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Tales of the C 5v5 Championship Video

So I’ve taken on yet another project this season, this one involving filming and editing of the Finals Videos.  Now I’m pretty tech savvy, I keep up with all the latest gadgets (minus the iPhone, which I want, but am stuck with a Blackberry. Josh, it’s time for an upgrade!), I fiddle around on the twitter, the facebook and the interwebs often enough that I know what I’m doing, so editing video will be a piece of cake, right?

Well let’s just say we’ve really been spoiled by the Hitman for the last 5 years. The man filmed every finals game (it was much easier back when they were all @ CAC) and edited them down into a highlights package that made you all look really, really good at basketball.

For instance, the only video that really matters:

Anyway, it was a thankless job, but one that looks really really easy. Now that’s he’s off starting a family of his own, we’re transitioning to either find his replacement, or just shovel everything onto my plate. Guess which we settled on?

I thought I could handle this no problem, so let’s get to it!

First comes the filming.  Apparently just continually recording long segments of the game is a bad idea.  You know how many turnovers, missed shots and fouls have to be edited out?

A lot.

Jared’s mantra was most helpful here (if I had remembered it before the editing phase), ‘no clip should be longer than 15 seconds.’ I will be sure to remember this going forward, like when I film the B2 4v4 game or the Co-ed 5v5 game tonight!

Ah, that would have been so, so helpful to remember.

As it were, my video camera died about 5 minutes into the Wu-Tang vs Steamboats game.  Luckily, I guess, I had my Cyber-shot with me as well.  No I didn’t have the AC cord for the video camera, and yes, that would have been the smart thing to bring.

Anyway, I adapted on the fly and tried to hide the deficiencies of taking video on a digital camera as best I could.  Zooming during the action, not a good idea. Unsteady hands thanks to nearly 48 hours without alcohol don’t help either. If you guys would move a bit less that would help. Maybe I shouldn’t have stood directly behind the officials so often, but that would have required more movement and my hands were finally steady by halftime.

I got through the game somehow without passing out from heat exhaustion. The Winter Hill School is a sweatbox in its own right and I didn’t even have to play.

Now, you might ask, why am I editing the C 5v5 final first? So far I’ve filmed the Corporate 5v5 league (same night) and A 5v5 league as well. What’s so special about the C league? Well, I don’t have the right A/V cord to hook the video camera up to my PC. Best Buy, Ritz and Radio Shack didn’t have it at the mall either. And believe me, I took my time checking yesterday. There’s nothing like going to the mall for an hour and a half for ‘work’. I hit up Borders going out of business sale again, grabbed a coffee and generally took my time no matter where I went.

I had to order a cord from Amazon, it’s coming, don’t worry! The rest of you will get videos in the next week or so, if you saw me at your location filming, that is.

Shockingly, I convinced the big boss man to spend $60 on Sony’s Movie Studio. I know, a whole $60! That’s like, one new basketball! If you don’t have any new balls next season, just blame me. You were going to (rightly) do that anyway.

So I spent all of Tuesday trying to work all the kinks out of the system. Really it’s all just due to the gaps in my knowledge. If you had been at the Cambridge Athletic Club yesterday you would have heard a number of profanties bouncing off the walls and heard kettlebells being thrown around.

No I wasn’t working out, what are you crazy?

After finally downloading all the clips, watching each and every tutorial (I don’t read directions, but if you have a video tutorial, I’m in) and a whole lot of trial and error, I started to get the hang of the interface this morning. Hopefully the rest of the videos don’t take me 4 hours to edit. I better get faster at this, it’s not like I’m getting paid OT.

The rest of my efforts are only going to get better, and the quality will improve with an actual camcorder taking the footage! After watching the video if you’ve got any helpful tips (don’t tell me to bring a charged camcorder, I’ve figured that one out) or tricks for me, email me! ( – you know this)

So here it is, after all that, the C 5v5 Finals Video!

SPOILER ALERT: Wu-Tang defeated the Steamboats 68-59 in OT!