Women’s 4v4 Fall 08 Preseason Preview

As you’ve probably heard by now, we had our first Draft for the Women’s 4v4 League in hopes of restoring competitive balance to the League.  With everyone being a ‘new’ captain, we’ve had a mixed bag of results, but it should provide some great entertainment and games throughout the course of the season.  Instead of the traditional 1-6 ranking, I put the teams in 3 categories in hopes of not offending too many of the Ladies. I’m sure I got it all wrong though….

As usual, head to the message boards (http://www.crfcbasketball.com/phpBB2/index.php) to tell me how wrong I am about your team, or to sing my praises, that’d be nice for once.  And don’t forget to check out the pregame lines that will come out weekly!  Get on the boards Ladies!
Hot Dog Toboggan

GM: Jillian “HotDog” Berry
SuperStars: Caitlin “Gripp” Vestal, Hallie Fredrick
Supporting Cast: JBerr
Unknown Rookies: Jennie Brown, Anne Radday, Stacy Sweeney
Breakdown: Going with the defending (3 times!) MVP with the first overall pick in the draft is the no-brainer of the year if you ask me.  JBerr thought the same and is hoping to Pack her Vestal to another Women’s 4v4 championship.  With her old teammate and partner in crime Hallie Frederick running the point, this team is going to thrive on the fast break.  Gripp is one of the quickest players to get down the court for layups (and hit them) while Hallie loves to push the envelope, and the pace.  Now if we could only get her to actually post on the message boards, HotDog Toboggan would be guaranteed the #1 spot in posts throughout the season.  Get on it Hallie!!  The rest of the team is rounded out by rookies that have yet to play at C.A.C.  Jennie Brown will have the biggest impact on this team, either for good or bad.  JBerr drafted her at the top of the third round, hoping that she’d be able to provide a solid inside presence that would allow Gripp to play from the wing, which is her preference.  JBerr as the fourth starter is going to get a ton of open looks, as the opposition will have to double cover Gripp almost every possession.  Anne Radday and Stacy Sweeney (yes, the Hefty Lefty’s better half) will be counted on to come off the bench and contribute big minutes and stats.  Once this team jells, look out, the Hallie to Caitlin Connection will be a deadly combination that could result in a Golden Pump

Triple Doubles

GM: Kristen Hurov
SuperStars: Luana “Sweet Lu” Botelho, Nicole “The ROCK” LaRocque
Supporting Cast: Hurov,Allison Love
Unknown Rookies: Kiley Maguire, Tulani Elisa
Breakdown: This is the team that has the best shot at derailling the HotDog Toboggan from taking home the Pump.  From what has been seen so far, maybe the scariest looking team in the league, as they have fire power at every single position.  Somehow, someway Sweet Lu fell all the way to the 6th pick in the draft, and Hurov was only too happy to snatch her up.  She was rated #2 on some draft boards, how did she slip all the way to #6?? Hurov was all to happy to pair Lu with a mad 3 point bomber, The ROCK, of 5v5 fame.  For those that haven’t played in the league, she’ll be an eye opener as she’s never seen a shot she doesn’t like, and has an itchy trigger finger.  The Triple Doubles will need her and Lu to get the inside out game down quick if they want to be the cream of the crop.  Another 5v5er, Allie Love is going to provide Lu with some support in the paint.  Hurove may have gotten the top two steals of the draft, as she knew Kiley Maguire coming in, and was still able to take her in the later rounds.  She’s on her 5v5 team and had an immediate impact in her first game.  WIth Tulani also being an unknown, this team could be really, really deep.

