5v5 Draft – Preview, Manti style

By Ian Rubiano

Posting my quick thoughts on this season before I leave the country in a couple hours. I apologize for the abbreviated rankings but when I get back expect a more thorough power rankings. Feel free to post your own preseason rankings in response! That seems to be the thing to do this year and I don’t want to be the only one to be terribly wrong.

Let’s make sure to get some good smack talk and general uselessness going on the boards this season. I will have lines up for every week I am in the country to get the discussions going.

Disclaimers: Ahhhhh, rookies, wtf, who knows, going to be wrong, cry more

The “ND Football stars need help getting women” Division (aka don’t believe in these teams at all)

8. Passing Ruffians
PG Cheese*C
SG Etum Lee
SG Tom Bruno
PF Jacob Simon
PF Marcel Quetant

SG Tariq Nicholson
SG Sayeed Massoom
PG Sameer Thompson

Well Cheese certainly didn’t want a repeat of last year. He completely flipped his draft strategy on its head, ending up with 2 top 4 picks and 5 picks in the last 2 rounds. Marcel will score and rebound a lot on this league. I picture him putting up Yancy like numbers, maybe scoring a little more. Bruno will have a field day on this squad. I put Tariq on the bench because I think that is what they have to do. The rest of the starters / bench are not natural scores and Tariq is. He will have to carry the 2nd unit when he is on the court alone and defer to Bruno if they play together. This team also has 5? Players 5’ 9” or under…so yea….

7. Groupon to Poundtown:
PG Brett Baghoydan*C
SG Brooks Dyer
SG Andrew Amann
SF Cory Presscott
PF Kit Block

SF Gordon Kraft-Todd
SG Jason Heald
SG Brandon Lee

This is one of the smallest teams but compared to Brett’s squad last year they have way more size. Looks like he kept the same principal strategy in place: load up on shooters. This squad will be able to score with anyone but is really going to struggle against some of the bigger teams. Block is a great guy to have on the court but is so skinny that sometimes he falls through the cracks in the floor. Amann’s versititilty on defense will be the key for these guys.

The “I was the victim of a hoax, I never met her! Oh and I looked inside her casket at the funeral” Division (aka plausible contenders with (at least) 1 massive flaw)

6. You Aint Bout That Life
PG Xavier Ramidall
SG Damian Ruff*C
SF Scott DeMato
PF Jay Tufte
C Adam Russell

SG Sam Kallmerten
SF Ryan McGauley
SG Marc Grimaldi

This team has a ton of size, Tufte kills it on the boards and Russell is 6’ 6” so he has to be able to board…right? It will be interesting watching Xavier run a team without his boys on it. Could let him truly shine or leave him with no one he trusts. Main issue is Ruff is the only person I see here who is capable of a 20+ pt game. Scoring is going to be an issue. If Russell can adjust to the league and become a solid #1 option that could propel this team to a chip.

5. Rondo is Gumby
PG Mike Royes
SG Scott Green
SG Justin Moscati
SF Alex Byrne
PF Jonathan Karush

C Patrick “The Animal” McCarty
SG Nate Weitzer*C
SF Mike Turin

Like a lot of the talent on this squad but I can’t figure out the line up. There is not a true PG on this roster, Mike gets the designation by default but Nate played with him last year and knows what he does and does not do well. Great size here, they can match up with anyone on D. The O will be the issue, if they can establish a primary ball handler or get great ball movement a la MSO last season they will be a title threat.

4. Blernsballers:
PG Tim Clement
PG/SG Carlos Carmona
SF Ian Rubiano*C
PF John Staley
PF Daniel Popko

PG Merc Sergile
SG Brian Briggs

Love my squad but there are obvious question marks with the 2 complete unknowns in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. This team looks very balanced and should be running up and down the court all day with lightning fast ball handlers and bigs who like to run the floor. It all depends on how good Popko / Carmona are.

3. Special Tiny Deviants
PG Jason Weisberg
SG Jason Correia*C
SF Gael Frunin
SF Devon Courtney
PF Daniel Oslowski

PG Dan Iter
SF Kosta Kritkos
SF Nick Barry

This team is going to be a pain in the ass to play against. They are extremely long and athletic across the board and should be among the league leaders in steals, fast break points and turnovers forced. Unfortunately, I see some troubles in the half court. The best outside shooter on this team is…uh…someone…no one???? If they can find a way to cover up / overcome this flaw they will be dangerous.

Ashton Kutcher voice: “Yall got PUNKED, Manti made all that shit uuppppppp… wait this isn’t 2 and ½ Men..” Divison (aka most likely to end up as the final resolution)

2. Return of the Rash
PG Andy Kazeniac
SG Drew DeBari*C
SG Brian Phillips
PF Nick Yeaton
C Greg Smith

PG Janos Fulop
PG Richard Clegg
Enforcer Francis McNulty

Love Drew’s draft here, starting off with original Rash members Phillips and Yeaton gives him a solid core. The real X factor is Greg Smith. Whenever a pick leads to several people going “who is that” one word comes to mind SANDBAG. I have to assume Drew had some inside info on Smith. 6’ 3” is nice but the bio talks about defense and hustle which usually indicates the person has no actual basketball skills. Rec play level reinforces that so we will have to see. Assuming Smith is solid that gives Drew a solid set of 4 players and then he just drafted all PGs to fill out the roster. If one of the PGs can fill the Tim Clement role from last year this squad will be at the top of the standings.

1. Woodland Christmas Critters
PG Greg Waldman
SG Brad Conant
SG Liam McNeill
PF Ian Cundall*C
C Matt Hayes

SF Webster Gordon
PF Mehmet Yuksekkaya
SG Blake Todder

Love this squad. Stealing Waldman at 28 instantly made this a top team for me. Only issue that I can see is that there is only 1 ball. Both Greg and Brad looked best with the ball in their hands and Liam could be put into this category as well though I did not see as much of him. These guys seem to have high basketball IQs so I am assuming they will figure this out. Hayes provides some nice size but, unless he is playing 44 minutes a game, the bench will need to contribute. Webster Gordon looks like a solid bet for 6th man of the year but it gets thin after that, fast. Oh and Ian will have another exciting year setting 1389470180347 picks and averaging 7 ppg on 4 shots.

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