A1 Winter 08 Awards

A Wide Open Season

Well this is the moment that most of you have been waiting for, now that the playoff seeds are set.  There really isn’t much more that can be said that hasn’t already about this Wide Open MVP race, so on to the Awards!

MVP – Trevor McAndrew, Wide Open – After hemming and hawing, getting a public concensous (TMac over Hitman 12-10), a vote from the captains (3 way tie with TMac, Hitman, and Mazzone) I went back to my initial feelings on the award.  Despite the girly nickname, that has officially stuck, it was his to lose.  His squad, without their first round pick, battled hard all season long, winning 4 of 5 to finish at .500 for the season.  It helped that he drafted a great team of ìrole playersî as the Hitman put it, and shouldered most of the load, leading the league in PR.  This team could do big things in the playoffs, so look out, and yes Billy, Iím still under appreciating your contributions.

Runners Up: Hitman, Mazzone, ICU, in that order


The Hillary Clinton MVP – Tommy Kahana, Together We Can – For continuing to campaign until the bitter end even when it was clear his candidacy was not going to win.  Here are just a few snippets from RoY over the past couple days.

“You should have co-mvp’s, me and Mazz”

“I would have said me or Mazzone, but since that’s out, I don’t think any of the others deserve it over either of us”

“Well we’re the best two players on the best team 7-1 when my guys aren’t hurt, and we’re both playing as well if not better than anyone”

Tommy, it’s OK, the race is over, you lost..

Runner Up: Hitman


Rookie of the Year – Mike Arsenault, Together We Can – Started out hot, ended up hot, so weíll ignore those couple of games where he was injured in the middle of the season.  What games you ask?  I don’t know.  The man that many thought could be the MVP of  his own team, dropped a stellar line of 25/12 in his inaugural season.  I can tell you this, if he decides to come back next season, he wonít be sitting there in the third round for Tommy to gobble up.

Runners Up:  Mike Davis, Corey Draffen, J-Loh, Tyler Putnum


Defensive PoY – Mike Davis, Black Donnellys – After every game this season, the opposition’s opposing guard always came away impressed with Mike’s tenacity on defense.  He never gave up on any possession and was always in his manís face.  He wasnít just all about the points, and for that reason, he’s this season’s DPoY (not nearly as catchy as RoY, is it?)

Runners Up: Mr. Everything, Tyler Putnum


5th Man of the Year – Tim Hinkel, Hurtin’ For A Squirtin’ – The WebMaster was on point all season long, averaging a line of 4/5/5 with limited run.  I blame O’Cal for that, as he wanted to be the one to rack up all the assists and only played himself.  I should probably mention that it was the game-winner over Al Smooth that wrapped up this award, and the #1 seed, for his squad.

Runners Up: Jim Kopriva, Kevy Kev, Macho


Most Improved – Mike Laptewicz, Wrecking Crew – Lappy finally gets a nod for an award that he feels he’s deserved for a few season’s now.  But really, it’s hard not to boost your assist stats when the guys youíre passing to immediately jack up shots.  They’re bound to go in eventually.  But seriously, nice work keeping it all together man!

Runners Up: Kurt (big jump in the numbers this season)


GM of the Year – Tom Kahana, Together We Can –   The steal of the draft, the R.o.Y. in the third round put him over the top.  Did he know MArs was going to be as successful as he was? Did he do a little pre-draft scounting/recruiting? Weíll never know, as the man is secretive, but we do know that he took a team of gunners and had them legitimately enjoy playing with each other all season long.  Thatís not easy to do.

Runners Up: OíCal, Mark Allyn


All Defensive Team

Mike Davis – Made a splash on both ends of the floor

Billy Fratelli – Mr. Intensity on the defensive end, getting by on reputation?

Mr. Everything – Always out-hustles you, boxes you out, and scraps for loose balls

Tyler Putnum – Can guard any position and is always flying around for boards



1st Team

Trevor – MVP perks include the 1st team, but no free beers from me

Al Smooth – He just keeps on doing his thing

Mazzone – Will only fuel his ego

JayGall – This will fuel the sibling rivalry


2nd Team

KO – One man crew once Finn went down

Hitman – 2nd team?? I just keep fueling the fire

Kahana – Made it a point of emphasis to increase his assist totals.

ICU – MVP favorite for half the season, becoming a household name


Honorable Mention

OíCal – Reigning MVP passes the crown, but definitely not because he slipped

Majic Man – They love to just knock you down once youíre built up

MArs – Made a splash as a rookie and went easy on the rims

OD – Led the League in Rebounds and holds the 3pointers made record

Corey – Fewest props on a great team, but here are some

OíKeefe – The main man on an inconsistent squad 40+ppg

DGall – whew, just snuck on, you didnít think Iíd leave him off, did you?