Women’s A 5v5 Awards

By Kelly C

So I guess it’s that time of year where we talk about how awesome the season was and how great we all are at basketball…seriously, I think we all had a lot of fun this season with Ref Pollard and all our fans at the Winter Hill School every Wednesday. Thank you ladies for making my first season with CAC a good one.

So without further adieu —

Most Valuable Player
: Sometimes the MVP is hard to pick, because in my opinion it’s not the flashiest player, but the most efficient one, and the one that makes their teammates rise to the occasion. For this season, that is definitely Brittney Cross. With the highest Player Rating in the league for most of the season, Brittney can play hard and well on both ends of the floor, hits almost every shot, and always finds the open man. She just straight out plays.

Offensive Player of the Year: This was a tough one, because I’m pretty sure for the past few week, Jen Thompson and Cat Maher have made almost every shot they took. Jen has been on a tear in the last few games, even going 6-6 for the three-point line a few games back. And Cat will pretty much shoot from anywhere she gets the ball, and she can, because it goes in. Both ladies have led their respective teams in points all season long.

Defensive Player of the Year:
 There were so many times I was so happy I wasn’t playing against the Cripple, Triple Threats, mostly because Erica Kensey would definitely knock me over, steal the ball from me and score. There was a rarely a pass on the inside that got through if Erica was around, and on top of that, steals were often converted into points. She’s quick and smart with the ball, a dangerous defensive combination.

Sixth Man: Since most of the time our teams didn’t have six people, I’m turning this more into a “Sixth Man is the most awesome/rowdy person on the team” kind of award. And it goes to Colleen Lally. While the Spinsters went without a win this season, Colleen always had a smile on her face, and was always ready to crack a joke. I’ve been on my fair share of losing teams, so I can appreciate how hard that is. Love the good attitude!

The First Ever Denny Carroll Achievement Award: So you all may not have met him, but my dad came to a couple of games in October. He’s a former college basketball coach and his favorite play of any game is always a good pass – better than any dunk, three-pointer, steal or charge. So this award may be my favorite, and it definitely goes to Renee Gaudette. Renee led the league in assists for most of the season, and almost always passed up her own shot for a better one from a teammate. She also gave a helping hand in a few games when her opponents were short a player. So to Renee, an assist maker in more ways than one!

All Stars
1st Team

Brittney Cross
Cat Maher
Jen Thompson
Anna Bell
Erica Kensey

2nd Team
Barbara Duplaise
Val Beckwith
Vanessa Green
Keri Downs
Erin Wagner

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