Women’s 5v5 Sizzlin Summer ’09 Preview

That’s right, ladies. He does more than just sit there and look beautiful, give OCal a chubby, and put his beers on your tab. He’s got love for his ladies an the Box is now featuring his latest work, the Women’s 5v5 Summer ’09 Preview by none other than Callie’s Baby Bro, The Playboy, Cuntry Gramma..etc et al– Billy Durbrow! Get it while it’s hotttttt! (DONT MISS OUT… take part in the poll featured on the message boards! sign up here message boards)

With the womenís 5-5 kicking off last night hereís a little preview of whatís going on at the King School on Wednesday nights. Before I get started on the players and teams The King has some renovations coming soon with glass backboards being put up by next week and a freshly painted 3 point line soon to follow. Finally we can get rid of that masking tape which makes everyoneís lives a little easier. Ladies be sure to thank Josh if he ever comes by to flirt with you all.
No LaRocque?? No EJ?? No Goddess (guess that ruins my poll vote) and her CAC Blockers?? Damn weíre missing some quality players this season. I guess some people have better things to do with their summers then spend it with the CAC (if you all can let me know what these things are Iíd really appreciate it.)
Itís all good we have 6 solid teams, some new and some old that are stacked with talent. Each week is going to be a battle and if you think you can take a week off your going to find yourselves with a loss because this is anyoneís league to win this summer.
FYI ladies one renovation that The King School is not taking care of is A/C so itís going to get VERY hot in here this summer so less clothing is definitely a good idea and will not be frowned upon by anyone. It will probably even boost your player raters.

Letís meet the teams

#6 Bayside Tigers:
Captain Jen Lawless definitely addressed her teamís needs this season with the huge signing of point guard Loren Turner. Turner provides the ball handling and outside shooting the Tigers were lacking last season but they still need more. Lawless and Adeoti are a force down low and Deb is always good for at least one Rondoooo floater a game but they need the rest of the team to knock down their open shots on a consistent basis.

#5 MVC:
Very similar to the Bayside Tigers they have very skilled post players in the Foley sisters and Melinda and a speedy point guard in Caitlin Masys who can get anywhere she wants at anytime on the court but they are lacking the outside shooting from the 2 guard and small forward positions. With the way Kristen Foley can dominate the game at both ends of the floor I would never count this team out. You have to double and triple team her or she will score at will so if their role players can hit the open shots that she provides for them MVC will definitely make up for their disappointing season last year.

#4 Blazers:
Captain Jen Salas made some BIG changes to her roster since last season and rolled into their first game with enough players for a football squad. The only name I recognize is Dasen and all she did last season was lead the league in scoring, no big deal. This girl can score on anyone from anywhere within 25 feet, one of the most versatile players in the league but do the Blazers have enough height to deal with all the quality post players we have in this league? They definitely have enough bodies and with one of the best lead guards in Salas the Blazers will always find a way to win.

#3 Pink Ninja Assassins:
This team has been together for awhile now and must be itching to win a championship and grace the walls of the CAC with the Pink Ninja name. No changes made to the roster that I see from last season so the chemistry will be great but do they have enough to get over the hump that they havenít been able to climb in years past? Sweet Lu is a guaranteed double double every night, Callie will fill the stat sheet with a little bit of everything and Sara can get to the rack against any opposing point guard and can also fill it up from 3. Their role players fill in nicely and provide exactly what is needed so hopefully this is the year for the Ninjas.

#2 Cripple Triple Threats:
So good basketball players tend to roll with other good basketball players, obviously play in leagues together, go out together, live together, I donít make the rules thatís just how it works most of the time. That is why you will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever see me anywhere with Oícal. So when current MVP of the league Anna Bell approached me last season with her friend Keri Downs (who just happens to be one of the best point guards in the league) about how they could form their own team for this upcoming season I immediately felt bad for the rest of the league. Yes they did lose last night but they were playing 4 against 5 and their other two teammates can PLAY so when the rest of the squad shows up Anna Bell might just be taking home her second championship in as many years.
Sean last night was funÖÖÖ..and last weekend, call me.

#1 Step Off
Ok so about all that bullsh!t I was saying in the intro about how any team could win it this year. Honestly I was just trying to be nice to all the rest of the teams because Iím not quit sure if this team will even lose a game. Mrs. Mixtape assembled one of the best womenís team that I have seen and they are fun to watch. I got the inside scoop from Mike about how is wife played with most of them at Bentley. Bentley produces some players and some very good looking ones too! Sexy Shevon Gibbons has some of the best post moves around the basket while Liz Leonard is one of the smoothest point guards I have ever seen. Just a heads up sheís about 5í9î also so she can do whatever she wants against the smaller PGís. Corey Gallagher, the name speaks for itself; she has Jason untouchable baseline fadaway and Derekís toughness and rebounding. Steph, Lu and Sarah provide whatever else is needed but all have the skills to break out for a huge game at any time.

Good luck ladies I know itís going to be a great season!