3v3 Wrap-up

Even the Losers, Get Lucky Sometimes…

You know what, no keg, no big deal.  Despite the fact that we didn’t have any alcoholic beverages we ended up having the exact same number of teams for this tournament that we did four months ago.  Yea, that’s some hardcore recruiting, you know who did that?? This guy.  I don’t care what you say, I’m belligerent with the emails, and I’ll pressure you into doing almost anything C.A.C. related.  Since I have to watch all four tournaments all weekend long I thought I’d provide you with my thoughts throughout, for one of the best tournaments that we’ve had in a long time.  And yes, most of these thoughts are the product of either a drunk, or hungover, mind.


Women’s 3v3

I’m not gonna lie, my expectations were met just because we had 2 more teams this time around than last time.

IceBox lost their first game, but Sweet Lu can’t possible keep this up, can she???

I’m wrong, Sweet Lu is killing everyone in her path, as the Diaper Dandies (GBears divided by 2) just aren’t going to be denied.

You know what, the two new teams, the Jumbos and WIT 05 are money, knocking off the more experienced C.A.C. teams that may have overlooked them.

Despite the fact the Ladies haven’t had O’Cal’s horrible reffing all season long, they seem to be adapting quite nicely.

No seriously, Sean is horrible, how could they possibly put up with this?

Icebox gets their revenge, knocking Sweet Lu & company out of the tourney – uh Sean, you’re getting paid for this??

WIT ’05 (which consists of Cheyenne Noble and Erika Rafferty, B1 West stalwarts this season) should totally put in a 4v4 team next season.  The ladies would totally challenge for top dog status all season long.

Itís the finals, and I just realize that I havenít been taking any video footage of the tournament.  So only WIT 05 and Icebox will be on film, sorry Ladies!

Thatís why we need a ëvideographerí, Iím just the guy running the brackets. Where is all the Hitman this weekend anyway, thatís what he gets a free membership for!

New rule this season, since Iím in charge and Josh isnít.  The team from the loserís bracket has to beat the team from the winnerís bracket twice to claim the championship.  Thatís as it should be, this is double elimination people!

Icebox knocks off WIT 05 in the first game of the Finals, getting the hard part out of the way.

With no subs, Gripp, the Rainmaker, and Moonboots run the table after losing the first game of the day.  Congrats ladies!  Maybe the loserís bracket isn’t so tough afterall.

Men’s A

As I scramble to rework the brackets (2 teams didnít show) I like my draw less and less.  Dartís team takes down Tibbs and Better Players on a free throw, in what will become a trend for the early games.

Still scrambling, so Iím not watching many of the games, hopefully Grippís getting some video footage.

Thatís 2 and done for me, as a bunch of shooters from New Bedford shockingly take us down.  Man I suck.

I turn around and DMacís team has already lost a game too.  WTF is going on here|?

After losing their first, Pau Gasolís Beard, from the A2, is making a nice showing, ripping off a few wins in a row.

Thereís definitely something missing in this tournament, but I canít quite place my finger on it.

Oh yes I can, itís a keg!

Mixtape disappears after his team loses as well, no keg = no hang for Turin.

So the Co-ed team is all here, and Erin Johnson (Private Stock) may have taken the title of Biggest Sandbagger.  She follows in a long proud line of the Commish, Dart, Mike D, and Usok.

People say I look like Dirk, no the 6í10î (no lie) baller that Erin and Kellie brought, HE looks like Dirk.  (Having their other guy at 6í7î with ridiculous range is helpful as well).

But Dartís team takes them out in a physical, whiney game, and their in the finals, awaiting the loserís bracket.

PGB goes down, and Monster Balls (DMac and Co.) get ridden out by Private Stock.

The biggest shock of the tournament is that Serge has his boys in the quarterfinals.  THend, Wrobz, and Serge.  No fourth.  Have I mentioned that Iím pissed my team went out in two?

But they succumb to Private Stock, and hey, if I was 6í10î Iíd be throwing it down with two hands too.

I thought this league was softer than in leagues past too, but the finals, well theyíre more whiney than physical.

Dart sits himself for the entire game, but his team loses anyway, setting up a 2nd finals game, and a chance for the loserís bracket to go 2 for 2 (and 4 for 4 in games played) in the championship series.

