Co-Ed 5v5: 10 Wicked Haaaaad Questions with SD and Smokeshow!

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While BFab may get plenty of drool time in on Wed. nights at the expense of the female Co-Ed Troopers (confirmed by the saturation levels of Bobby the Kings School Custodian’s trusty mop bucket), the fact is these chicas deserve some face time on a Blog.

Why not find two-attention starved females and ruin their reputations via the contents of a spankin’ new Kosher Revivals Blog entry?

In my first interview on The Kosher Revivals, I welcome the 3-way experience of SD and Smokeshow, the two femme fetales of Weapons of Mass Seduction…and no,Smokeshow, I did not just call you another name for a taco…and no, BFab, this blog is not about tacos.



JZ: Ladies, welcome to The Kosher Revivals…don’t mind the video camera and horse tranquilizers…they are just there to add warmth to the set…

                                                          (*****Awkward Silence Accented with Chirping Cricket Noises******)

1.) So, SD and Smokeshow, in your second Co-Ed season, how has WOMS managed to rebound despite the departure of Mr. Baaaaaaaston?

SD: The WOMS added a couple players in place of Mr. Baaaaston. We knew one person couldn’t fill his shoes so we looked for a couple guys who could come close to matching his good looks and great attitude on the court. Rocc and Mr. Southern New Hampshire have caught on to the WOMS attitude pretty quickly though, we even had our first T of the season last week. It was like we had Mr. Baaaston back for a second.

SS: I am not sure his spirit could ever be replaced.. and we’re a lot less rude….but Mr. Baaaaaston, is quite missed. Our wing man is gone and so is a little bit of our heart. I suppose Naples needed him a bit more than us. His visit back in Decemeber will, I’m sure, be one to remember. I guess him leaving will allow for way crazier reuinions at least!

JZ: Yes, Mr. Baaaaaston was a force to be reckon’d with…one of the quintessential CAC cartoon personalities…he would certainly be proud that WOMS is currently the front-runner in the Co-Ed.


2.)    What’s it like with BFab now removed from the stripes and whistle, do you have better court visibility?  While there is ONLY one JZuk, I think he’s filling in nicely on the sidelines.

SD: The refs have been pretty inconsistent this season so we never really know what to expect. At least when BFab was reffing we knew that every week we’d get a technical called, a bunch of fouls called against guys on the other team who really just blocked me (I miss that), and sometimes an argument about which basket we are shooting at. But BFab as scorekeeper isn’t bad either. He sometimes brings treats and is pretty accurate with the stats, plus, it’s nice to finally have someone on the sidelines who can see over the scoreboard…

SS: Its nice to see a mixture in the reffing. Poor BFAB took a lot of ISH from the pompous-folk in the league. I am going to take this opportunity to stand up for the little guy (no pun intended @ either BFAB or ZUK on this one). These stripes are ordered to do 4 games (?) a night and probably only get what $30 a game? Understandably they’re the one’s saying “yes” and therefore should be able to handle it, but come on people; Most men’s leagues (the worst kind going) have 2 reffs and they each get ~$50 a game based on the BS they put up with. ALL IN ALL THOUGH: Read the IAABO book before you start ignorantly yelling. If I were them, I’d have full-teams T’d up because there’s no need for it. Speak your peace/complaint and then shut up. Play the game. Its CO-ED. My ignorance is justified, I read the book!!! 🙂

JZ: To SD, SS, and Boozer please be sure to check the quality control of these “treats”…if you see a broken seal, or a warped wrapping job on a chocolate – just let it go…never take candy from a BFab.


3.)    WOMS struck out big time last season, in losing to Game…Blouses in the semi’s (**hands Smokeshow a box of tissues***) – this sparked a heated rivalry filled with Clip Art Message Board Battles and binge drinking fiascos in the off-season.  Despite that OT loss, WOMS has really shown GB who is boss…Does GB have any chance this season?

SD: I wouldn’t say the GB have a chance at beating the WOMS this season (sorry guys, not gonna happen), but they do have a good chance of playing against us in the finals. It would be nice to run into them again in the playoffs to make up for last season’s triple overtime loss. The WOMS have a couple rivals in the league, including the Rim Jobbers and our most recently formed rivalry with the SBTS, but I’d say our rivalry with the GB is my fav because at least we can always count on them to drink with us after the game, and on weekends, and pretty much whenever they have spare time.

SS: Excuse me just putting some band aids on these reoccurring wounds real quick….Ahem, ok, all better. Watching Game….Blouses suffer this year has been quite enough pay-back for last years’ debacle. Allow me to clarify for a second here though. Where I’m not a big blogger, my piece has hardly been heard on that game.  Short & Sweet, Dave could’ve flown to China and back with that, what, 3 seconds remaining on the clock? At least BFAB can see well over the scorer’s table, so that should be an issue this year.  Anywho, there seems to be a newwwww rivaly in town this year and I look forward to it. Even though Harry could’ve been a great catalyst for this rivalry, again, it seems as though we are working our way around that as well. 

 JZ: A flight to China?  Hell…watching half the co-ed games from last season felt like I was getting kicked in the nuts for the duration of a flight to China.


4.)    How many Dizzy Llamas does it take to screw in a light bulb?

