A Draft Fall 2011 Awards!

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First and foremost thank you all for participating in A Draft this season. Without you guys the league couldn’t have happened and you are all what made it so great. I had a great time being your commish and despite being stuck with SMul and JMul all season I can safely say I enjoyed the league greatly.

Before I get to the awards I want to address a couple of housekeeping items first, as usual:

1. Don’t forget to sign up for A Draft or any other league next season. Sign ups are going on now so get yourself or your team in soon!

2. All Star selections can be seen below. The All Star game will take place directly after the finals. If you are selected, you will receive an email from me with details as we get closer.

3. I am TBD in terms of running the league next season. I will let people know on the boards when I know my deal but I wanted to throw it out there just in case it impacts your decision to return.

Now onto the awards. I choose my awards based on a number of criteria: stats, eye test (big believer in stats not telling the whole story), and whether I like you, among others. That’s pretty much it. We had a ton of people eligible for a lot of awards so I did my best to give out each award to the most deserving. If you have a gripe, please post on the boards and generate some debate! I can take the criticism. With that I give you the A Draft Fall 2011 Awards. Enjoy!

MVP: Terry Henderson (CAC Elite)
Runner Up: Brandon Dorey (Overrated)

This award was basically a 2-horse race all season between Terry and Dorey and was extremely difficult to decide on. In the end I went with Terry. Here’s why: Terry was the best player on the best team AND led the league in player rater by an overwhelming margin. The bottom line is Terry had a monster season and giving this award to anyone else would be criminal. Terry averaged 26 points, 16.2 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 1.6 blocks per game and that is just an absurd stat line. What impressed me most about Terry this season was his 3-point shooting. I always knew Terry was a half decent shooter but hitting 2+ threes per game at a 41% clip is way better than I expected. Congrats to Terry on a great season and winning this season’s MVP award.

Offensive Player of the Year: Brandon Dorey (Overrated)
Runners Up: Mike Strange (Free Hat), Chris Maciejczak (Just One Ball)

I have been playing with Dorey for several seasons now and I can safely say this was the best offensive season I have seen from him yet. Dorey was incredible scoring the basketball this season leading the league in scoring at 27.67 ppg while hitting 3.56 threes per game at a 41% clip. The numbers just don’t tell the whole story though. Dorey combined his hot three point shooting with relentless drives to the rim and he always seemed to finish in traffic. Additionally, Dorey was a 2nd half monster this season literally putting Overrated on his back late in multiple games. He was downright impressive on the offensive end all season long and is without question is this season’s OPoY.

The “Scott Mulholland” Defensive Player of the Year Award: Adam Nestler (Hurricane Season)
Runners Up: Pete Wilson (Hurricane Season), Chris Kerr (Overrated)

I debated changing the name of this award to not include SMul because of his obvious decline in terms of defense/talent but in the end I decided that the name would stand. Now as for the award I had a tough time deciding who to go with but in the end my gut told me Nestler deserved this. Nestler was incredibly underrated defensively and I don’t think he ever got the respect he deserved. Well, here is your respect. I watched every single one Nestler’s games this season and at least one time per game he had a blocked shot that made me say “wow” to myself. The guy plays incredible team defense and has a knack for coming out of nowhere to come up with a big block or big steal. Also, I know playoffs don’t count, but Nestler played terrific defense on Malcolm last week, which included a great charge and an epic block. Congrats to Nestler on a great season, especially defensively.

A Draft Rookie of the Year: Mike Strange (Free Hat)
Runner Up: Ryan Ouellette (CAC Elite)

This season I decided to go with two RoY awards. One would be given to a guy who has played at CAC before, but was in his first A Draft season. The other award (the next one) will go to the guy who is a true CAC noob and is in his first ever CAC league. This season we had a lot of good rookies but the A Draft RoY award had to go to Mike Strange. Strange is well known around CAC and he blessed us with his presence for his first A Draft run this season and he did not disappoint. Despite his team’s struggles, Strange was awesome this season averaging 26.89 points and 13.67 rebounds per game. Strange got drafted late first round and certainly performed up to the billing. He accounted for 41% of his team’s offense and really had a solid all around season. Sure, he missed the first round of the playoffs, but these awards are based on the regular season. Great season Strange and congrats on the A Draft RoY award.

CAC Rookie of the Year: Joe Hoerner (X-Men)
Runner Up: Brandon Olszew (Free Hat)

This award goes to the guy who was a true CAC noob and I would be remiss not to award the CAC RoY award to Joe Hoerner. Hoerner was a menace on both ends of the floor and proved to be a very difficult matchup for anyone. Hoerner did a nice job of using his very quick first step to blow by defenders to get to the rim. He combined his driving ability with a solid 3 point stroke which allowed him to average 19.5 ppg. Hoerner was also excellent at the little things though which people don’t realize. His offensive rebounding was 2nd in the league and his tenacity and hustle plays on defense really allowed X-Men to overachieve in my opinion. This guy has a solid all around game and I hope to see back in A Draft next season.

5th Man of the Year: Mike Fraher (Team Moose Knuckles)
Runners Up: Paul Green (Overrated), Nate Mendes (X-Men)

Usually it is unclear who the actual 5th man is on a team so I decided that this award basically goes to the best bench player. This season, the award goes to Mike Fraher aka GHOST. Fraher had a terrific season in primarily a bench role as he provided Moose Knuckles with a spark offensively off the bench. When Fraher was given big minutes he always performed usually scoring in the 15-20 point range. Fraher is a guy who can light it up at any time (see playoffs round 1 box score) and if you don’t get a hand in his face he will make you pay. I will go on record right now as saying Fraher is the best bench player in the league and I am honored to have gotten the chance to play with him this season.

