A1 Summer 08 Awards

It’s GP’s World and We’re Just Living in It

In a season that was dominated by rookie sensations, I had a whole lot of tough choices to make. You know what that means, they’ll be plenty of arguments from nearly everyone that got ‘snubbed’ or left off a ballot. But you’ll have to deal with my choices, as this is definitely NOT a democracy, but more of an unwilling dictatorship. So here’s the Summer 08 batch of awards on the eve of the playoffs, let the Quest for the Brick begin!

MVP ñ Greg Poulos, Cat Fight ñ Sergeís first pick didnít go to waste this season and as expected, GP has absolutely owned the league. Easily the highest PR in the league as he led in scoring AND rebounding. Sure some of that is a reflection of circumstances, but I can’t think of another player this season that could have done it if called upon. The question becomes whether it translates to postseason success and over to the Fall 08 league against tougher comp.
Runners Up: Tom Duncan, Kevin Ostrander

RoY ñ Mike Dinh, Let’s Duet ñ Once again, Duncan is coming up just short and has to settle for a second place finish in both the MVP and RoY categories. Sorry man, I’m sure it’s something he’ll remember should he and Dinh meet in the playoffs. But MJ D takes this award, leading Let’s Duet to the best record in the league and dropping 3 TripleDubs along the way. Plus he gets bonus points for dragging the Secret Asian Man to C.A.C. every week to take the game footage for his squad. Not a bad way to break into the league at all. If teams can’t stop you, keep doing what works Dinh!
Runners Up: Duncan, Billy Durbrow, Brandon Dorey

GM ñ Cheese, Passing Ruffians ñ Took a stab in the dark with Billy Durbrow and it paid off. Most would argue that Billy could have been R.o.Y. so Cheese is more than happy with his first round pick. Took a stab in the dark with Tom Madden, and it paid off (for half the season anyway). Cheese then surrounded himself with known guys Toth and MacGregor to round out a very potent team on both ends of the court. Also it’s helpful that the GM has motivated Cheese the player to have one of his best seasons while at Wall Ball Arena. Impressive stuff indeed.
Runners Up: Raj, Tibbs

Defensive PoY ñ Brandon Dorey, JUGGernaut – With no clear cut winner I went for a surprise guy that didn’t necessarily lead in any of the statistical categories. But anchoring the best team D in the league, Dorey was able to pressure ball handlers the length of the court and be a phsyical presence at the same time by grabbing boards and playing some excellent help defense. Quibble all you want, but I’m sticking with a standout rookie for this one.
Runners Up: Sam Quinn, Tommy K, KO

5th Man of the Year – Chris Harvey, 6 For the 9s – Sure others had a better statistical case (Deets) but Harvey was the comical glue that held 6 For the 9s together through the rough patches. And I’m not just talking about his teams cracking up at his ‘game’. I’m talking actual intentional comedy that Cake&Sprinkles provides week in and week out, cracking jokes, and picking on the other team. Oh yea, he occasionally adds a long 3 or remembers he’s not 5’6″ and grabs some boards. Cakes&Sprinkles does it all!
Runner Up: Wayne Deets

Defensive Team
Ragin’ Bull – DPoY headlines a squad that you’d be lucky to score 55 ppg against.
KO – Nearly impossible to score on when he’s focused at both ends of the court and pulls in enough rebounds to starve the rest of his squad
Sam Quinn – Was often overlooked with all the highscoring rookies this season, but made his splash on the defensive end and outside the stat sheet as a help guy in the paint
Tommy K – Steals leader gets it done by cheating off his man and darting into the passing lanes, sneaky sob

1st Team
GP – MVP of the League, cleaned up in the PR, but the biggest hurdle is yet to come, carrying Cat Fight to a Brick
KO – Monster season for KO as he played his best ball in Wall Ball Arena, hopefully he has enough in the tank to make a deep run in the postseason
Dinh – RoY honors gets a first team nod most seasons, and this one is no different
Duncan – Runner Up to the MVP and RoY finally gets a little love with a first team nod in his Rookie Season

2nd Team
Dorey – The Ragin’ Bull made a splash in the A1 his first go-round and added an interview in the Corner to top it off 
Kahana – Somehow, someway snuck Fogell into the playoffs, oh I know how, 2nd in scoring and 1st in steals.
Durbrow ñ A first team-er with more games played, or after another season under his belt, but a heck of a way to break into the league. Could he be a top pick next season?
JGall – Many criticized O’Cal for picking Gall in the first round and then he goes out and has a Monster season, no wonder O’Cal has so many Bricks…

3rd Team
BFrat – Put up monster numbers this season that are sure to set expectations way to high heading into the Fall ’08 Draft
Cheese – Put up career high numbers in A1 after conscienously recommiting himself to the sport in the offseason and is still regulated to 3rd team honors. What’s else does he have to do?
TJ – Only made 6 games this season, but made every single one count with a monster effort
JRod – Hitman had a tough season with the squad, but not individually as his numbers still show him as one of the top ballers in the L

Waiting for a Call-Upñ These are the guys that legitamitely have a case to at least be on the third team, but probably because of my bias weren’t mentioned. Thought I’d at least give them a little love (and find a place to at least mention myself).
Toth, Raj, BWad, Sweens, T’N’Tosti, Wrobz, Kurt, Tibbs