5v5 Draft League Preview – W12

First ever 5v5 Draft League

This is all posted on the message boards (http://boards.cacbasketball.com/index.php), so head over there to comment and check out my weekly lines and bi-weekly power poll – this will be a really fun season, but it will be even better if you all contribute on the Boards!

5v5 Draft League Preview – Winter 2012

For the first time ever, we’ve gotten the 5v5 Draft League off the ground! Games are played on Tuesday night at the Harvard/Kent School in Cambridge and we, shockingly, have a complete 6 team league to get us started. What follows is going to be some attempt at a preview, just know that this is going to be as much of a crap-shoot as the actual draft was. We had 3 captains in the draft and 3 guys auto-drafting teams (obviously one was mine) and no one knew who anyone was. That’s not completely true, Jamil seemed to know at least half the league, so he had the biggest advantage of all of us, despite having the #6 pick. (Draft Board: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc … n_US#gid=8)

In 2 weeks I’ll update these rankings with a power poll (why yes, I’m covering the league, nice of you to ask, my name is Tibbs) and we’ll see where you all really stand, but there’s nothing like a bit of disrespect to fuel the fire for a competitive season.

#6 – Lobster City
Drafted By: MattyBells (not in the league)
Team: Xavier Ramdial (auto Captain)
1st Matt Murphy – 2nd Tariq Nicholson – 3rd William Parker Roe – 4th Jason Styons – 5th Kellon Kingery – 6th Stephen Downey – 7th Jeff Lee
Originally this team name was ‘lob city’ but then jesse (or was it drew) made us hungry by going off on a rant about lobster and shrimp or something. So Lobster City it is! The thing this team did better than any other, was pair guys that wanted to play together on the same squad with each other. I don’t know if that will be a blessing or a curse, but xavier/tariq and roe/kellon are hopefully happy! Also, there isn’t a single CAC veteran on this squad, not sure what to make of that. A lot of guards, not a lot of size, a matty bells special!! And he went for the yuk yuks too. Our favorite blurb came from a player on this team
“I would describe myself as a combination between Shaq, Chris Paul, and Larry Bird with Shaq’s FT shooting, Paul’s height, and Bird’s vertical leap” – Styons should fit right in at CAC
As with all the teams in this league, it will all boil down to which squad learns to play together the quickest

#5 – Tom Selleck’s Mustache Ride
Drafted By: Jesse Corwin
Captain: Terrance Lynch (auto captain)
1st Brandon Olszew – 2nd Kyle Kelly – 3rd Cory Prescott – 4th Steven Kilgore – 5th Paul Burke – 6th Stephen Bowker – 7th Marc Grimaldi
I was going to do an ‘origin’ story for each team name, but just know that Jesse is a pervert who owns 3 ‘YES FAT CHICKS’ T-shirts. Jesse has learned not to get burned by CAC Rooks, so he took a few known names in the 1st 2 rounds. I wasn’t thrilled with his selections given the potential there, so these feel like ‘safe’ picks. Of course, I was drafting just as blindly as he was in middle rounds, so maybe safe was the way to go. If this team runs and guns it will be fine, but it doesn’t have a lot of size. What the Hell, there’s not a lot of size in the league overall, so you never know what will happen. But screw Jesse, I hate that guy and am glad he’s not actually on this team

#4 – Get Lubed Up
Drafted By: Tibbs
Captain: CMurda (auto captain)
1st Jeremy Colon – 2nd Greg Ney – 3rd Colin mcalpine – 4th Derek Friesen – 5th Jason Talanian – 6th Eric Allen – 7th Mike Dias
Shout out to Brady with my team name. If you lucky SOBs that are at gillette this weekend aren’t lubed up and screaming your heads off against the Ravens I will hate you all. I’m not going to lie, I’m excited about the potential of this team. Colon was a late sign-up (can we squeeze his brother onto this team, MAYBE!) and Ney and Mcalpine are CAC Vets. Ok, I’m a little biased b/c I watched Ney hustle his @$$ off in B2 5v5 last season and take home the Better Off Bowling league title (with Malley) at Lucky Strike this year. Hopefully some of that championship bowling pedigree rubs off on his teammates because anytime you can draft 2 guys that haven’t played ball in 2 years AND another guy coming off a busted ankle that will shelve him for 2 more weeks, you’ve GOT TO DO IT! So I did in the later rounds. Will the gamble pay off? We’ll see. I should have just named this team IR ALL-STARS and gotten it over with.

#3 – Will Smith’s Breffmints
Captain: Drew Debari
1st Robert Powell – 2nd Ian Rubiano – 3rd Adam Burke – 4th Francis McNaulty – 5th Nick Yeaton – 6th David Fine – 7th Matt Emond
It’s a bad sign that the 3 teams ranked last were all auto-drafted. That’s how little faith I have in our ability, or how much faith I have in the ability of the captains that picked their own teams. Yea, probably a little bit of both. Drew took a high risk, high reward gamble going with Powell at #2 overall, but made up for it by stealing Rubiano @ #11. Considering his was going as high as #6 in some mocks, that’s a win for him. The rest of the team, as usual, we know nothing about, but that’s a solid core to build around. If Tebow taught us anything this season, is that sometimes the divine take an interest in sports, I think that’s why Drew took Emond and his church league experience. You never know when He will help you win games, He does work in mysterious ways

#2 – A Big Disaster
Captain: Steve Punzell
1st Mike Malley – 2nd Ryan McGauley – 3rd Sam Berger – 4th Jason Weisberg – 5th Sam Green – 6th Matt Phillips – 7th Cody Bradford
Punzell jumped into the captain’s ring at the last minute and was worried he’s F himself by not knowing anyone in this draft. If we’ve learned anything so far, it’s that no one knew anything, and that I’m a rambler. Malley should have been the consensus #1 overall pick, but somehow slipped to #3, so Punzell got off to a great start. Malley is used to carrying a team that can’t score (go ahead and ask him how many lay-ups Ney missed last season) so even if no one else can put the biscuit in the basket it’s not like that will phase him. The steal of the draft might have been Bradford, who had absolutely no write-up of his ‘skillz’ and fell to the 7th round as a result. He could be first round talent for all we know! I love that gamble, and that’s a big reason this team is ranked as high as it is to start the season.

#1 – Cookies and Apple Juice
Captain: Jamil Ball
1st Thomas Brouns – 2nd Jeff Love – 3rd Linton Ranson – 4th Patrick D. McCarty – 5th Dennis Klavins – 6th Tim Dixon – 7th Richard Yau
Come on, like there was ever a doubt that Jamil would be the one to win a draft league where no one really knows anyone else going in?! He knew half the guys, probably knew 8 more that he didn’t tell us about and ‘agonized’ over his picks for 10 minutes to make us think he didn’t know what he was doing. We’re not fooled man, we knew you’d take Linto early (as you should have) but somehow jedi mind tricking us into letting Dixon and Yau fall to the end of the draft was impressive. Collectively I have no idea what we were thinking. Even a hobbled Jamil, as their leading scorer makes this team tough to beat. And clearly, that’s what he’s going to do, since his first 3 picks were all HUGE. Yea, this is CAAJ’s league to lose.

So what did we learn class? We learned that I like to ramble on and on and on. We learned that 7 rounds is a LOT and this league will be ripe for crazy trades next season when more cac vets inevitably sign up and some of these rooks get a season under their belt. We also learned that I’m starved for attention. I don’t care how long it takes, I’m going to post and post and post on the boards in this league until they are as vocal as the B Draft guys!

You’re all out there, right?!?!