2007 Women’s Summer League Regular Season Awards

The Summer has passed us by and I couldnít be more happy with the talent/character level this season.  I look forward to seeing who will take down the Golden Martini Glass in the playoffs and wish everyone the best of  luck this Sunday the 19th.  Each recipient of an award will receive a complementary copy of my breakout rap album entitled ìWhen I got a whistle, they tell me I blow.î  Expect the tracks to be making their way to a dance floor near you.


MVP: Caitlin Vestal ñ Pack A Vestal was the toughest lady this season and her stats donít lie.  When you are rated higher than Jesus, Allah, and Buddha combined on the Player Rater, you automatically get the MVP nod.  All season Caitlin was the engine behind the Icebox express and will definitely be the main reason for their success.


Runners Up:  Conroy, Hurov, Greshik


Rookie of the Year:  Cathryn Brady ñ ìI make it Rainî was a delight to have enter the league and we hope she becomes a staple here in the CAC walls.  Not only was Brady the best 3 pt shooter in the league, but I love the comments/faces her and Kristin always throw my way.  Personality counts at the CAC.


Runners Up:  Kristin Fountain, Miriam Godfrey, Kristin Stolarczk


Defensive Player of the Year: Abby Greshik ñ For the second season in a row, no player has been better on the defensive end than Abby.  Rebounding and Block Parties are what Abby does better than almost 99.9% of the players in the league and of course, she posts on the message boards.  Bonus Points.  But seriously, if I need a Bill Russell type player to start a team, I look Abbyís way.


Runners Up:  Vestal, Durbrow, Conroy, Hurt, Blake


Most Improved: Allison Rhulmann ñ This season, no one improved more than Allison from the beginning of this season to the end.  I saw Allison bang down her first 3 in 4 seasons, learn how to do a pick and roll effectively and without hurting anyone on the opposing team, and sheís become one of the leagueís premier cleptos.  Not to mention her skillz as the ìleagueís best passer inner.î


Runners Up:  Jess Anderson


Unsung Player of the Year:  Erin Conroy ñ With Super Nat doiní her Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman in training, someone on the Hot Pots really needed to step up when she wasnít there and Erin answered the Hero Line or Bat Phone if u please.  Nothing was more impressive than the game against Vestal where Erin went at it like a champ.  Well done, Erin.


Runners Up:  Durbrow, Rhi,  Fredricks, Hurov


GM of the Year:  Rhiannon Lee ñ When you go out and sign the best player in the league, Jen Thompson, you do your job as GM for your team.  If only Danny Ainge could take a page out of Rhiís book.  Plus, she gave us a great interview this season and there is nothing more that the media likes is accessibility to the mega-stars.


Runners Up:  Vestal


5th Wo-Man of the Year:  Lauren Checci and Jess Anderson ñ I love these two ladies game because the simple fact is this:  When their whole team is there, they come off the bench and the team doesnít lose a stride.  When someone isnít there, they both step into a starting role without even being fazed.  Players like this are immeasurable for their durability and versatility.  Great job ladies.


All CAC 1st team: Conroy, Vestal, Durbrow, Greshik, Hurov



All CAC 2nd team:  Hurt, Fredricks, Kate BG, Lee, Fountain



All CAC defensive team:  Hurt, Greshik, Hurov, Blake, Tara Kelly



All CAC Character Team:  Jill Berry ñ Is there anyone more fashion savvy on Sundayís?

Hallie Fredricks ñ Surly and temperamental attitude towards me never leads to a dull convo with the great PG

Allison Rhulman ñ The 60ís care free, just have a good time mentality is a breath of fresh air from this delightful Hoosier Daddy guard

Cathryn Brady & Kristin Fountain ñ best friends who share glances each time I blow the whistle and I can tell they arenít saying anything too flattering.

Carly Kershaw ñ Anyone who is cool enough for Scotty OíCal to hang with def has to be someone you want to party with


As always, hereís to the ladies who got me where I am:  Thanks for filling in, LC, Callie, Robyn, TK, Hot Pots, Abby, Caitlin, and anyone else that did me a favor this season.  Without these ladies, this league would not be as successful and as fun as it already is and I always try to make sure I throw some appreciation in that direction.