CAC’d N Loaded

GM: Miriam “The Nose” Godfrey – Pick # 4
SuperStars: The Rainmaker, LJ
Supporting Cast: Lindsay Barnes
Unknown Rookies: Marissa Maddock, Kerri O’Keffe
Breakdown: Size, who needs size in the first round??  The Nose went with her instincts and grabbed the Summer Finals MVP Catherine Brady, aka the Rainmaker with her first pick.  There were still plenty of bodies available to her after she took care of her outside shooting.  C.A.C. enigma Marissa Maddock swears she’ll be in attendance this season, and if she does, she’ll be paired with C.A.C. staple LJ on the blocks.  That starting line-up should definitely be able to run and gun together, turning defensive possessions into easy transition layups, or 3s if you’re the Rainmaker.  I can’t wait to see this team bomb away.  The Nose and Rainmaker have played so well together in season’s past that their new teammates should blend in seamlessly with their aggressive style.  I expect a lot of scoring, a whole lot of defense and a ton of swagger to eminate from this squad, especially after ‘disrespecting them’ with ‘only’ Contender status.  With Lindsay providing relief for Maddock and LJ, only O’Keefe is the real enigma.  If she can bring some solid productivity to the table, this team will shoot up the power rankings.

Panda Express

GM: Tara Kelly – Pick # 2
SuperStars: Erin “Slumpbuster” Conroy, Nicole Warder
Supporting Cast: TKelly
Unknown Rookies: Kris Vander Platt, Tara Sweeney, Ryana Zacks
Breakdown:  Another captain with a solid inside-out 1-2 duo, Tara Kelly made sure to get a Shooter (Warder) to go along with her Brute (Slumpbuster).  I’m sure most of the 4v4 league was happy that Conroy took the last couple seasons off as she’s one of the most aggressive, physical players in the league when she steps into Wall Ball Arena.  Relentlessly attacking the basket, she’s going to draw a number of double teams.  If the defenders leave the perimeter, Nicole Warder is going to make the pay.  She’ll jack from 3, but was also one of the best defending/rebounding guards in the 5v5 last season.  That’s going to make this team very, very tough to beat.  If TK struck gold with any of her rookies, look out.  Vander Plaat, Tara S and Ryana are all new to Wall Ball Arena, but if they live up to their billing (or the billing they gave themselve while signing up online) this team will be well rounded and dangerous for opponents that overlook them.

Yet to Prove Themselves
Air Raid

GM: The League Offices – Pick # 3
SuperStars: Lauren Kelly, Ashley “Bombs Away” Britton
Supporting Cast: Lauren Checci
Unknown Rookies: Heather Robbins, Jessica Arment, Melissa Roja
Breakdown: Just like the guys, we didn’t quite have enough captains this time around.  But that was a result of a late flurry of sign-ups that pushed the league from 4+ teams all the way to 6, which I was thrilled about.  So I plucked Checci out of the list of names and she ended up with the #3 pick in the draft.  The first two rounds were a huge success, as a former MVP, Lauren Kelly was paired with Bombs Away Britton.  The rest of the squad is a mystery, as the League Offices was forced to pick the ‘best’ rookie available, based on a their sign-up info and a couple quick Google searches.  Never fear though, this squad will have plenty of chances to get to gell in the first couple weeks and should have enough offense to carry themselves to a couple early wins.

Hoosier Daddy Remixed
GM: Debra “Diry D” Freeman

SuperStars: Callie Durbrow
Supporting Cast: Abby G, Jess “The Little Big” Hurt, Dirty D
Unknown Rookies: I-Ju Nelson, Nina Scopes
Breakdown: Dirty D is going to rely heavily on the scoring of Callie Durbrow this season and she can’t possibly let her brother out do her in the Men’s A1, can she??  When this whole team shows, they’ll be much better than their week 1 showing, as Dirty D will be rellied upon to get a bunch of fast break points and anchor the defense.  The Rookies looked a tad nervous in their first game of the season, but I’ve always believed it takes half a session to fully get used to Wall Ball Arena, so there’s no need to panic!!  The Little Big Hurt is also going to have to be more aggressive then we’ve seen in season’s past and look for her shot.  It’s not selfish if it’s for the good of the team.  Once these ladies get used to playing together, they’re going to make some noise.