Women’s 4v4 Winter 08 Preview

Ladies…My Mercedes…

The Ladies have been abandoned by OíCal for this season, but have no fear, our newest scorekeeper, BWad, will be taking excellent care of the Ladies.  The StreetWalker of Charlestown is new to the scoreboard, but Iím sure heíll have more than a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to write-ups and sweet talking the Ladies.  Again, have no fear, as you wonít be getting any of my humorless write-ups, just a humorless preview.  Iím sure all of you will have many complaints throughout the course of the season, and in those cases, OíCal will be there for you, donít come to me!


# 1 Ladies First – The defending champs are back with the core of the team that won the Golden Pump just a few weeks ago.  They may have even gotten stronger with the addition of Fay and Kat.  Magic Johnson will not only be defending her title this season, but will be making a run at snatching the MVP award from Vestal.  But with Kellie swatting shots in the paint and the other great players around her (CMac, Taryn), it will take a phenomenal individual effort, one that might not be needed on a team this loaded.


# 2 Icebox-ñ Without two-time MVP and captain Pack a Vestal, Icebox struggled early in the season last time around.  Even still they rallied in the second half of the season and made a strong playoof run.  They were just a couple points shy of knocking off the Champs in the Semifinals.  This time around, with a healthy Gripp in attendance and the exact same roster, I actually expect Icebox to claim the # 1 seed.  The Rainmaker and  MoonBoots are back as well and will continue to make a name for themselves inside the Cozy Confines of Wall Ball Arena.  Now that these Ladies are bonding outside the court as well (donít forget, this was a free agent team thrown together just a few short seasons ago) theyíre going to be even more dangerous on it


# 3 G Bears – With Callie still holding the reigns, the G Bears are still going to be very competitive.  After a tough loss in the Finals, theyíre coming back revamped with a new point guard and a new attitude in the paint.  Luana will be the one responsible for enforcing that new attitude and beefing up the defensive presence.  Sheíll draw double teams in the post and should open things up for The Little Big Hurt to go slashing to the hoop.  If this team can find the form that helped them start 7-0 last season, theyíll be making some serious noise come playoff time.


# 4 Hooiser Daddy Remix – The 4/5 spot is really a toss up, but Iím giving the nod to Abby G, Dirty D, and the Remixed Hoosier Daddy club.  Whether they deserve it or not will have to be proven.  Mostly theyíre here so theyíre encouraged to bring more signs to hang on the wall and convince their teammates that they have to come to the game with synchronized uniforms.


# 5 Black Mambas – Once again, Rhi has broken off from a team to form her own and has taken Hurov with her.  Sheís changed uniforms more times than a certain steroid user who goes unnamed through these parts as much as possible.  Whereís your loyalty Rhi??  Sheís brought with her a number of the Ladies from the WWG leagues and theyíre in for a treat if you ask me.  Thereís nothing like pilfering the local talent from other leagues ñ itís what we do best and why our leagues, especially the Womenís have been showing growth.


# 6 Hot Sundae – 100 Proof Juice is the only veteran on this Free Agent squad, but I feel like they’ve got a good balance of skills, height, and heart.  My advice to JBerr is to get them together for a couple practice runs before their first game on Sunday night.  Youíve got to work out those kinks before the season starts, as Iíve already painfully learned with my A1 squad.  Guh.  Oh and if you donít get the Hot Sundae reference, then you should be ashamed of yourselves!  (http://youtube.com/watch?v=VZoYEVAOsgw).  Either that or you just werenít into teen drama in the early 90sÖ


# 7 Hustle & Flow – Last season Hustle & Flow had some serious attendance issues, and until they prove that they can get 5 or more to a game, theyíll be sitting here in last place.  TK has faced a whole lot of drama while trying to get a roster together, so sheíll be playing with a few free agents herself.  Hopefully, JaySar hasnít messed with her jumper too much, as she averaged a career best 12 ppg last season, and with continued improvement will stay at the top of the league.  We wonít really know how good they or, or how good this team is, until they set foot onto the court.