Women’s Regular Season Fall Awards

2006 Fall League Awards

Ladies, thank you for yet another spectacular season entered into the chapters of CRFC lore.  This season was the perfect sequel to last season as we had a lot of familiar faces and a great influx of new talent that all had a common relationship with one another: they all hated my reffing.  Although the ref camp the Commish sent me to in the offseason didnít appear to improve my on the court vision, I was glad to see everyone play hard through the adversity.  Thus, as the playoffs are almost over, itís time for me to hand out the regular season awards to all those that deserve ëem.  Each recipient will receive a free CRFC calendar with, me, thatís right, Tical, posing in 12 different costumes and positions for each month.  Not only will your co-workers envy you knowing the date, but will also wonder what some 14 year old is doing posing for a calendar.  Its great water cooler talk.  So without further delayÖ


MVP:  Lauren Kelly of the Black Mambas ñ The ìCamperî as I like to call her for her tendency to never leave the paint continued her Playoff MVP run of last year and beat out, Callie DurbrowElaine Gaynor, and Rhiannon to capture the regular season crown.  Although she missed a few games, Lauren was phenomenal each time she took the court and stats donít lie.  Lauren was the number one ranked player in offensive and defensive ratings.  Not only that, Lauren multi-tasked the entire game by playing great all the while staring me down and arguing with me for calls.  Got to hand it to Lauren, she changes every game when she steps out on the court.

Defensive Player of the Year:  Jessica Hurt ñ Jessica put the big Hurt on every person she guarded this season, including the last regular season game where she did as good of job on the MVP, Lauren Kelly, as anyone in the league by holding her to 21 points, 15 points under Laurenís 36 point average.  See I can do a little math.  All season Jessica epitomized what it means to play defense the way Dr. Naismith intended it to be.  Jess led the league in thefts, but no stat category can show how hard she really worked on the defensive end.  Jess, we may need to borrow you to teach the hacks in the menís leagues how to play defense without fouling, how does 9$/hr sound?  Jess beat out her own team mate Callie Durbrow, Rhiannon, and Abby Greshik for the honor.


Rookie of the Year:  Coach Megan Duran ñ With Elaine Gaynor of Hustle and Flow not qualifying for too few games played, Megan D was a no brainer for the award.  Megan was a breath of fresh air for the league, entering with style and a little sizzle in the way she plays.  Megan was the heart and sole of the Nighthawks and provided many dazzling plays that had me in awe of such handle of the rock.  Megan beat out previously mentioned Elaine Gaynor, Kristen Hurov, and team mate ìThe Riflewomanî Laura Shockro.


GM/Coach of the Year:  Abby Greshik ñ Thatís right.  Im throwin some love towards my favorite cellar dwellers for Abbyís efforts this season.  With Tiffany not playing this season, the Hoosiers had a couple problems scoring some buckets.  Faced with adversity, did Abby allow the Hoosiers to pack it in?  Did Abby allow the Hoosiers to become doormats?  Absolutely not!  Abby made sure the Hoosiers came up with charismatic flair each game to keep the troops entertained, whether it be fashion statements, unorthodox number changes, but always maintained that stellar fun loving attitude that made it a joy for me and everyone else to be around.


Most Improved Players:  Kate BG and Adrienne McKee:  Staying with the Hoosier bandwagon, Kate was phenomenal this year.  With Tiffany out of the mix, Kate got a lot more touches and proved why she should be considered one of the top tier players of the league.

Undersized, but unfettered, Adrienne McKee really played spectacularly this year as a role player on the G Bears.  With all the attention going to Jess and Callie, Adrienne did a great job stepping up her defensive game, all the while sneaking in baskets when she was left unattended.


CRFC 1st team selections:  Rhiannon Lee, Lauren Kelly, Callie Durbrow, Caryn Weydemeyer, Jessica Hurt


CRFC 2nd team selections:  Abby Greshik, Megan Duran, Kristen Hurov, Laura Shockro, Elaine Gaynor


ALL CRFC Defensive Team:  Jessica Hurt, Megan Duran, Kristen Hurov, Callie Durbrow, Abby Greshik


 All Stars:  Game TBA  EAST (BLUE) Starters:  Callie, Caryn, Abby, Jessica

                                                                 Bench   :  Lauren Checci, Kristen Hurov, Tara Kelly

                                        WEST (WHITE) Startrs:  Lauren Kelly, Rhiannon, Elaine Gaynor, Megan D,

                                                                                   Debra, Kate BG, Lea Marie Alford, Laura Shockro  


Ticalís Seasonal Awards: ìIn the Trenchesî:  These awards go out to the ladies who did all the dirty work this season.  While the superstars scored all the points, these lady soldiers were the ones literally in the trenches, doing the rebounding and hustle that doesnít necessarily make the write ups each week, but I always paid attention to and if your captain didnít appreciate the work, I always did.


#1.  Lauren Checci and Kristen Hurovñ Lauren is by far one of the best rebounders in the league.  There is no way, even with the MVP Lauren Kelly, that the Mambas get to the finals without Laurenís hard work.  And, again, Lauren was one of the main reasons why a few games got played because she was nice enough to play two games in a row so there were no forfeits, so again, Lauren, the debt I owe keeps increasing.

Kristen Hurov was remarkable as the other half of the best rebounding tandem in the league.  All season, Kristen wasnít afraid to go on the block, fully knowing about my shyness with the whistle.  Thatís built Ford Tough!


#2.  Tara Kelly ñ I can not put a price tag on Taraís efforts here at CRFC.  Tara is one of those girls who not only helps out when we need a player, but she is willing to do different things each game to help which ever team she is playing for win, whether its score, rebound, play D, or just be there.  Tara does it all, despite her concerns over my narcoleptic officiating. (Donít expect any calls this weekend since Jay knocked me out of the playoffs in the A1 league!)


#3.  Allison, Anna, and Debra of the Hoosiers ñ Talk about hard work and doing the little things that need to get done, these ladies work their butts off each game.  Debra is one of those girls who can drop 20 any game, but its her work rebounding and defending the post that really contributes to the Hoosiers.  Anna and Allison, what can be said about this pair that could beat a straight flush?  Anna and Allison truly embody the mold of players that work hard every second they are on the floor.  In todayís apathetic and materialistic presence in sports, Anna and Allison never take plays off, always playing hardcore D, while making it look so pedestrian to them.


#4.  Lea Marie Alford ñ With a turn around jumper reminiscent of Kevin McHale, Lea not only scored when the Nighthawks needed to, but she truly was a dirty work kind of player.  When Megan D and The RifleWoman were there, Lea needed to make sure to rebound and play D to ensure the Nighthawkís success and she completely did not let anyone down with her effort, especially after the Hawks lost Heather Stram for the season.