A Draft Winter 11 Preview

Before Tibbs Takes his Talents to Corp 5v5

What no one wants to comment on the draft thread? Now you expect me to do a preview too?? And you all wonder why I’ve decided to take my (coverage) talents to the Corp 5v5 league on Monday night. Before I leave you in the very capable hands of Lauren McNamara, I’ll grace you with the preview that most of you have been clamoring for over gchat.

Now, the first reaction that everyone has had when looking at the draft board or the teams has been, ‘wow, thin league this season, huh?’ I think everyone is doing a disservice to the guys that are playing in this league. Sure you’re missing out on talented and vocal players like myself, THend, RoY, and O’Cal this season, but this is a solid group of players and they’re ready to battle it out all season long. That’s the great thing about the draft leagues, the teams will be even across the board no matter what. It’s really wide open this season.

And it goes without saying that the winner of the A draft would absolutely whoop up on the winner of the B Draft, right Matty?!?

On to the preview!

7 – My Legend Killers 
Captain – BFab – James Bartelle (R), Khalid, Raj, Nolan Ostrander (R), Tomas (R)
BFab shocked the draft board early by taking a rookie, and a complete unknown with the #1 overall pick. After talking about taking SMul or Majic, not to mention leaving Kerr on the board, BFab went with video highlights (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5anCBtDqXrU) over CAC Career Stats. I’m not saying it was the wrong move, but that’s putting a LOT of stock in a guy that’s never played at Wall Ball Arena and might not even like the 4v4 format. Khalid is no slouch, Raj can hold his own in the paint and Tomas will be a nice weapon off the bench (we hope) but it all comes back to Bartelle. Unless of course Nolan Ostrander is really KO in disguise. Now THAT would be a genius stroke worthy of the man behind the Former Evil Empire. But since I doubt it, this team is going to have to work its way up from the bottom.

Captain – Chanel – JMul (R), Watson, John Mills (R), House, Jake Poling (R)
A like the pieces on this team, but I think it’s going to take them a while to figure out how to play together. As usual, Chanel has drafted one of the most potent offenses in the league, but will anyone bother to play defense? With the last pick in the first round, Chanel took John Mulholland, setting a CAC record for most siblings taken in the first round of a draft (3), most combined inches from siblings (228), and most overrated siblings ever. That covers about all the records. Watty can carry the load offensively, that I don’t doubt. And I’m not gonna lie, House was a STEAL in the fourth round (wtf?!) and Poling should be a solid rookie (he’s a staffer, I have to say that). If Mills is any good as Mals talked him up to be (as much as you can talk up a stranger you met on the train going to Foxboro) then this team could be dangerous. But like I said, I expect them to take at least half the season to gel and figure each other out.

5 – Sexy Feet
Captain – Covert – Mytro, Dorey, TSpin, Jono, Hinks
Covert’s trying to erase the memory of last season’s effort with a much better team name and what should be a much better roster. The pieces just look like they’re going to fit. Mytro and Dorey paired together should be tough for any team to slow down. This is the first time in a year that Dorey’s played without Kurtzer’s knee braces clacking in the background but with Mytrocity’s favorite enforcer, TSpin, the TONE WILL BE SET! He’s the guy no one wants to play against. Jono provides solid offense and will get a ton of open looks, while Hinks (after fixing our website so it stops crashing) will be looking to stay on the A Draft all-time Assist leader board. I just like how these pieces fit together, don’t let me down boys. Covert won’t have me to flip off every week, but I expect him to have big games on the boards so this team doesn’t have to play undersized all season long.

