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You A Drafters are so lucky. I am so dedicated to giving you top-notch coverage that I am staying in on a Friday night JUST to write all this good stuff for you. Ok, fine the truth is I am waking up early to go to Foxwoods and be a degenerate but I am still working on A Draft material for you guys nonetheless!

This past week’s write-ups are done, the Sox suck, Tito is gone, I drubbed JMul in fantasy last week and I get to give out another Legend of the Week award. Ahhh the world is good. This week I have combined the Week 3 Legend of the Week award and Week 4 lines into one post so don’t get overwhelmed. It will be ok. I will also provide you with a brief power rankings update as I see it. It’s only week 3 though, so there is a lot to be seen…and to prove. On with the show!

Week 3 Legend of the Week: Brandon Dorey

No brainer here. Dorey was a machine this week literally hitting every single shot he took. As I watched the game I felt like he simply did not miss a single shot and he very well may not have. Dorey was 3/9 from deep, and this was the only negative in his game Monday so I want to get that out of the way right now. Dorey had it ALL going on. He had some eye-popping conversions at the rim as he normally does but what was most impressive was his consistency from the perimeter. Dorey was a mid range assassin all game long as he buried X-Men almost single handedly. Congrats to Dorey on a fabulous game in week 3 and winning this week’s Legend of the Week award.

Also Considered:

Scott Mulholland – 26 rebounds, W
Pete Wilson – 16 pts, 12 rebs, 8 assts, 3 stls, W
Adam Nestler – 15 pts, 21 rebs, W
Dan Ollquist – 16 pts, 8 rebs, 7 assts, W
Chris Kerr – 20 pts, 12 rebs, 4 stls, W

Week 3 Notables:

1. We had a new single game record this week. STAT broke my personal record of 7 turnovers by setting the mark at 9. In fact, STAT and Mendes combined for 14 in the game. That is ridiculous! I don’t see any tandem breaking that record, unless it is these two breaking their own.

2. After a scorching start Tommy came back to earth this week hitting 3 of 13 threes. Chalk it up to the stellar defense by ME. Kidding. Seriously though, is Green Machine going to have to rely on the 3 ball to be successful this season? Looks like it to me.

3. I have to give the GHOST some love here. The guy was just sensational this week scoring a huge 17 points while grabbing 11 rebounds in a very quiet fashion. Moose Knuckles does not win without this performance. I repeat. DOES NOT WIN. Great game Ghost.

4. This is the first time in my CAC career (which has been pretty long) that I have seen 3 players grab 20+ rebounds in the same week. SMul had 26 rebounds, Terry had 22 and Nestler had 21. Not too shabby. I should note that Mals had 19 rebs, so we were 1 rebound away from having 4 guys here. WTF Mals! Lastly on the rebounding front Kap is averaging 6.3 rpg while Tibbs is averaging 6 rpg. Just sayin’.

5. The Nestler-Khalid trade looks to be one of those trades that really worked out well for both teams. Nestler is a rebounding machine while Khalid provides GM with some extra offense. I have to wonder in the back of my mind what Nestler could have done for GM as they looked like they needed rebounding this past week. We will have to reevaluate this trade at the end of the season.

Another solid week is in the books as Dorey joins Malcolm, Tommy and Terry on the LoW big board. Week 4 should be very telling as to which teams are for real and which are not. Looking forward to Monday’s action. Speaking of Monday’s action here are some lines for you to digest!

Week 4 Lines:

***Before we get to the lines everyone please note on the website (and lines) that the game times have changed***

Monday October 3rd

7:00 PM – X-Men vs. Team Moose Knuckles (-12.5)

No Drummer Boy (Sundell) for Moose Knuckles this week but I think the SMul-JMul “twin towers” will be too much for X-Men. After seeing what Kerr did to STAT last week I expect much of (fine, close to) the same from SMul. Raj better be in attendance for this one or this will be blowout city. Mendes should be a difficult cover for Moose though with his speed and ability to finish around the rim, but regardless I like Moose to win this one with ease. Show me something STAT!

7:50 PM – Free Hat vs. Just One Ball? (-8.5)

Is this the week One Ball gets in the win column? It better be. Free Hat just doesn’t have the personnel to matchup with Majic and Tibbs in the post not to mention the fact that they have to deal with Tosti and Silton on the perimeter (if they show of course). I expect Strange to matchup with Majic and Smith to matchup with Tibbs and both of these should be mismatches. I stress the word SHOULD as Majic and Tibbs are veterans when it comes to losing games they should win. As a result I am not counting out Cheese and company fully so One Ball better not overlook Free Hat in this one.

8:40 PM – Overrated vs. Green Machine (+4.5) Game of the Week!

This is hands down the game of the week right here. Overrated wants to keep their streak alive while Green Machine wants to avoid dropping 2 straight. Something has to give but I like Overrated in this one. Overrated has looked superb top to bottom in the last 2 weeks and really have righted the ship after a week 1 disaster. Kerr and Dorey look like the league’s best 1-2 punch and I just don’t see the defense on GM that will stop them. If Tommy and Khalid can hit their threes this will be a game for sure but I am going to put the outcome in the hands of Malcolm’s defense. I am going to call out his defense right now as a matter of fact. I mean he couldn’t even block my layup last week at the end of the first half (ha to throw that in!). If Malcolm has a strong game defensively GM wins this one. Write that down!

9:30 PM – Hurricane Season vs. CAC Elite (and Serge) (-7)

This is a sneaky good game as Hurricane Season has really surprised so far this season. CAC Elite is the team to beat right now so HS has their hands full but I think they have the personnel to pull off the upset. I actually think BMul or Wilson can matchup with Terry reasonably well. I will say this: don’t put Nestler on Terry. Terry will eat him alive based on what I have seen. Wilson or BMul is the way to go and figure out the rest later. This should be a good game as both teams match up pretty well with each other. Simply put though whichever team is hitting the 3s will win since both love the long ball.

Good luck to all teams as we head smack dab into midseason form. Below see a quick rundown of my power rankings up to date.

Post Week 3 Power Rankings:

8. Free Hat: No wins and lack of chemistry puts them at the bottom. Defense is suspect too.

7. Just One Ball?: The talent is there in the starting 4 but the defense isn’t. Silton is the key to this team so they better get him going (and in attendance) fast.

6. X-Men: STAT is the new BMul. Neither are 1st rounders! Love you both though. No homo.

5. Hurricane Season: These guys have certainly exceeded expectations, but I want to see them beat one of the big boys first. This week perhaps? It’s possible.

4. Green Machine: Solid team but I feel like they are missing that one defensive piece. If Khalid and Tommy are hitting their 3s though, look out.

3. Moose Knuckles: Definitely a title contender (bias obviously) but our downfall will be offense. Plenty of defense here but can Ruff, JMul and KAP carry the load offensively? We will see.

2. Overrated: A lot to like here post week 1 as they seemed to have figured it out. Look for Overrated to be relevant at the end.

1. CAC Elite (and Serge): Serge is the key to this team. HA! Seriously though. Unbeaten, top 4 is super solid and trouncing people left and right. Team to beat right here. No pressure.

There you have it folks. LoW, Notables, Lines and Power Rankings. Thank me later. Have a good weekend everyone and please pray that I win money tomorrow.

Over and out.