Women’s Playoff Preview and Regular Season Awards

The Golden Pump is on the line and we got 6 Cinderellas that think the Pump belongs on their heel.  However, as simple math dictates, and I am no matheologist, only 1 team can bring the Pump home.

The Team to Beat ñ Has to be Icebox.  Although the G-Bears are in first, Icebox ended their perfect season and has been undefeated as a whole since.  Its not how you start its how you finish.

Not to be overlooked is the aforementioned G-Bears, who has the top spot and the coveted bye week.  Who doesnít like doing nothing and advancing?

Ladies First has the toughest road to the finals, but Iím sure if they can get everyone there, they will easily find their way to the finals.  This is Ticalís choice to take it home, IF everyone shows.

The Hot Pots are struggling to stay above the flood line.  Although they play hard week in and week out, they cant close games out.  Need to be able to do that to wear the Pump.

Hoosier Daddy  has spunk, but when was the last time you described a championship team as spunky?  I cant remember either, start making those off-season plans.

Hustle & Flow is the long shot.  The Seabiscuit if you will, except this aint Hollywood.  See you next season.


REGULAR SEASON AWARDS:  Each recipient will receive my previously unreleased Christmas Album chopped full of the golden classics you all love such as ìCAC the Halls,î ìSilent Whistle,î ìNooooCall?î and ìI saw Tical Kissing Santa Claus…Now I need therapyî


MVP: Caitlin Vestal, Icebox ñ Pack a Vestal retains her coveted MVP by dropping a couple triple doubles and continuously proving she is that much better than Tibbs.  No one could put the glove on her, but it was Vestalís rebounding and D that was the anchor to Iceboxís success.


Unsung POY: Erin Johnson ñ With a rotating case around her, Magic was the one constant of Ladies First.  Not only was she the scoring champ, but the girl can just flat out play every aspect of the game.  Plus, every time I bumped into her on the night scene, Magic resist the urge to toss a drink in my face for my officiating so that has to count for something.


GM/Coach of the Year ñ Callie Durbrow ñ Callie retains her reign as the best mover and shaker because she snatched LC and Hurov from the disenfranchised Black Mamba squad.  The G-Bears had a 7 game winning streak and finished in first season.  Id say thatís doing your homework.


Rookie of the Year ñ Luana Bothelo ­ñ Sweet Lu was a delight to have in this league with her ultra charged battery and nact for making plays on both sides of the court.  Definitely a bright spot for HD.


Most Improved ñ Tara Kelly ñ TK was an absolute baler this season, stepping up big time for her team.  With no definitive #1 scorer or #2 for that matter, TK had to play the best D and O to keep Hustle & Flow in games.  The scoring was definitely a tremendous step up for TK this season.


Defensive POY ñ Miriam Godfrey and Kellie Fournier ñ Miriam was an absolute Klepto this season, while Kellie continuously reminded me of my ATM because any time someone tried to score on her all I saw was Insufficient Funds!  Both ladies held it down from the perspective positions and deserved the nod.


All CAC 1st Team ñ Callie, Vestal, Johnson, Conroy, Fournier

All CAC 2nd Team ñ Grady, Godfrey, Gore, Bothelo, Davidson


All CAC Defensive Team ñ Godfrey, Fournier, Hurt, Bothelo, Conroy

All I want to know is, whose cominí with me?!?

As always big shout out to all the ladies that filled in.  LC, TK, Hurov, Miriam, Caitlin and of course JBerr who I think averaged 4 games a Sunday.  The Leagueís success is all thanks to you ladies.