A2/B1 East Summer 08 Awards: Guest Blogger Gripp

With the Playoffs Starting, Everyone’s Favorite Wednesday scorekeeper has taken the time to dole out some awards for the A2 and B1 East.  Hear what Gripp has to say, and get on the message boards to share your thoughts!


For my last post of the evening…some A2 recognition and you might say Big Nice got too much credit, which is weird cuz’ i don’t even like them!

MVP- Preston Raymond, Black Fist Despite my friend crush on OíCal I have to disagree to his A2 MVP pick. Not that Mazzone isnít having a great season but if you take away Mazzone I still think Big Nice would be successful as they are packed full of talent. On the other side, Black Fist is having their career season but wouldnít even come close without PStone. Heís sometimes singlehandedly outrebounding the entire other team and every basket is hard earned. He is well deserving and I am always right!
Runner Up: John Mazzone, Big Nice

Offensive Performer of the Year aka 3 Point Chucker of the Year– Ed Finn, Big Nice Big Nice is just scooping up awards this season but the league is small and they are clearly the offensive front runners. Plus how can you forget that game(pre Tibbs spraining his ankle) that he almost broke the 3 point record….until AK clamped down on D. Either way, Fizzle can score.
Runners Up: Tom Duncan, PGB, John Mazzone, Big Nice

Defensive Player of the Year– John Mazzone Here he is finally getting some credit of his own. His 2 blocks and 3 steals a game were the catalyst behind Big Nice’s success. I know it seems Big Nice is stealing all the awards from the league but I’ll let the numbers and their record speak for itself.
Runners Up: Carl Clary, Black Fist, Brian Darcy, Genzyme

GM of the Year– somebody, Big Nice I know you’re all praise mongers so go ahead and yell it out, take credit for formulating the finest A2 squad this side of the Mason-Dixon line. We’ll just forget about that one regular season loss, well I won’t. Turin, do you wanna call dibs as GM of this team too?

Rookie of the Year- Jeff Hughes, Vance Refrigeration So yeah, Vance hasnít won a game this season but lucky for them they made it to playoffs anyways since the B 5-5 league attracted much of the A2 usuals and left us with only 7 teams. I don’t think you can argue that Hughes was the best fresh face CAC has seen since Tibbs back in 2004(okay that might be a stretch but I’m biased).

5th Man Award– Jeff Hrkach, Jay Sartori, Big Nice On a team that technically has Jay Sar coming off the bench, you know you’re in trouble. He never disappointed as he proved he is one of the best players in the Wall Ball arena. This was my first chance seeing Hrkach and I gotta say, me likey. He plays harder than anyone and the two of these guys traded off and provided the depth Big Nice needed to be so successful this season.

The Gripp Team
Wednesdays are long and the last thing I want to see is whining and arguing with teammates, opponents, and refs. Ironically, I would probably never be nominated to my self titled award but when on the sidelines, there is nothing I appreciate more than the players who work their asses off and do so with finesse and composure. The members of the inaugural Gripp Team include:

OíCal– Yes this is my attempt at buttering him up after not picking Mazz as MVP and lets just say I like him much better without a whistle.
Carl– Always a hard worker and takes an avid interest in his team’s overall success
Collin– Really buckles down during games and despite never winning one plays every game like the game is on the line
Glenn– Typically the most deceiving player on the court, absolutely dominates his opponents

1st Team: Preston Raymond, John Mazzone, Brandon Dorey, Michael Fritz
2nd Team: Ed Finn, Tom Duncan, Nick DS, Brian Darcy

Defensive Team: John Mazzone, Carl Clary, Brian Darcy, Preston Raymond

My apologies to Count It, who are probably unfairly placed under my decision making as I rarely get to see them play, Billett as you’ll notice a lack of recognition but hey attendance will cost ya and as per usual, all complaints can be directed to my publicist, Tibbs, jason@cacbasketball.com

B1 East

Thank you all for some pleasurable Wednesday nights, the league was huge so donít feel sad if your name doesnít get mentioned just come back next season! Let the Disagreements commence….