Apparently OíCal has had enough and doesnít want to ref the last game of the night, leaving the Wolverine to ref the hack/bitch fest on his own.  Somehow he escapes with his life.

Private Stock takes down Dartís boys again, leading to a Co-Ed winner in the 3v3 A League for the first time ever.  Hell, If I was 6’10″…


Men’s B2/C

Shockingly, the B2 tournament started later than the Women’s tournament did yesterday.  How is this possible? Somehow, someway, Sunday’s never run on time at C.A.C.

With only 6 teams in, this tournament is wide open, and the Grand Nationals and Drago start out hot, getting a win each.

How does Cleary Club not have sponsored jerseys yet?  With all the new guys Ken digs up and all the teams he has, it only makes sense that they’d rock their own gear.

Wolfpack shows them how itís done, with each guy having a number, his nickname (scope, my favorite) and Wolfpack on a flashy sleeveless T.

Dave Rubin leads the Judges to a few wins and now they wait to see who comes out of the losers bracket, and if they can break the winless streak for the winner’s bracket teams.

Cleary Club survives a couple of dogfights, and having played 4 straight games, things don’t look good for them.  They’re exhausted.

As usual, I’m an idiot.  Round 1 goes to the CC boys, and they make it look easy, loser’s bracket teams are 5 for 5 on the tournament.

Cleary Club is still going strong, up 15-8 and I write this game off, making sure to get plenty of footage though.

Look at that, I thought something, and was wrong.  The Judges fight back tie the game up at 20 a piece.  It’s anyone’s game

And no one wants to win it, 3 possessions for each team yield zero points, including a couple of free throws that could have won it either way.  Fittingly, Ken Cleary ends the game with a layup and his boys get snazzy new Champs shirts.

Make that 3 for 3 for teams coming out of the loser’s bracket, can the B1 end that streak tonight??

Menís B1

This is another solid league, with 9 entrants and a solid looking group of teams.  Andyís sister stops in for a visit and to cheer on Irv and his entry.  Itís a nice cheering section, and Iím glad they made it out.  People even brought signs!

Speaking of signs, who the heck took down the signs that Attitude Abby and the Womenís league made?? Iím shocked and appalled, we need more signs on the balcony!

After going 2 and out, and then getting drunk last night, I convince Serge and THend to put a team in this league (What Hangover?). I canít possibly go two and out again, can I?

And of course, we lose our first game.  Screw you Alias!  Can I not catch a break in this thing??

Serge is doing his best to recruit for his 5v5 B team next season.  In case you havenít heard, heís putting one in.  Wanna play Wednesday nights??

With no keg, again, there is little incentive for teams to stick around after they lose.  But most at least stay and watch the next set of games or two.  And eat a few free sandwiches. Theyíre getting better with every tournament.  Thereís bacon!!

Look at that, I got a win!  (Sorry Lappy)

This tournament seems more physical and intense than the A version.  Everyone here wants to win it and it seems like even though the talent is a notch below Saturdays, everyone here is playing harder.

Revenge is sweet…Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive…

Clearly Club (yes them, again) are bounced by yours truly.  Ken’s going to be really, really sore on Monday morning.

Lots of 3 point bombers (2 in the tourney) and it makes a huge difference if youíve got guys that are nailing them.  There are a couple of teams that are staying alive purely on the power of the 3ball.

Out of nowhere, Pat Connolly from B1 has his work team (O’Water) in the finals, just kicking back and waiting for their challenger.  Hmm, I swear I saw one of those guys in Bently gear…

Injuries suck, and they’re gonna happen, but Scabiliaís team had 2 to deal with, and it prevented them from going to the finals.

SERGE!!! Nails 3s and free throws all day, the vital part of any championship caliber team.

But of course, since Iím involved, the loser’s bracket will not go 4 for 4 in this tournament.  OíWater wipes the floor with an exhausted What Hanger(?) crew.

The half court game winner in my eye? Yea, thatís on film, but some how nifty alley-oop finish doesnít make the cut.  Nice pass JumpMan.  Figures.  If I was 6’10’ I would have thrown that down.