Women’s Winter Regular Season Awards

2007 Womenís League Regular Season Awards


            Time just flies when youíre playing basketball on a racquetball court, but its time for the most anticipated time of the year: the regular season awards.  This really was a fantastic season and I look forward to seeing everyone in the Spring League that starts up in a few weeks.  All winners will receive a copy my new book, ìWhereís My Facial Hair?î  Itís a harrowing tale about a baby faced gym employee with big dreams to one day own his own razor.  Itís a must read.


Reminder to all that the League Nite Out at the Greatest Bar will be going down at the Greatest Bar at North Station next Friday, May 4th.  Bring fans, significant others, and whoever else loves fun.


Good luck in the playoffs!!!


MVP ñ Rhiannon Lee, Black Mambas ñ Rhiannon ran the show for the Mambas this season and without Lauren Kelly, needed to step her game up to ensure the Mambas would make a competitive run at the three-peat.  There is no denying that Rhiannon is the single most craftiest point guard in the league and just her presence makes everyone on the Mambas much much better.  Runners Up: Abby, Joseen, and Hallie F.


Rookie of the Year ñ The Queen, Joseen Bryant, Zips ñ The Queen bee ruled with an iron fist this season, making a lot of noise in her rookie season.  Not only was Joseenís play extraordinary, her endurance was remarkable as she never took a play off.  This season had great rookie class that brought a ton of talent and personality into the league, but The Queen was just the cream of the crop.  Runners up: Erin Conroy, Hallie F, Courtney Barros, Natalie Cohen.


Defensive Player of the Year ñ Abby Greshik, Hoosiers ñ This seasonís DPoY had to go to Abby for her sensational rebounding (#2), shot blocking (#1), and thievery (#10).  Each game, sober or buzzed, Abby brought an astounding intensity that made offenses miserable.  Abby was by far the glue holding the Hoosiers together and her D was instrumental to their success.  Runners Up: Kristen Hurov, Joseen, Rhiannon.


GM of the Year ñ Callie ì50î Durbrow, G-Bears ñ Just another award for Callie to throw on her already crowded mantle.  This season, Callie added Kate Blake, who was invaluable down the stretch.  Callie put together a great squad and will definitely look to bounce the Mambas off their throne.  Runners Up: Rhiannon, Abby


Most Improved ñ Kate Blake, G-Bears ñ Kate took a few games to get use to the CRFC cage but once she did, Kate was a difference maker.  By the end of the season, it was Kate making the big plays for the G-Bear victories.  And as always, Kate brought fans, so she got a few points for that.  Runners Up:  Allison Rhulmann, Lauren Checci.


All CRFC 1st Team: Callie Durbrow, Rhiannon, Lee, Joseen Bryant, Abby Greshik, Hallie Fredricks


All CRFC 2nd Team: Kristen Hurov, Jessica Hurt, Tara Osterkamp, Eliza Floyd, Kate BG


All Defensive Team: Abby Greshik, Joseen Bryant, Kristen Hurov, Jessica Hurt, Hallie Fredericks



The Invasion ñ This season, the womenís league had a tremendous influx of personalities and talent.  Although I could only give out one Rookie of the year, to not mention these newbies would be a greater crime than me behind the whistle.


1 ñ Hallie Fredricks ñ Will give Rhiannon competition for the BEST point guard in the league.  Hallie does it all like J-Kidd.  Rebounding, scoring and rock-sharing.

2 ñ Erin Conroy ñ With the first pick in the 2007 NBA draft, the Celts should bypass Oden for Erin.  There is no one in the league even in her class, strength wise, and will definitely be a 20 point/20 rebound girl next season

3 ñ Natalie Cohen ñ Although her fan fare died off at the end of the season, Natalie still played like she was entertaining the masses.  I just canít wait to see Natalie, Erin and Hallie play a full season together.

4 ñ Courtney Barros ñ Unfortunately, Courtneyís Zips had a problem with attendance, but her and Joseen were fantastic to watch.  Courtney has a lethal 3 point shot and aint shy to go to the rack.


Iím a hustla baby, just want you to know!  Itís time to throw some awards to the gals who may not be headliners in the writeups, but through their hard work on the court, became headliners in our hearts (Oh, yeah, I can be dramatic.)  In all seriousness though, without these ladies doing the little things, their teams would have been a lot worse off.


Jillian Berry and Jessica Anderson ñ was there a harder working or delightful rebounding/defensive tandem?  Not a chance.  I love answering rhetorical questions.

Tara Kelly and Robyn Barros ñ With attendance problems all season, Tara and Robyn gave 110% all season and worked their behinds off just to keep games competitive.

Allison Rhulmann ñ by the end of the season I thought that was the Glove, Gary Payton playing D for the Hoosiers, but it was just Allison

Darcy Kelly ñ The Silent Assassin had another great season fly under the radar, but this time, Iím making sure everyone in the league gets the heads up that Darcyís for real.