5 on 5 Power Rankings

Week 4

Welcome to the first installment of what will be a weekly ranking for the 5 on 5 league.  Since the preseason rankings were so off base, it was brought to my attention that a weekly ranking system may be needed to keep everyone up to date on the goings on of the 5 on 5 league.  As always, feel free to let me know what you think, I’ll be sure to incorporate it into next weeks rankings.  On then, to the List!

  1. Charlestown (4-0) – (+ 3) – Clearly the permanent home court advantage isn’t the only thing that’s helped these guys get off to such a fast start.  Everybody on this team can shoot lights out, and they’ve only been seriously challenged once in their first four games.  If they continue at this high level of play, and there is nothing to suggest that they won’t, they’ll be cutting down the nets in August.
  2. Stackpole (1-1) – (0) – Losing to Charlestown is nothing to be ashamed of, especially since they held a double digit lead, so no drop this week for Stackpole.  McMahon showing up on a regular basis will be huge for these guys, especially if he can get back into playing form in time for a late season surge heading into the playoffs.
  3. Five Knuckle Shuffle (2-0) – (0) – FKS has yet to be seriously challenged over their first two games, but they’ll stay intact at the 3 spot.  Despite all the talk early in the season from OD, he’s slowed down on the boards in recent weeks.  This could haunt FKS down the road, as they may be lacking for that extra boost of motivation that comes with the trash talk.
  4. Come N Get It (2-0) – (+ 3) – They’ve opened with 2 very impressive wins and look to prove the preseason skeptics wrong on a weekly basis.  With 6 guys averaging double figures, it’s impossible to help on defense without getting burned.  CNGI will challenge for the top spot before this season is over.
  5. Justice League (0-2) – (- 4) – Even though they’re the team that has dropped the fartherest, there is no need to panic, at least not yet.  After a close loss and a loss against a team that shot 55% from downtown, the Justice League sits at 0-2 and looking up in the standings.  With all the scorers on this team, only DMac has played consistantly well, everyone else seems to stand and wait for someone else to make something happen on offense.  A lack of true ‘role players’ (Mr. Everything as the exception) still looks like it’s going to hurt these guys.
  6. Netgain (1-1) – (-1) – Their drop is more a result of the play of the teams ahead of them (and my bias for the Justice League) than they way they’ve played.  Their played Charlestown valiently for 2/3rds of a game last week without 2 of their top players.  If AT and Trevor can find a way to get enough shots they’ll be fine.
  7. Little Nasty (1-1) – (-1) – Attendance has turned into a problem for Little Nasty, who has made as many roster moves as all the other teams in the rest of the league combined.  Between injuries, scheduling conflicts, and no shows, Nasty has yet to play as a unit, and it may take them a couple weeks of playing together when they finally do in order to gel on the court.  With Al Smooth on the court though, these guys should only get better as they all play together.
  8. The Has Beens (1-2) – (0) – Clancy is obviously going to have to be the man for these guys, as they can bomb 3’s as well as any other team in this league.  The lack of an true inside presence may hurt these guys down the stretch, but with the quality of shooters they have, it might not even matter.
  9. Little Lebowski (0-2) – (+1) – Despite recent struggles, losing to 4 players, Little Lebowski is a team with a lot of upside if they could pull it all together.  They’re another team that is a couple weeks away from putting it all together on the court in this uber competitive league.
  10. Vitale (0-3) – (-1) – Vitale has stuggled early in the season and has played a brutal schedule to date.  It looks they like are still learning to play together, and once they are able to utilize their strengths, look for them to be players at the end of the season.  From here on out, things can only get better.