills; quick enough to blow by most anyone, great to superior shooter from long-range.  Now if she can just get a cooler boyfriend she may challenge for MVP honors.

Runners up: Stud Stables, Hoosier Daddy, Carol Ann Woody, Hustle + Flow


Defensive Player of the Year: ‘Sweet’ Luana Bothelo, GBears ,  12 rebounds, 3 blocks a game is quite impressive ñ plus I have to give her the nod in a close race for her passion to play (witness a recent 3 games in a row effort)  Sweet Lu really has come on this year.  Aspiring GMís might want to make her their major target in the off-season, she could be the one who puts a team over the top.

Runners up: Kellie Fournier, Ladies, Miriamîthe noseî Godfrey, Icebox


5th WoMan Award: Eliza ìBennettî Floyd, Mambas  Often thrust into a starting role due to injuries and absencesÖ Floyd was the solid consistent contributor with stats of 7, 5 and 8.   She performed admirably when Rhi went down to injury early in the season and led the league in assists, certainly helped by that 20 pt, 18 assist game in early February.

Runners Up: Fay Robinson, Ladies, Amanda Davidson, Icebox


Most Improved: Jaime ‘Scarbro Fair, From start to finish no player improved so dramatically.  By the end of the season Scarbro had proven herself as a great second banana to Stables, and always gave the 110% effort that hustle players like myself value highly.  Ta ta ta Ta ta ta

Runners Up:  Hurricane Hurov, Mambas, Laura Jasinski, Ladies 1st


All Defensive Team: Kellie Fournier Ladies, Miriam Godfrey Icebox, Luana Bothelo GBears, Kristen Fountain, Icebox, Jessica Hurt, GBears



1st team: Lauren Kelly, Mambas, Caitlin Vestal, Icebox, Kellie Fournier, Ladies 1st, Sara Stables, Hoosier, Ashley Britton, Ladies 1st


2nd team: Callie Durbow, GBears, Luana Bothello GBears, Erin Johnson, Ladies 1st, Cathryn Brady, Icebox, Laura Jasinski, Ladies

Honorable Mention:  Jen THOMPSON (missed too many games), Kristin Hurov, Miriam Godfrey, Jess Hurt