5v5 Draft Winter 2012 Awards

I had a great time during this season in the new 5v5 Draft league and hope you’ll all join us again next season as we move to the Healey School (have I mentioned that yet? It’s kind of a big deal). Anyway, there are only 3 games left in the entire season! Despite the unexpected bye weeks it kind of flew bye. Let’s get right to the Awards and Playoff Lines!

MVP – Jeremy Colon, Get Lubed Up – Colon caught and passed Powell in my MVP rankings by midseason and never gave up the lead in this award since. Sure Powell’s team might have gone 8-1 (and 2-0 against Lubed Up) but no player meant more to his team this season than Colon did for his. Not ‘just a scorer’ (although he did lead the league) Jeremy stuffed the stat sheet each week, helping his team win with his play and vocal encouragement to his teammates.
Runner Up: Powell

RoY – Rob Powell, Will Smith’s Breffmints – Lots of brand new fresh faces to CAC Basketball this season, which I love to see. None made a bigger impact, right away, than Rob Powell did for the ‘Mints as they started the season hot and looked like they’d lap the field without a challenge. Of course, things got tough, but the Mints and Powell responded well, he only finished the season first in PR on the #1 team in the league. Not a bad debut.
Runner Up: Klavins

All Rookie Team – This team would have been silly good (and impossible to draft)
Dennis Klavins, Rob Powell, Colon, Jason Weisberg, Eric Allen

Offensive PoY – Dennis Klavins, Cookies & Apple Juice – You know you’re good when your team only averages 43 points per game and yet you’re still the odds on favorite to win the Offensive Player award as Klavins has been since week 3.
Runner Up: BO

Defensive PoY – Matt Murphy, Lobster City – The big fella didn’t need the ball in his hands, didn’t need to score, to have an impact on Lobster City’s success this season. Instead, he anchored the middle and made life miserable for those that would dare drive into the lane. He swept the glass, altered shots and helped keep Lobster City’s occasionally overwhelmed offense in games. If City wants to pull off an upset or two in the playoffs, they’ll need their Big Boi to be bigger than ever.

All Defensive Team – Good luck scoring on this squad!
Murphy, Kyle Kelly, Jason Weisberg, Jason Talanian, Francis McNaulty

GM – Drew DeBari, Will Smith’s Breffmints – I really wanted to give this to myself for auto-drafting the 2nd best team in the league, but I guess Drew did a good enough job drafting his guys and working rotations well enough to lead them to an 8-1 regular season record.
Runner Up: ME

All Chucker’s Team – I’m not sure if you wanted these guys shooting or not, but they put up 3 after 3 after 3 this season. Don’t worry, they’ll fall in the Healey School next season, I promise!
Jamil Ball (12 for 60), Drew DeBari (13 for 47), Eric Allen (8 for 37), Xavier Ramidal (4 for 38)

6th Man – Tariq Nicholson, Lobster City – I’m not sure if it was on purpose, but week after week Tariq was totally cool with coming off the bench, despite the fact that more often than not he was the City’s leading scorer. Hell he was the only player for City that averaged double figures on the season! Tariq only got stronger as the season wore on, average 13 points per game over the final 5 weeks and helping Lobster City claim the final playoff spot over Cookies & Apple Juice.
Runners Up – Dave Fine, Sam Green

Tibbs Award – One of the perks of being a stat-keeper is getting to do cool things like name awards after yourself. A lot of guys do it, and I might as well too. This is for the big(ish) guy that likes to float around the 3 point line not rebound enough and basically yuck his way through a season, basically everything I’m going to do when I play next session. There are many prestigious winners of this award and the next guy to add his name to the list is
Nick Yeaton, Will Smith’s Breffmints – Yeti is one of the Breffmints few guys over 6 feet tall, and he comes out firing away from the 3 point line and sorta kinda chasing around guard on defense. That’s my kind of game plan!

All-Star Squads – I would like to have an All-Star game after the Finals on 4/17. If you’re name is one of the 14 the list below, please let me know ASAP if you can play. I want to have 2 captains choose up sides from the players in the pool and run an All-Star game immediately after the finals! Anyone that can’t make it will be replaces by one of the ‘snubs’ (you have to vote for them on the message boards!).

1st Team
Colon, Powell, Klavins, Punzell, Kyle Kelly
2nd Team
Mike Malley, Ian Rubiano, Weisberg, Eric Allen, Greg Ney
Honorable Mention
Matt Murphy, Kellon Kingery, Drew DeBari, BO,

Jamil Ball, Cory Prescott, Tariq, Nick Yeaton, Colin, Xavier,

Playoff Lines!

The ‘real’ reason i didn’t do lines for last week’s games were because I wanted to save the preview of the Lubed Up vs Disaster for the playoffs and not waste one on the regular season. Whatever you know that’s a lie.

7:00 PM #1 Will Smith’s Breffmints vs #4 Lobster City (+11.5)
Lobster City’s offense is better since the last time these two teams met. If you recall (I do because I reread the write-ups) the Mints held City to just EIGHT second half points in an impressive performance. The Mints defense is also worse, having lost McNulty for the remainder of the season. Those two facts combined to give me hope that the City can keep this game close. They’ve got to slow the game way down, which they usually do without trying, and hit more than a few 3s.
Drew and Co need to keep pushing the ball and getting easy transition points. If that fails, just get 30 offensive rebounds a game. Or just hit your layups. You know what, there are a lot of ways this team could and should win. Don’t blow it!

Final Score: Mints 61 CIty 48

8:00 PM #2 Get Lubed Up vs #3 A Big Disaster (+7.5)
The Rubber Match! Lubed Up handed out a beat down last night but I don’t expect a similar game this time around. First, it will help if everyone shows on time. Second, don’t make Malley sit for the first 11 mintues of the game! That’d be a good start. Oh and stop the drives! Colon, Allen, JT et al were able to waltz into the lane pretty much any time they pleased and get a good shot off. Disaster is at its best when its running the floor (like the Mints) and getting easy transition points. Lubed Up is one of the few teams that is athletic and deep enough to run with them. I expect this game to go down to the wire like their first meeting did.

Final Score: Lubed 69 Disaster 65