GM of the Year: Jono Edwards (Hurricane Season)
Runner Up: Matty Bells (CAC Elite)

First let me say giving Bells this award was too easy. Bells had the first pick of the first two rounds and it’s pretty hard to mess that up. Also, Belichick is the best coach in the NFL but he doesn’t win coach of the year every season. I wanted to go with a guy who drafted a team that exceeded expectations. That would be Jono and Hurricane Season. Before the season I thought this was one of the worst teams in the league, in the bottom 3 at least. Then Jono traded Khalid to Green Machine for Nestler and it is pretty clear this was a great trade for Jono. Jono really did a nice job of putting this team together and the Nestler trade really made this award happen for him. Hurricane Season greatly exceeded my expectations and as a result I award Jono with this season’s GMoY award.

Most Improved Player: Jono Edwards (Hurricane Season)
Runner Up: Brandon Dorey (Overrated)

I’m not a big fan of giving a guy two major awards but this was unavoidable. Jono is easily the most improved player this season as he had his best ever season scoring the basketball. Jono averaged a career high 19ppg this season and you could just tell from watching his games that he had taken his game to another level. Jono overall also shot really well from deep having some big games while carrying HS on offense. He hit some impossible fade away shots as well making me think “wow that’s a terrible shot.” Then, I realized by week 9 it’s not a terrible shot if he’s hitting them ALL season long. Jono had a great season and is a guy people have to look out for now. Congrats to Jono on a solid season.

The Kap Award: Frank Malsbenden (Just One Ball)
Runners Up: Mike Kuzdeva (X-Men), Damian Ruff (Team Moose Knuckles)

For those who don’t know the “Kap Award” is awarded to the guy who is just a joy to have around the league, always battles hard and partakes in the banter that makes CAC so great. This season the award was brutal to decide on but in the end I went with Mals. Mals is always good for some Badger hate or balcony smack talk pre and post game and that is what makes him so great. Mals made the league more fun and even though he didn’t play much it doesn’t matter because stats don’t matter when giving out the Kap Award. I hope to see Mals back in A Draft next season because quite frankly (pun intended) he is the man.

Biggest Draft Steal: John Carpin (CAC Elite)
Runners Up: Joe Hoerner (X-Men), Josh Fincke (Overrated)

Carpin went in the fourth round this season and his performance all season long would suggest this was a huge steal for Matty Bells. Carpin was huge for CAC Elite this season providing his squad with versatility and scrappy play that every team needs to be successful. There were many steals on draft day this season, but I think Carpin was number 1.

Biggest Draft Bust: Jason Tibbetts (Just One Ball)
Runners Up: Brad Mulholland (Hurricane Season), Xavier Holland (X-Men)

Tibbs was a HUGE bust this season going early in the 2nd round and without question did not perform up to the high draft status. Tibbs averaged a putrid 6 rebounds per game and for a guy his size that just will not fly. In addition, Tibbs missed out on Just One Ball’s first round playoff game resulting in a blowout loss. Say you what you want about Tibbs, but I saw 4 or 5 guys I would have rather have in that 2nd round spot for Just One Ball. Boooo Tibbs!

Stars and Moon Award: John Mulholland (Team Moose Knuckles)
Runner Up: Scott Mulholland (Team Moose Knuckles)

This award goes to the guy who is upset he didn’t get an award. Scott didn’t say anything to me (yet) but you know he is seething deep down so he is runner up.

All Defensive Team:

Adam Nestler – DPoY!
Pete Wilson – A nightmare on the perimeter with his quick footwork and scrappy hands.
Chris Kerr – Just a beast inside.
Joe Hoerner – A great athlete and really gets in the face of the guy he is guarding.

All Offensive Team:

Brandon Dorey – Dorey was a machine this season really taking his game to another level, especially on offense.
Mike Strange – As pure a scorer as you will find in the league.
Chris Maciejczak – I mean, it’s Majic.
Terry Henderson – MVP!

All “Chuckers” Team:

Chris Maciejczak – 5.50 makes per game, 153 attempts, 36%
Tom Kahana – 4.00 makes per game, 128 attempts, 31%
Vladi Nechev – 4.50 makes per game, 120 attempts, 38%
Brandon Olszew – 3.60 makes per game, 117 attempts, 31%

All Guard Team:

Vladi Nechev – Combined a smooth 3 point stroke with 4.6 assists per game (2nd).
Brandon Dorey – OPoY!
Pete Wilson – Defensive and offensive threat game in and game out.
Mike Strange – He’s a guard, right?

All Big Man Team:

Chris Maciejczak – 27.6 ppg and 13.5 rpg gets you on this list every time.
Terry Henderson – um, MVP.
Adam Nestler – Best shot blocker in the league…even better than Scott.
Chris Kerr – Beast.

A Draft All-Stars: The all-star selections this season were brutally tough as A Draft was real deep his season. I am sure there will be some debate as far as snubs or whatnot but I did the best I could. Here are your A Draft Fall 2011 All Stars.

Note: The All Star game will be played after the A Draft title game.

1st Team:

Terry Henderson
Brandon Dorey
Chris Maciejczak
Mike Strange

2nd Team:

Ryan Ouellette
Chris Kerr
Malcolm Green
Adam Nestler

3rd Team:

Brad Mulholland
Pete Wilson
Joe Hoerner
Xavier Holland

Once again thank you all for making A Draft great this season. I had a great time playing and running the league and I hope you all did too. Good luck to the final 4 teams in the playoffs and let the best team take home the banner!