MVP– Mike Sweeney, Sullivan’s Tap When he’s not drinking from the tap, he’s playing for the Tap, perhaps unbeknownst to the bar, and they couldn’t succeed without him at either place. Imagine all that extra beer they’d have during Celtics season without Sweeney around. I always imagine going in to Sullivan’s Tap and seeing a picture of the team on the wall and instead of beer nuts, orange slices for the customers. None of that is probably true but after a long and arduous decision making process, I concluded Sweens deserves MVP. He might not have the highest player rater but he has the highest impact on his team. The Hefty Lefty comes to play every week and this season even started hitting foul shots.
Runners Up: Mike “Who Throws a Shoe” Albert, Gym Shoes + Jersey, Greg Polin, SOMF

Offensive Performer of the Year aka 3 Point Chucker of the Year– Josh Bruno, The Firm The guy leads the league in player rater by a hair and you ask why he is snubbed for MVP honors!? Well, despite The Firmís outstanding record this season, theyíve found some ways to become a better rounded team with each player being a vital ingredient in their recipe for success. But there is no denying Bruno of top notch offensive performance as even in a game where you think heís off to a slow start, heíll finish with 30 points. Heís always the guy hitting the clutch buckets and poses perhaps the toughest defensive match up in the league. Did I mention he took 30 3 point attempts one game!?
Runner Up: Bill Buckley, The Ax Men

Defensive Player of the Year– Mike Albert, Gym Shoes + Jersey Get out of his house and if you donít you might find yourself struck by a shoe. Even when he isnít using clothing as defense, he pretty much keeps the paint on lock down. Averaging over 2 blocks a game, I canít tell you how many people got the bitter taste of leather from being denied by him. An all around great player but plays defense like a machine. Must be nice to have this guy cleaning up the paint for you!
Runners Up: Eric Doyley, Woodside, Josh Bruno, The Firm

Rookie of the Year– Bobby Colantonio, Bone Crushers Though we didnít always see eye to eye on his number of blocks each game, there is no denying Bobby C was the most well rounded new comer to the B1 East. There were a lot of newbies this summer but after my magic 8 ball told me: ask again later, I decided to go with Bobby C. A good shooter and an even better defender, I say look out for the Crushers in the playoffs!
Runners Up: Greg Polin, SOMF, Mike Cadman, Bone Crushers, Pat Fidler, The Ax Men

GM of the Year– Somebody, Bone Crushers This was the hardest award for me to decide as there are some returning teams who made just the right adjustments and some new teams full of talent. It came down to the fact that Bone Crushers handed The Firm their only loss of the season so they must have something going right in the front office. I apologize for not knowing who your GM is, feel free to let me know and I’ll adjust accordingly.
5th Man Award– Scott Ellinwood, Gym Shoes Heís probably more of the 4th man as he usually starts every game, but I feel he often goes without enough press. Averaging 11 points and 8 rebounds he could easily be the go to guy on many teams but on Gym Shoes is more of a role player. Itís tough when Not Fat Albert is hogging all the positive press about your team but Scott is definitely a crucial part of Gym Shoes and every time his defenders underestimate him, he sneaks in for a big game.

*The Gripp Team*
Wednesdays are long and the last thing I want to see is whining and arguing with teammates, opponents, and refs. Ironically, I would probably never be nominated to my self titled award but when on the sidelines, there is nothing I appreciate more than the players who work their asses off and do so with finesse and composure. The members of the inaugural Gripp Team include:

Manny Allen, The Firm– Serious about his game but not confrontational, Mannyís always in there and scores most of his points off rebounds and his own hard work
Matt Peredna, Gym Shoes + Jersey– At times is the smallest guy on the court but plays like the biggest and as a plus always reads my lines. Blacked out about that one timeÖ.
Scott Dobos, SOMF– Perhaps one of the more underrated players in the league, always busts his ass off for loose balls and steals. Plus he could drop points if youíre not watching.
Billy Buckley, The Ax Men– Took over for his team in a time of need stepping up his game to far more than just a pretty shot.

All CAC Teams
1st Team- Josh Bruno, Mike Albert, Mike Sweeney, Greg Polin
2nd Team- Damien Martin, Pat Fidler, Bobby Colatonio, Mike Laptewicz
3rd Team- Mike Cadman, Sean Murray, Eric Doyley, Tim Chiesa

Defensive Team- Mike Albert, Josh Bruno, Eric Doyley, Bobby Colantonio