3v3 Superlatives

It’s easier than a Wrap-up

The 3-on-3 Tournament was another huge success and Wall Ball Arena will be reaping the benefits with a brand spanking new scoreboard on the wall for next season.  Weíll have pics of the winners on the website early next week, but until then, letís hand out some superlatives.  Huge ups to Gripp for her second guest blogger appearance in the last week and being a major contributor to this entry.

3-on-3 Superlatives

Best Team Name: Gotta go with Snakes on a Court, got me laughing every time I read it.  Fantastic execution by the guys, nice work by Kevy Kev, and cracking everyone up all day long.

Runners up: Here for the Beer, cuz after going 0-2 it was clear they were in fact ‘here for the beer’; 800 lbs of Sexiness, though was reduced to 593 lbs with the loss of Sparkles; Tibbles and Bits, I don’t know how Billy, Superboy, and Bush felt being called Bits but haven’t you always wanted to call Tibbs – Tibbles? Or Tiblets? Or Giblets? It was a sure sense of satisfaction


Best Dressed:  I’m pretty sure Bombs wrapped this one up as they were the only team with shirts made specifically for the event, good thing Ed has a lot of time on his hands

Runners up: Hoosier Daddy, homemade t-shirts made at 8:50 before the 9am start time; Everyone wearing CAC jerseys, self explanatory


Best Drinking Apparatus:  Obviously OD takes this one as he brought goblets for each of his team members, fortunately Tommy didn’t drop it on to the court below as it was in fact bigger than his head.  Billet, as usual, kept it under control with his solid hands.

Runners up: I don’t think anyone even came close.  I was shocked Macho didn’t have a beer helmet.


Most Drinking done per Playing Time: The winners here are once again the fellas from Enormous CAC; OD, Billet, Tommy.  I never saw them without a full goblet, no matter if it was one minute before game time, or a minute after. I think as a team they consumed more than any other collective team, an impressive feat. Plus they took time out of their three game playing streak to scarf down some wings and skins

Runners up: BFrat, I’m pretty sure he drank more than he actually played.


CAC Clown:  OD, I mean, does this man have any shame? He will throw you under the bus without even looking back to see if you’re okay

Runners up: Tibbs, just look at his hair.


Most Amazing 3pm Appearance: Easily, it was Garrett, bearing gifts from Tommy Doyle’s.  Food is the perfect gift, and the vultures were swarming within seconds.  The best part was I didn’t have to pay him, it was FREE!


Most Thrilling Moment: The very first game of the day was the best game of the entire tournament.  Ladies First, minus their Vesticular Fortitude, came out like strong against the heavily favored ladies from Special O.  They ended up losing by one, on a free throw in the final seconds and it would be Special O’s only test of the day.

Runner Up: Mone’s waived off buzzer beater against 2 E’s Go Fizzle because Serge didn’t check the ball to start the play was definitely the most disputed play of the day, and Mone won’t forget that slight any time soon.


Biggest Underdog Victories:  Mullets, on paper definitely not the A1 favorite, but if nothing else, Saugus teaches kids how to ball.

Runners up:  Running up the Score, despite some serious height deficiencies in the B1, Lappy, Lappy and Chris represented so well that Jenny from the block would have been jealous. Cash Flow also made a surprising run in the B2.  Quincy Killer Bees, who actually took down the B2 tournament, came out of no where and enjoyed an ‘easy’ schedule to the finals.


Most Wasted Award: JBerr, after a women’s league run and a B1 victory, she returned refreshed and with Guinness (not the Pint) in tow.  She managed to finish all of them during the A1 games while heckling her ex-teammate (Majic) and ripping on Mazz.  Who knows what happened at the WT but I’m sure she didn’t disappoint.

Runners up: BFrat, drunk most of the afternoon, but once again a bride’s maid and not receiving his due.


Most Talkative: Meet the newest CAC addict, the Majic Man; he will analyze every game he’s played in thus far and tell you who messed up what plays, and how his stats should be better.  Yea, we’ve got another one.

Runners Up: Ití’ easy to talk a lot of smack when you don’t suit up.  As usual, the Macho Man was content to heckle from the sidelines and made sure not to play.


Most C.A.C. Spirit: When a team make’s their own jersey’s for the tournament, youíve got to hand it to them.  As usual, Abby G had the ladies ready to go, and Hoosier Daddy Remastered takes this one home easily.

Runner Up: Erin Johnson showed up in an old school Magic Johnson t-shirt to start her day, and all it takes is a little dedication to win an award around here.


Most likely to win an Academy Award: E Fizzle was at his best, trying to draw fouls by throwing himself all over the place.  But his two teammates, O’Cal and PStone didn’t fall for it.  I know who’ll be riding the pine in the post season for the Big Nice

Runners Up: Boris, self explanatory and Kevy Kev for his usual emphatic ‘disagreeing’ with the refs.


Best Staff:  When the Commish leaves mid-day, I’m obviously giving it to myself for holding it down.  Despite the grumblings to start the A1 tournament, things went really smoothly and I ended up with more compliments than complaints.  Of course, it’s easy to block out the complaints when you’re holding the wall up next to the keg.

            Runners Up: Obviously the tournament wouldn’t have been a success without everyone else, but you know what, screw those guys.


Worst Injury: While he was trying to inflict pain on others, Diesel ended up taking himself out for the foreseeable future with a nasty knee injury.  I’m just glad that his 400 lbs narrowly missed landing on my ankle.  I owe Lady Luck a favor or two.

Runner Up: The Slumpbuster’s perfect facade is not longer unblemished as she took a nasty elbow and half a tooth is now embedded in the mats.


Biggest Crowd Support: The Data Nuggets/McLovin’ B1/B2 combo had great support all night long.  The ladies that showed up to support them were loud, supportive and making signs mid-tournament.  You can see them still on the wall when playing at Wall Ball Arena, the Hoosier Daddy Remastered have created a monster.

Runner Up: What do you mean they weren’t saying “Mooooovers”?  I thought they were cheering for me!!


Most Likely To Live at Home Forever: Wait, you really have to ask?  If you don’t know that it’s O’Cal, you’re on the wrong website.



Women’s – Special O – Steph Turin, Corey Gallagher, Emily Nichols

B2 – Quincy Killer Bees – Mychael Chin, Peter Tam, Alex Liang, Kit Chung

B1 – Hot Grille – Jillian Berry, Chris Maciejczak, Ian Guiness, Danny Gunthier

A1 – Mullets – Usok Chang, Boris, Drew, Jason