SS: Just send Nibs, he has the ability to destruct, i mean re-consrtuct anything! Realistically, 2 though. Nibs to losen the screw and for entertainment purposes of course; and Kantor to fix it all (

JZ: Hmm…Nibs the Electrician???  Sounds like another name for the electric chair if you ask me….seriously for as much garbage I chucked Poppa Llama’s way…I’m happy to see that he and his LLamanites stuck with Co-Ed and pro-created in rainbow fashion during the process. 

5.)    If you could have one super power that would give you the edge in Co-Ed what would it be and why?

SS: I wish I had the the super power to unlock passwords and hack blogs. I think my message board appearances would increase and i could really gather what makes CAC co-ED tic. Not to mention I love ruining lives and hacking blogs could really make that happen a lot easier for me.

JZ: So, SS, you are all of a sudden computer savy?  Aren’t you submitting your answers from a Droid?  I guess that’s impressive…If I could have had one super power for last season it would have been the option to fast forward games…or just change channels all together…I would have probably canceled my subscription to the Jager Channel as well as Dizzy Llama Classics.


6.)    If you could pick up any one player from another team in Co-Ed to play on your team who would it be?


SD: I guess I will have to go with Rocc because he’s the best player in the league…wait, he’s already on our team. Then I’ll go with the #2 player Will, oh wait, he’s on our team too. Maybe the best female player in the league EJ, nope, we have her already. Why do I need to pick up another player again? I guess if I had to I’d probably take Celli, I hear he is the emotional glue of the GB and it’d be nice to mess up the rival’s chemistry, but then again he kind of plays basketball like a soccer player, so I’ll just stick with the WOMS we got.

SS: I would pick Mrs. Boozer. REASONS BEING, 1. we already have the illest girls/personalities in the league and I think she would add to our “funny-factor” tremendously.  SECONDLY, it would be great to have her going up against the Rim Jobbers since she would easily have the best come-backs for them (what with all of her personal experience with them…. and Pookie). And MOST importantly in this tri-fecta “WHAT IF”; any opportunity to bring back the nostalgia and inappropriateness of the AC (high school) days need to be taken advantage of. (

pb(POST-BLOG!). G…..B girls, you know where you stand in my heart, don’t question that.


7.)    Would you sign Nibs The Balla to your record label?

SD: Even though I owned Nibs on the boards in a rap battle last season, I do see some potential there. I’d sign him. Plus anyone who can get kicked to the curb by their team and come back and drop 30 a game gets some street cred in the rap game.

JZ: daaaaaaaaaam Rory and Co….The Kia Soul Survivor is dropping Kobe performances and leading his Dizzy Llama White knights towards a dramatic triumphant record….what Rory I can’t hear you, what?????!!

SS: Nibs, Nibs, Nibs….To my record label? I would have to say yes. I have a level of appreciation for Nibs that I do not think many can understand. And that’s the key word here, UNDERSTAND. I know what it’s like to be misunderstood and I think people are missing out on a big asset that Nibs has over others (aside from his ability to imitate Montel Jordan)….the kid smiles so much! I would absolutely sign Nibs based on his sunny disposition and high-energy. So my basketball team, unfortunately he missed the cut. But for my record labelNibs would definitely be my sous-chef on the mic. Competition wouldn’t stand a chance. I’m seeing a Sonny & Cher karaoke night in our near future Nibs. 😉 

JZSmokeshow, you know what it’s like to be misunderstood?  Interesting…


8.)    SD, have you finally been granted access to the Rim Jobber Email Chains?

SD: I’ve accepted that I will never be granted access to that email chain. I tried hacking into their emails and adding myself, but they’re sneaky and put passwords on their accounts. DB and Mrs. Boozer have big mouths though so I pretty much get updated on everything they talk about anyways. (Just to publicly declare my side of this story, I was invited to be a part of the WOMS last season and accepted. I then told all of my good friends that I was joining a Co-Ed league and got accused of being a traitor. They then formed their own team. How I am a traitor when my team was formed first confuses me to this day. Haters!) 


9.)    Outside of gloating on his recent promotion to Official Ball Tickler for ESPN’s Bill Simmons, BFab has been racking his brain over ideas for end of season awards….any suggestions?

SD: I dont really know too much about the awards since I never win any. I think the only award you gave me last season had something to do with me stalking you, which was obvious blasphemy. I’d be a frontrunner for some sort of perfect attendance award, so that could work. Superlatives are always fun, like in highschool yearbooks. For example, Heather won the superlative for Most Mischievous at AC our senior year. She’d probably still take the cake for that one in Co-Ed…

SS: Hmm….I think I am going to have to leave this one for SD and BFa-bo-lous. I’m really more of an award getter as opposed to an award creator.

Either that or those that have already made the list of awards have done a perrrrfect job and it needs no adjusting.

JZ: Superlatives – that’s a great idea!  I could see some pretty hilarious awards in the near feature…the All Jackhole Squad is a nice start.


10.)    As a dentist, would you trust JZuk to put his hands in your mouth?

SS: His credentials from the South would definitely make me question this (notice i didnt say no). But where he did receive his education here in the good ol US of New England, I would absolutely let Zuk enter the gold mine that is other wise known as, the mouth of HCMI will however, never again take stock advice from the little hebrew-ite. Friendship.

JZ: the value of gold is only going up…that’s all I’ll say about that…but you might be the only person to turn a deaf ear on stock advice from a Hebrew.

SD: As soon as you officially turn into Hermey the Dentist Elf I am going to eat only rock sandwiches…



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