4 – Citizen Clown
Captain – Cheese – BMul, Nate DeGroot (R), Kaif, KAP, Matty Bells (R)
Cheese wanted to remind everyone who the defending BRICK champ is. You go Cheese, sure you’re the only one still on the team (even Wilson is the only other one in the league this season) but that doesn’t mean you can’t ferociously defend the title. MACHO, give us our BRICK!!
For the first 3 rounds of the draft, Cheese obviously had defense in mind with the offense revolving around BMul. Good strategy, assuming DeGroot lives up to his sign-up (no one ever does) and Kaif gives you a bit more on O than he did Chanel last season with all those chuckers (Vladi) on his team.
BUT then disaster struck. Staring down a guy in the top 10 of the draft APR, Cheese just couldn’t resist taking the man, the myth, the LEGEND, Matt Kaplan. The guy hasn’t won a title since 2005. Sure Cheese helped break my streak last season, but how much magic do you expect him to work. I expect Kap to be a cancer to this team on the boards AND on the floor. Even draft Matty Bells in the fifth round (and saving him from playing with BFAB) and all his team-first karma (leading the league in “LET’S GOOOOOOO”s) won’t be enough to make up for the whirlwind disaster that is Matt Kaplan.

3 – The White Sheet
Captain – Macho – Majic, Kurt, Kurtzer, Kuz, Abrigal Forrester (R)
Macho just knows what he’s doing. He always gets the #2 or #3 pick in a draft and has a contender. He’s taken TWO teams into the playoffs with unblemished records. He’s taken Majic to TWO finals. So why wouldn’t he draft him #2 over all after BFab left him high and dry. I’ll tell you why he *shouldn’t* have, they’ve lost the last two title games they’ve played together! One blemished an undefeated season (and that team would have been the first, not that disaster of Write It Off that everyone hates). Last season, as you all should know, they were so unlucky that TIBBS was able to break a 7 game losing streak in Finals games with a win over Pour Out A Little Liquor. So yea, maybe he should have passed on Majic. Don’t get me wrong, this roster is great with all the right role players around Majic. Kurt has been alternating good and bad seasons and is due for a good one this time around, Kurtzer finally jumped up draft boards and Kuz is ALWAYS underrated. If Forrester can bring a little something to the table, this team should be a regular season juggernaut. They shouldn’t be considered title favorites, given the Macho/Majic, history, however.

2 – Wicked Automatic 
Captain – Mals – Kerr, Wilson, Fraher, Belletti, Chuck Osgood (R)
This ranking is even assuming that ‘Chuck’ Osgood isn’t Sean in disguise. Mals, as a first time captain, had a hell of a draft. His plan coming in got thrown for a loop when Chris Kerr fell into his lap with the #5 pick. I mean are you people serious?! Letting Kerr fall to #5?! You all deserve the pain he’s going to inflict on you for letting him slide. Sure he had a ‘down’ season, as much as any guy can while still putting up MVP type numbers, but I blame most of that on Lau. And I think he would too! Fraher’s elbow J, Belletti’s 3 and Wilson’s hustle (not to mention championship experience) make this team a contender! I don’t care if you don’t agree with me, this team is solid. And Osgood could have been a steal in round 5. I’m excited for the possibilities of this squad.

1 – Slaughterhouse Six
Captain – Gerrity – SMul, BArms (R), Ollquest, MacGregor, Dodd (R)
I can no longer deny Gerrity’s draft prowess. Sure he’s a sh!tty GM if he’s expected to put together a team and enter it into a league, but give him a player list with a couple day’s notice and he puts on a tour de drafting force. Sticking with SMUL is a great start, and given his recent history, we can expect either BArms or Ollquest to be in the MVP discussion this season. SMUL is the common factor behind the ONLY guards to EVER be named MVP (that aren’t named O’Cal). Kahana and Tracy both played with Scott. It’s no longer a coincidence. To build a pyramid of greatness

 (http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/201 … -jumbo.jpg) you need a solid base, SMul is IT.
BArms is going to tear up the league on both ends of the floor, Ollquest is going to be even more comfortable at wall ball, and oh look MacGregor gets to play with Scott again too. That’s what, 4 out of 5 seasons? With Dodd moving up from the B Draft, solid defender, hustle guy this team will be impossible to score on. The weakness? Sometimes that’s not enough in the playoffs. Ollquest needs to take on more of a shooter’s mentality this season. But they’re easily the team to beat to open things up.