A1 MVP Discussion

No Foolin’ Around

With only 3 games left in the regular season, itís time for me to start thinking about the awards.  The first award I always decide on is the MVP award, as everything else usually falls into place after I determine that.  Last season was just a two-horse race, and there was no way I was giving it to a (fat and outta shape) rookie, so it was easy to decide.  This season, it ainít so easy.  Please note, neither of last season’s finalists even make this list!

As far as I can tell, there are 6 very worth candidates.  The only problem is, each of them has at least one fatal flaw that prevents them from standing head & shoulders above the rest of the pack.  So I decided to list out the Case For and Case Against.  I still canít decide, so Iím asking the help of the general public.  After reading the mini-bio for each baller, go to the message boards and vote in the poll as to who you think should be this seasonís A1 MVP.  Please note, I may not choose whomever the general consensus pick is.  This isnít like voting for a president, in the end, Iím the final voice on who gets the award! (Iíve never seen so little power go straight to someoneís head).


Trevor McAndrew

Case For: 2nd in the League in Player Rater, averaging 30/11 over the course of the season.  His teamís slow start has been erased thanks to winning 4 in a row.  Theyíre playing without his first round (Phi Slamma Jamma) pick all season long.  With a win next week, could claim the 4th seed in the playoffs.

Case Against: Still Jacks too many 3s for at best, a middle of the road team.  McWhaadrew may be the most girl-ish nickname to ever be in an MVP discussion.


Alex Delpleche

Case For: Heís Al Smooth, scoring 32 ppg and the 3rd highest PR.  Helped carry a team that was picked 9th to a 5-5 record and 6th seed in the playoffs.

Case Against: Has only played in 6 of his teamís 10 games.  His team has lost 3 in a row to end the season (he was in attendance for 2 of those games).  Doesnít seem to want to take over until crunch time


Jared Perrine

Case For: Averaging 24 ppg for 2nd best offense in the league, near career high 5 assists per game, unselfishly picked up the D while adjusting to a lesser role on offense.  For the 2ndstraight season playing on the team with the best overall record.

Case Against: 13th in the Player Rater and might not be the best scorer on his own team.  Playing with too many scorers (3 guys over 18ppg) and playing with the reigning MVP helpful. Has the unfair advantage of being ërejuvenatedî by new baller in his life.  Like last season, has to face Tibbs in the 1st round of the playoffs.


Ian Urquhart

Case For: 2nd round draft pick was an offensive machine the first 5 weeks of the season, carrying Black Donnellys to a perfect record.  Only 2nd round draft pick on this list and averaging 26 ppg.  Finds a way to play well with Mixtape on his squad.

Case Against:  Lost 3 of the last 5, and one win came without the Hitman on the opposing bench.  19th in the PR, as a lack of assists (and defense?) really hurt his numbers.  Seemed to tail off in the second half of the season.


Tommy Kahana

Case For: Putting up 27 ppg while still finding the possessions to dish out 6.4 assists per game, 2nd in the league.  With 2 games left, could end up leading the league in steals (2.5 the leader, heís at 2.38). Crashing the boards at an unprecedented rate for a pg, grabbing more than 8 rebounds per game.  That 27/8/6.4/2.3 line looks more impressive when put all together.

Case Against: He plays with 2 other top 10 guys in the PR, that he canít help but rack up the assists.  Team ëDefenseî giving up 89 ppg while focusing on outgunning everyone.  Could finish as high as 3rd and a low as 6th in the seedings.  Team not showing up for 2 games may be reflection of his leadership skills.


Jon Mazzone

Case For:  Completely changed his game to fit in with his teammates.  No longer hoisting as many ill-advised threes, instead charging to the hoop and getting to the line at will.  5th in the PR with an average line of 29.5/11.  Puts up these numbers despite my constant heckling and reminders of how bad he really is.

Case Against: Still hoists the occasional ill-advised 3.  Defense questionable at best, Plays with 2 other top 10 guys in the PR.  Already missed 2 of 8 team games.  Could finish as high as 3rd and a low as 6th in the seedings.