10 Commandments for Referees

Most of you know that I’ve been avoiding many of my favorite websites (ESPN, Deadspin, KSK, etc) since January 20th, a day I’d rather not think about ever again. I told everyone that would listen that I’d rather the Pats go to Denver than play at home against Baltimore. Mostly because fuck the Ravens.

I was at that game on January 10th, 2010 when the Pats were down 14-0 as I was settling into my seat. Needless to say I immediately went to work on getting blackout drunk and have forgotten everything about that game except that 80 yard Ray Rice scamper and Brady fumbling on the first possession.

This time around I wasn’t so lucky. Or rather, I was resigned rather than enraged. That game was shit and I didn’t even bother to black it out.

Anyway, all of that was a long intro to say that today was the day I finally went back to my favorite sports websites (aside from www.cacbasketball.com of course). Browsing Deadspin this morning, I came across yesterday’s post about FIBA’s 10 Referee Commandments. Take a look at them.












Of course, I then immediately thought about CAC. What would our 10 Commandments be to our officials? After very little thought, here they are!

1 – Call what you see
2 – Make every call with confidence, even if you’re unsure that it’s the right call
3 – Players will always think most of your calls are bad. Do not engage them in ‘debates’ about the rules or a call
4 – Carry a towel on your person at all times so you can wipe up the gallons of sweat that CACers drip all over the court
5 – When working with a partner, don’t make a call in their area unless you absolutely must
6 – You cannot control other people if you cannot control yourself. I like that one, it stays
7 – It’s ok to look to the scorer’s table if you are unsure who a ball went off of. Really, it’s ok
8 – Prevent Overtime at all costs. Seriously, we need to get out of here on time, no OT
9 – Don’t not foul someone out of a game because you feel bad. They know the rules as much as anyone does and if they’re a hack, they should be penalized
10 – Get your hands out of your pockets. No one wants to see a ref standing still, let alone one who looks like he’s made of stone

That looks about right, do you have any to add?

Deadspin [The 10 Commandments of Basketball Refereeing]