A1 Winter 10 Awards

Not a whole lot to say in terms of introduction. Just that writing these out today got me re-energized about the league and excited to pump out write-ups and previews for the playoffs! Great season fellas, I hope to see you all back for the Spring edition!

MVP – Terry Henderson, Cabo Wabo Leo – You know how much this hurts?? First the Jumpman goes and wins a brick, in no small part to passing the ball, then a couple seasons later he’s the clear MVP winner (in this scribe’s eyes). The only team more widely scoffed at to start the season than Gerrity’s was Macho’s, and look what Henderson went and did. Made you all that had the team at #5 in the preseason look like fools. They’re the top seed, another for Macho, when we naming that GM award after him, and have won 5 in a row heading into the post season. No one thought he and Davenport and Vladi would have enough shots to go around. He finished 4th in points, 3rd in boards and SIXTH in assists. What is Wall Ball coming too?

RoY – Sean Osgood, Gonna Get Snooki’D – Surprised aren’t you?? I decided that this season there were enough ‘new to CAC’ rookies that I was only going to use those, not a guy like Jeff Hall who’s been around Wall Ball Arena once or twice. He helped lead a team that was picked 8th to start the season and a giant question mark to contender. He finished 7th in points and tops in the highly over-rated and misunderstood Defensive Player Rater. Heck of a statistical season for Osgood and if he can play at the same level during his first taste at Wall Ball Arena, might get me my first Brick since ’06. No pressure man.

All RoY Team
Sean Osgood – RoY!! RoY!!
Zach Rocha – One of the best shooters in the league
Mike Byrd – More steals than Rondo
Derek Luangrath – More than solid off the bench for DOA

Offensive PoY – Chris Maciejczak, Purple Haze – Majic Man not only played well for a Serge captain’ed team, but he was missing BMul and BFrat for various weeks and still managed to help the squad secure the #6 seed in a very competitive league. One of only two guys to let fly over 100 3s on the season, Majic is never afraid to let it fly. Plus, we all know I cap any game he plays in so that he can never have more than four assists. Clearly that’s the reason his average is so low, right??
Runner Up: O’Cal, Durbrow

Defensive PoY – Scott Mulholland, New Evil Empire – I can take little solace in the fact that I tied SMul for the league lead in blocks this season. The entire reason I want the All-Time Stats updated is because I own the A1 career record for blocks. Well last season Smul came into the A1, took my regular season title, and as you can see, has little interest in slowing down anytime soon. He’s the perfect anchor for the wondering Durbrow and plays get help D as well as on his man. There aren’t enough things you can say about his effort and hustle. I think we’re going to have to just name this award after Scott so I can start giving it out to someone else.

All Defensive Team
SMul – You can’t score on the DPoY!
Byrd – Second All-something team! Kid had an impact!
OCal – Didn’t just lead the best O
Kerr – You try and take him

GM – Mike Gerrity, Death of Auto-Draft – Gerrity can join the uber-exclusive list of A1 champs in their first season as captain if he can bring his team the distance. Everyone scoffed when it looked like he was modeling his team after nova’s famous 4 guard offense. No one is laughing now that DOA, with the best O in the league, looks good enough to go the distance in the playoffs. Gerrity came in with a plan and stuck to it, getting all his guys and making this team work perfectly.
Runner Up: Macho

5th Man – Derek Luangrath, Death of Auto-Draft – Back to back award winners for DOA! Derek had a good enough rookie season to be on the All-RoY team, but was still ok with coming off the bench for DOA much of the season. The kid didn’t care how much or when he was playing, he just cared about giving 110% MORE than the guy across from him. His hustle was infectious and without it DOA wouldn’t be the threat to win the title that they are.

Most Improved – Mike Fraher, Bangers – Thrust into a starting roll, the Ghost finally let the rest of the league know what BFab already did, Fraher can play! Sure he’s been a fifth round pick the last couple season, but check the guy’s game, he’s Mr. Consistent, even if the rest of the league thinks he’s invisible. We see you know Fraher!

#1 Stunner Award – Free Throws
 – Now, you all know I don’t usually mix it up with awards, I stick to my script and give you guys as much insight as I possibly can since I’m sick of talking about you all by this point (notice last week’s writeups up yet? Me either). However, a couple things jumped out at me this season now that we’ve got all our stats online. First is that obviously Majic shoots too many 3s. Second is that atrocious rate at which A1ers shoot freethrows. Fellas, I thought you’re supposed to be good shooters. I finished 2nd in the league in percentage at 74, just behind Kaplan’s 75%. I haven’t been good at free throws since 3rd grade when I wore sweatpants to games. Now that you know the stats are online, get your sh!t together before next season CACers!

Big Tymers Award – Rebounds – Staying with the Stunner theme, the Big Tymers Award is going out to rebounds. We had a shocking 16 guys average double digits on the boards this season. That’s either a consentrated effort on crashing the boards by the leagues bigs (and O’Cal) or a lot more missed shots than the A1 is used to. Hmm, yea I think my free throw observations covered that.

All Star Squads
All Star game will be played on April 12th @ 9:20 PM after the A1 Finals! Everyone on the below lists is invited to play! Fill-ins determined by poll on the message boards

1st Team

Henderson – MVP will go to the Jumpman’s head
Durbrow – Snubbed? His only mention!
O’Cal – Will obviously say he doesn’t deserve it, he does
Majic – Will say he DOES deserve it

2nd Team
Hall – Mr. Clutch came through for Spike Lee Joint all season
Dorey – Couldn’t quite carry Weapon X to the post season
Osgood – That’s how a rookie has an impact
SMul – DPoY! Now will he go round 1??

Honorable Mention

Kerr – Carried Situation without Lanfear
Preston – Impact too big to ignore even with only 5 gp
Davenport – As soon as he figures out layups…
DRuff – Focused on things other than scoring