A1 Fall 08 Awards

Because You’ve waited so long…

This is for those of you that don’t have access to the message boards.  Here’s a hint, sign-up for it!  That way I can hear all your complaints.  On second thought…

MVP – Chris ‘The Majic Man’ Maciejczak, Trickeration – Despite my hardest efforts, I couldn’t really justify giving this award to anyone else. At least last time around I had O’Cal to bail me out, but not this time around. I really can’t deny the second best PR in the league, the top overall seed, and an obviously very healthy knee from earning this award. Yea Majic, you’ve got an MVP on your mantle, but don’t expect me to just start handing them to you now, you’ve got to earn them all!!
Runners Up: Billy Durbrow, Jason Gallagher, KO

RoY – Chris Kerr, Hanzo Steel – Really, this was no competition, as from the outset The Camero beat everyone off the starting line and cruised to the finish. There was nothing Kerr couldn’t do this past season, from inside the paint or out, and his 3v3 battle royale with Majic will be a game remembered for a long, long time. Kerr will be looking to back up his RoY award next season when he comes back and puts himself in the hunt for the MVP race. He can’t get picked much higher than # 2, but taking him # 1 certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea.
Runner Up: Patrick Titta, James Allen

GM of the Year – Brandon Dorey, Weapon X – The best strategy I’ve heard of so far was used by the Ragin’ Bull, and it earned him elite GM status after just his first season behind the captaining wheel. You know what it is, he decided that he’s draft all the players that he absolutely hates playing against, in order to avoid playing against them throughout the season. Sound strategy really, and it paid off as his squad finished tied with the best record in the league, and at press time, a chance to go to the finals.
Runner Up: The Harvey/Majic combo that held Trickeration together through injury, loss and natural disaster.

5th Man of the Year – Nim Cohen, Macho Madness – When are teams going to learn that Nim can let it fly from downtown and he isn’t hesitant at all? Every season in the A1 his scoring average has gone up and his teammates confidence in him his growing as well. Despite coming off the bench he was key to many of the Madness wins, as they were 4-1 when he scored in double figures on the season. His draft value has definitely sky rocketed with his play both in the A1 this season, and the B1 North, we’ll see if the award convinces some captain to insert him into the starting line up in the Winter!

MIP: Kaif Thompson, Trickeration – Sure K took a season off from Wall Ball Arena, but he returned to the A1 and immediately made his mark this season. His Defense, amazingly, returned stronger than ever while he flashed a drastically improved offensive game. It’s a good thing he stepped up too, since Trickeration was hit hard by injuries and needed every healthy body to be able to toss it in from downtown. His improved play helped a long way in bringing Trickeration the # 1 overall seed, and was a much needed defensive presence for his squad.
Runner Up: Mixtape

Defensive PoY – Sam Quinn, Sensational Fellacio – It’s only been two seasons, and is Squinn getting by on reputation already?? Sure I nix him from picking up the occasional boarderline block from my perch on the balcony, for fear that he’ll over take me, but what’s the harm in that? Quinn can shut down any big in the league, and will need to run the gauntlet of bigs should he want to help lead Fellacio to the promised land.
Runner Up: Zack Toth

Offensive PoY – Ian Tosti, Sensational Fellacio – We can just name this award after Tosti now, right? I mean seriously, it doesn’t matter the league, T’n’Tosti can just flat out score. If Tommy K can take the RoY moniker, why can’t Tosti adapt the OpoY ñ OoY ñ Opy? I like Opy (especially if pronounced Oopie) and will now just refer to him as such. But back to my point, the kid can flat out shoot, what more do I need to say? When will captains realize this and draft him earlier rather than later??
Runner Up: Tom Duncan

The Devoted – This season I’m giving a bit of love to the guys that made every single game throughout the season. Sure, sometimes it’s good fortune that they dodged injury, but these guys showed up no matter what, putting off family, drinking, their mom’s delicious homemade dinners, everything. It’s probably no coincidence that these gym rats would make a formidable couple of teams as well.
Majic, Kaif, Dorey, Kariuki, O’Cal, Derek Brown, Roache, Big Ticket, Cheese, Super Mario

CAC All-Defensive Team
Squinn – Becoming a solid building block to form your team around
Superboy – Take it from someone who knows, you don’t want Superboy taking permanent residency in your head. He never vacates once in.
Bdurbrow – Must be nice to be so young and athletic
MJD – The backbone to the ‘D’ that the Breaths played

All-CAC 1st Team
Majic – Only 1 All-Star from the top seed? That’s how important Majic was to Trickeration
Chris Kerr – The Camero could drive any team in the league
Billy Durbrow – EZ Breezes to another first team nod.
KO – Put up MVP numbers and the glue that held DSL together

All-CAC 2nd Team
Jason Gallagher – Go ahead and try to stop that turn around, I dare you, but you can’t
Top Dog Duncan – Duncan thinks his game has gotten more selfish, but it’s fo the good of his team, and the league, now if he’d only be more vocal on the boards
Ragin’ Bull – I’ve got to stop letting All-stars be captains….
MJD – Without him, the Breaths struggled mightly, more like whimpers

All-CAC 3rd Team
RoY – Sure I don’t ‘appreciate’ him enough, but until he becomes part of the staff, that will continue to be the case (so permanently)
Mixtape – This should ease the pain of the MIP ìsnubî, but once again, finishes a place behind Tommy K
Big Ticket – Can do it all a True Renaissance Man
T’N’Tosti – By far the most balanced of his A1 seasons to date ñ the leading scorer in the league is only third team!!