5v5 Draft East Schedule

Monday September 13th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMGeeks and Sneaks  62vs.Beef Supreme  40CABOT
7:00 PMROOKS  60vs.Robels Without A Cause  49CABOT
8:00 PMCertified Baller Boys  67vs.DENNIS  45CABOT
9:00 PMLa Familia  58vs.You Got Tibbs'D  70CABOT

Monday September 20th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMRobels Without A Cause  54vs.Certified Baller Boys  63CABOT
7:00 PMBeef Supreme  53vs.You Got Tibbs'D  67CABOT
9:00 PMGeeks and Sneaks  70vs.La Familia  59CABOT

Monday September 27th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMRobels Without A Cause  32vs.DENNIS  51CABOT
7:00 PMBeef Supreme  47vs.La Familia  52CABOT
8:00 PMGeeks and Sneaks  56vs.You Got Tibbs'D  83CABOT
9:00 PMCertified Baller Boys  66vs.ROOKS  68CABOT

Monday October 4th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMYou Got Tibbs'D  81vs.DENNIS  67CABOT
7:00 PMROOKS  69vs.Geeks and Sneaks  63CABOT
8:00 PMCertified Baller Boys  53vs.Beef Supreme  56CABOT
9:00 PMRobels Without A Cause  40vs.La Familia  86CABOT

Monday October 11th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMGeeks and Sneaks  64vs.Certified Baller Boys  58CABOT
7:00 PMDENNIS  35vs.La Familia  64CABOT
8:00 PMRobels Without A Cause  77vs.You Got Tibbs'D  74CABOT
9:00 PMBeef Supreme  51vs.ROOKS  73CABOT

Monday October 18th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMRobels Without A Cause  54vs.Beef Supreme  68CABOT
7:00 PMLa Familia  60vs.Certified Baller Boys  47CABOT
8:00 PMDENNIS  63vs.Geeks and Sneaks  65CABOT
9:00 PMYou Got Tibbs'D  75vs.ROOKS  51CABOT

Monday October 25th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMROOKS  63vs.La Familia  58CABOT
7:00 PMCertified Baller Boys  66vs.You Got Tibbs'D  73CABOT
8:00 PMGeeks and Sneaks  63vs.Robels Without A Cause  60CABOT
9:00 PMBeef Supreme  49vs.DENNIS  57CABOT

Monday November 1st
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:00 PMLa Familia  67vs.Geeks and Sneaks  42CABOT
8:00 PMCertified Baller Boys  67vs.Robels Without A Cause  74CABOT
9:00 PMYou Got Tibbs'D  68vs.Beef Supreme  56CABOT

Monday November 8th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMYou Got Tibbs'D  76vs.La Familia  82CABOT
7:00 PMDENNIS  40vs.Certified Baller Boys  65CABOT
8:00 PMBeef Supreme  69vs.Geeks and Sneaks  55CABOT
9:00 PMRobels Without A Cause  46vs.ROOKS  62CABOT


Monday November 15th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMYou Got Tibbs'D  79vs.Robels Without A Cause  51CABOT
7:00 PMGeeks and Sneaks  68vs.Certified Baller Boys  66CABOT
9:00 PMLa Familia  61vs.Beef Supreme  44CABOT

Monday November 29th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMYou Got Tibbs'D  5vs.Geeks and Sneaks  2Healey School
7:00 PMROOKS  44vs.La Familia  57Healey School

Monday December 6th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMYou Got Tibbs'D  54vs.La Familia  40Healey School