5 on 5 Final Power Rankings

All ten teams are in action for the final week of the season.  There has been a bit of movement this week, but not at the very top or bottom.  Charlestown will look to be the favorite heading into the playoffs, with Come ‘N’ Get It nipping at their heels.  There won’t be any easy outs for the top seeds, every game is going to be a battle.  The regualr season awards and All-Star teams will be announced in the near future.  On then, to the List!

  1. Charlestown (8-1) – (0) – Charlestown has been taking every team’s best shot for weeks now, and still they stand alone at the top.  The Has Beens and the Justice League both put up suprisingly difficult challenges, but were overcome in the end.  A season ending win against the Shuffle would secure the #1 seed in the playoffs and would potentially set up a second round rematch with them as well.  They score a ton of points, don’t beat themselves, and make other teams play at their fast pace.  That’s a receipe for a championship.
  2. Come N Get It (6-2) – (+1) – CNGI has been steadly moving up as the season winds down.  An impressive display of defense against FKS and the demolition of Little Lebowski lands CNGI (along with Charlestown) the longest current winning streak in the league.  They’ve been playing great defensive and can score for absolutely any position on the floor.  A victory this week against the Justice League would secure a top 3 seed, potentially the #1 with some help.
  3. Stackpole (6-2) – (+2) – Now they’re back on track.  They knocked off the Shuffle after a hard fought game and followed it up by not allowing a let down against Little Lebowski.  They’ve split their season series to date against Charlestown, and if they were to meet in the playoffs it would be anybody’s game.  With the ‘Chise and Wolverine rolling, look for them to dispatch Little Nasty and try and stake a claim on a top seed.
  4. Five Knuckle Shuffle (6-6) – (-2) – After all that talk, I have this empty feeling inside.  Maybe they were looking ahead to Charlestown to early.  Maybe they were too focused on the ‘disrespect’ from the media and at the same time disrespecting their opponents.  Known for sure is that FKS must win against Charlestown this week to restore their lost luster.  One might say that heading into the playoffs on a three game losing streak wouldn’t negatively effect their play, but they’d be lying.  Mentally, it’s not a hurdle that would be easy to get over.  The pressure is officially on.
  5. The Has Beens (4-5) – (+2) – They split their games this week and look to get to .500 against Little Lebowski.  The Has Beens are the wild card in the playoffs.  Although their record could be better, they’ve shown that they can hang with any team in this league.  It’s going to be hard for them to get an opponent that they match up well with in the first round.  If they shoot lights out, like they’ve done so many times this season, an upset could be in the making.
  6. Justice League (4-4) – (- 1) – They played their best game of the season against Charlestown and it still wasn’t enough against the best team in the L.  They’re going to need to play just as well this week with CNGI opposing them.  Hopefully the Charlestown game gave them a boost of confidence and they use that to their advantage.  While they haven’t lived up to their preseason hype, they’re capable of making noise in the playoffs.
  7. Netgain (3-4) – (-1) –  They’ve had more different starting line-ups than anyone in the league, and their record is starting to reflect that.  After droping 3 straight games it’s going to be hard to rebound in time to do damage to their first round opponent.  Unless everyone shows up to their game, they’re going to run the risk of losing to Vitale, and maybe the 8th seed.
  8. Vitale (2-6) – (0) – Another week, another win and Vitale has a chance to avoid the 8th seed.  They easily handled Little Nasty and will look to do the same against a slumping Net Gain squad.  Everything is starting to click at the right time and their play just keeps getting better.
  9. Little Nasty (1-6) – (0) – Nasty was a no show for the first half of their last game, and by the time they had decided to stage a comeback there wasn’t enough time left.  Not a good way to bow out of the playoff picture. For their final game, Nasty gets it’s first look at the ‘Chise and the rest of the Stackpole squad.  A win might be the only thing from saving Little Nasty from being disbanded in the offseason
  10. Little Lebowski (0-8) – (0) – It’s amazing.  Two potential all-stars on the same squad and not a win to show for it.  The Has Beens will look to keep it that way this week in their final game.  A bit of retooling after this last game would put Little Lebowski in contention next season, and the experience in the league will definitely help.  But look for rival GMs to make a play to try and ply Mora away from LL in the offseason.  If they let that happen, their future is up in the air.