Women’s League Preview

With the league finalized, we can finally start to see where the league is heading and now we got ourselves a preview.  There are a lot of new faces and even more faces absent, which has really shaken things up.  However, there is still a ton of talent and character in this league to keep things interesting.  As always the only thing guaranteed in this league is the superb officiating and statistician, so keep in mind just because you aren’t ranked #1 that doesnt mean you can’t win the Pump and vice versa.  Let’s have a great season!


1.  Ladies First ñ This is a no brainer because they ladies can flat out play.  In transition, in the half court, it doesnít matter because each player on this team can score faster than Justin Timberlake at a sweet 16 party.  Er(v)in Magic Johnson is quite possibly the best all around player and her supporting cast could be the super-star on any other team in the league.  Look for Ladies First to take the league by force.


2.  G-Bears ñ Hurov and LC are tremendous additions as Callie continues to redefine the GM role the way it should be done.  Blake, Hurt, Callie, and Hurov are the only four other starters in the league that can compete with Ladies First other than Icebox.  We all know they play great D and have a solid bench.  Can Callie finally get the monkey off her back?  She is drawing massive A.I. comparisons with her solid play, awards, but no Pump.  This is her best chance to get it done.


3.  Icebox ñ All of their hopes and dreams rely on Vestalís back, literally.  With Vestalís back injured, the Box will not be able to compete with the upper echelon of squads.  The Rainmaker and Fountain are solid players, and the addition of Amanda Davidson will significantly help, but the Box will need the Vestal nucleus to contend for the Golden Pump.


4.  Hustle & Flow ñ With TO back, these ladies finally get the consistent outside shot that can open the middle up for Carly and Kate.  However, the other teams are more complete.  TK will do all the little things and has been flashing more offensive fire power of late, and Michelle is a great addition at the point, but other teams have way more fire power on the offensive end.


5.  Hot Pots ñ This is not the same team without Hallie and Super Nat.  Erin and JBerr will be asked to do a lot more without their usual squad and ask Megan W and Valerie for contributions, but without a solid point guard, they will struggle against the top 3 teams in this league.  I hope they drank enough champagne out of the Golden Pump the past two seasons because another team will be gettiní krunk off the Pump buzz.


6.  Hoosier Daddy ñ With Abby out for the latter part of the season, HD will rely heavily on a trio of rookies which makes them the biggest gamble of the league.  My new favorite name, Daaaaayo, Luana, and Gillian each are great rebounders and defenders, but I only see Debra as a constant threat to score.  Anna is a great hustle player, but still, I only see one consistent scorer and that spells trouble for HD.